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Plus Two – Chapter 20

Plus Two:  A Pepperony Fanfic


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Word Count:

Pairing:  Pepper Potts x Tony Stark x F!Reader

Warnings:  pregnancy

Synopsis:  Tony Stark- Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Pepper Potts, his long-serving and overworked assistant, and you, their on-again/off-again girlfriend and lead singer of the hit band, Arctic Fire.  Three very different people navigate a world of fame, addiction, betrayal, and superheroes, while they move from having a plus one to a plus two.

Chapter 20

The buzz about trying for a baby brought with it a whole other lot of other changes too.  There was talk about moving out of the city.  Tony had it in his head that he’d like to build a place in the country – maybe a little farm like his friend Clint, maybe by a lake with a dock.  The idea of fishing and having a rowboat seemed important.  He kept saying that you could have a garden.  He was obsessed with the idea of gardening and growing his own food.  He kept talking about salads made with his own kale and fresh grilled corn right off the stalk.  You weren’t sure if he had even gardened once in his life, but you were excited by his enthusiasm.  You’d be fine anywhere, as long as there was studio space, but as these potential major lifestyle changes came into place, you started to wonder if it might not be time to call it quits with the band.  Or if not that, dial it back so that it wasn’t what dominated your life anymore.  You had been making hit records for coming up to thirty years, much longer than most and you didn’t want to be the sad old rocker stereotype.  You didn’t want to keep touring every three to four years.  Especially not if you had kids.  Maybe now was the time to hang it up and return to just writing music because you loved it.

Meanwhile, the three of you had been trying for a baby.  Because Pepper had been the one who had actually opted to have the baby, she was the one that was subjected to genetic testing and other slightly invasive procedures.  You felt grateful.  After the life you had led, the thought of actually having kids had been pushed away as something other people did.  Now you were close to getting that life too and you never had to be told all the things you’d done wrong.

Pepper had been given the lecture about leaving it so late and how hard she had made it on herself.  The telling off she gave the doctor for even hinting at her using her body in the wrong way made you fall in love with her even more.  In the end, they even admitted she should be able to get pregnant with no problems. Pepper started taking pregnancy vitamins in preparation and she stopped using her birth control.

You had worried that by doing this, it might feel like a Tony and Pepper thing, that would leave no space for you.  However, every attempt to impregnate her that was made, included you.  Every pregnancy test that was taken, you were there.  Every vitamin that was swallowed, every doctor’s appointment, and every panic that this wouldn’t work, you were there.  This was far from Pepper and Tony having a baby together while they both dated you.  This was the three of you expanding your family.

It wasn’t all easy going and sex parties.  For three months each pregnancy test taken came back with just one line which was followed by a day of disappointment and assuring each other that it would happen eventually.  Then you’d all go back to cycle tracking and the process would start again.

It made each time Pepper took the test all that more stressful.  So in the fourth month after Pepper had stopped taking her birth control, she shoved the test into your hand and told you to look at it.

In the past, you’d always sat for the five minutes the test said it took.  The first line always filled in super fast and then the second one never came.  You’d always assumed that given on TV everyone always hovered around waiting the full five minutes for the test to work, that it just took a long time for the second line to fill in.

That was not what happened at all.  As soon as the first line started filling in, a much fainter second one joined it.  It was instantaneous and the longer you stared at it the darker the line got.  You started smacking Pepper on the arm.

“What?  What is it?  Did I take it wrong?” she asked.

“How could you take it wrong?” you asked, forgetting for a second the whole reason you were smacking her in the first place.  “It’s peeing on a stick.”

“Well, can you stop hitting me then?” she asked.  “This is hard enough without you being irritating.”

“So rude,” you huffed, folding your arms over your chest.  “I guess I’ll just keep this positive pregnancy test to myself.”

It seemed to take Pepper a moment to absorb what you’d just said and she just blinked at you in shock.  “What?  But that’s too fast.  I only just gave it to you!”

“That’s not my fault,” you argued.  “Look.  It’s two lines.  I’m not hallucinating.”

She took the tester in trembling hands and looked down at it and then back up at you. “I’m pregnant?”

“It sure looks that way,” you agreed, a big grin on your face.

She launched herself into your arms and hugged you tightly.  “I can’t believe it!  I was preparing for a negative again.”

There was a knock on the bathroom door.  “Honey bunnies, what’s going on?  Have you done the test?”

Pepper pulled away from you and yanked the door open.  Tony stood, looking between the two of you waiting for one of you to say something.  “Well?” he asked when neither of you was forthcoming.

“I’m pregnant,” Pepper said.

“We’re having a baby,” you added.

Tony looked between the two of you again, this time his mouth opened and closed like a fish as he tried to work out if you were messing with him or something.  “Really?” he asked.

“Yes, really,” Pepper said, holding out the test.  “Look.”

He took the test and a huge smile spread over his face.  “I’m gonna be a dad?”

“You sure are,” Pepper said.

Tony stepped forward, opening up his arms, and both you and Pepper moved into them, forming a tight three-way hug.  “I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I am now,” Tony said.

“Just imagine what it will be like when you’re holding your baby,” you whispered.

Tony held you both for a little while, breathing you both in.  When he pulled back he brushed down his t-shirt.  “We should celebrate.  I have a very nice vintage of non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice.  I believe it’s a 2019.  Aged to perfection.”

“That sounds perfect,” Pepper agreed as the two of you followed him through to the kitchen.  “God, there’s so much to do.  If we’re going to build something we better pick the plot of land you want and break ground ASAP.  I’m going to have to book a doctor’s appointment.  Oh god, think about all the things we need to buy.  Maternity clothes.  Books on pregnancy.  Baby clothes.  A crib…  Oh god, we need to book a good birthing room at the hospital.”

“Relax, Pepper,” you said, coming up and rubbing her shoulders.  “It’s barely past your missed period.  We have like ten minutes where we can just be happy and not do any of that.”

“Hear, hear,” Tony said, pulling out the sparkling grape juice from the fridge.  He started to peel off the foil from the top.  “Look it’s even a French import.”

“Oh, so fancy,” you teased.  “You spoil us.”

Tony popped the cork and you grabbed three champagne flutes from the cupboard.  He poured the bubbly drink and you each took a glass.  “To new parents and our little tiny protolife,” Tony toasted.

“New parents,” you and Pepper echoed.  You each took a sip.  Tony immediately winced and poked out his tongue while Pepper pulled a confused expression, going in for a second sip.

“Ugh, yuck, that’s vile,” Tony said.  “Is this what champagne tastes like when you don’t drink?”

It definitely didn’t taste like champagne.  More like grape juice with a soda water aftertaste.  It was hard to decide if it was good or not.

“I like it,” Pepper said.

“Then you can have mine,” Tony said, putting his glass down beside her.  “Is this like a pickle and ice cream thing?  Do you want some pickles and ice cream?”

Pepper laughed.  “I don’t think so,” she said.  “But don’t worry, I’ll be sending you on all kinds of different errands for me while I’m growing little Morgan here.”

Tony’s eyes softened and they shimmered slightly.  He reached forward and put his hand on Pepper’s stomach.  “Morgan?”

“That’s what you wanted, right?”  Pepper asked.  “Morgan.  After my uncle?”

He sank to his knees in front of Pepper and pressed his cheek against her stomach.  Pepper smiled and looked down at him, her fingers curling into his hair.  It was the kind of tableau you would see on the wall of a gallery.  The kind of pure moment between a couple who have been wanting this for so long and now it was happening.

Then Pepper pulled you in too.  Taking your hand and tugging you in close so she was cuddled into your side and held your hand against her stomach.  Because it wasn’t just the two of them, it was the three of you.  You were a family.  This was happening and that little baby would call you and Pepper mom.

You nuzzled into her neck and caressed your fingers over her stomach.  “Hello there, Morgan,” Tony said softly, his hands on either side of Pepper’s stomach as he spoke into her belly button.  “I can’t wait to meet you.  I’m going to spoil you so much.”

You couldn’t help the soft laugh that bubbled up and you leaned down and kissed Tony on the top of the head. It was the perfect moment, the three of you lost in the serene happiness of the impending arrival.

Pepper pulled away, making sure that Tony didn’t fall when she did.  “I wonder if we should have a baby shower. I mean we don’t need the gifts but I’d really like to celebrate this with our friends.  Maybe if we say donations in lieu of gifts…” she grabbed the tablet and was off in her world of organization of management.  You could see exactly how this pregnancy was going to go.  Pepper trying to plan every single detail.  Tony swinging between nervous and excitable.  You vowed you would do your best to be the calm middle.  It wasn’t a role you fell into easily but it might be where you needed to be.


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