One Word Imagines

Small Drabbles based on a prompt of a word plus a character.

Just send in a character or ship and a word for a drabble.  If you specifically do or do not want reader insert please specify or it may come out as one of the other.

Breathe – Clint Barton If Clint isn’t the best Archer in the world then what is he?

Molecular – Thor/Bruce/Brunnhilde Thor and Brunnhilde know Bruce better than anyone else

Hands – Tony Stark Tony Stark’s knows how to use his hands

Love – Steve Rogers (Steggy + Stucky) Steve Rogers isn’t sure how to interpret love

Pulse – Wanda Maximoff/Reader Wanda loves to feel your pulse race

Reflection – Loki Gen Loki is always Loki

Monsters – Brue Banner  Bruce Banner’s life has been filled with monsters, and Hulk isn’t one of them

Stars – Carol Danvers/Reader Carol is torn between the stars and her life on Earth

Somnambulist – Sam Wilson/Reader Sam has felt like he has been sleepwalking for a long time.

Regret – Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff Clint tries not to regret too many things.

Rundtosset – Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson Bucky feels dizzy when he’s around Sam and he doesn’t mind it one bit.

Pets – Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton/ Natasha Romanoff Their home shouldn’t fit, and yet it does anyway.

Red – Natasha Romanoff Gen –  It has haunted her, her whole life.

Petrichor – Thor x Reader – The scent of the earth when it rains after a long period of time, is one you look forward to.

Rubatosis – Tony Stark x Reader The only thing Tony is aware of is his heartbeat and that you’re in danger.

Moiety – Bucky Barnes x reader With you, Bucky feels complete

Redmancy – Wanda Maximoff/Reader Wanda Loves completely and fully when it is returned to her.

Pâro – Tony Stark Genfic Tony is sure that every choice he’s made has taken him further and further away from being happy.

Ephemeral – Brunnhilde Genfic  Brunnhilde used to be someone.  That, however, was fleeting.

Sorrow – Thor x Reader Thor knows one day he’ll have to lose you.

Vellichor – Loki Genfic  Loki has an affinity with books.

Komorebi – Wanda Maximoff x Reader There is something magical about Wanda Maximoff

Protective – Thor x Reader Thor may be strong but you’re the protective one.

Meraki – Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes Steve Rogers art is an expression of what’s in his soul.

Orenda – Okoye x Reader Okoye knew what power was when she saw it.

Tidsoptimist – Clint Barton Genfic Clint is really bad at getting places on time.

Insecurity – Thor Genfic Thor used to be confident about everything he did.

Sleep– Bucky Barnes/Reader Bucky can’t sleep without hearing a certain song.

Onsra – Clint Barton/Reader Clint knows he can’t maintain a relationship, but sometimes they’re worth the pain of loss.

Hygge – Bucky Barnes/Reader  The feeling of contentment is so foreign to Bucky that for a moment he doesn’t recognize it.

Laotong – Wanda Maximoff & Reader The friendship between you and Wanda is the strongest bond of all.

Løvfaldssommer – Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton When summer returns for that split second before winter, Bucky feels the most at home.

Yuanfen – Clint Barton x Reader It was like the universe was pushing you together.

Time – Ava Starr/Reader Ava knows two things, Pain. And that in time that pain will end one way or another.

Veracity – Steve Rogers Genfic Steve Rogers has a problem with the truth

Warmth – Thor/Reader Thor keeps it raining so you have to seek him for warmth

Halsstarrig – Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers Steve Rogers is nothing if not stubborn

Gentle – Bruce Banner/Reader Bruce Banner is a gentle man, but how long can he handle you being gentle 

Nunchucks – Steve Rogers Genfic Steve Rogers might not be good at every single weapon

Safe – Bruce Banner/Reader Bruce Banner hasn’t ever really felt safe until now.

Metamorphosis – Sam Wilson/Reader Sam has had a lot of names and for each one he brings a different part of him.

Stillness – Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers/Reader Getting a moment where the three of you just are is a rare occasion.

Absolution – Bucky Barnes/Reader Bucky doesn’t know if he’ll ever make up for the things he’s done.

Euneirophrenia – Tony Stark x Pepper Potts  The peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams.

Mudita – Wanda Maximoff x Vision taking delight in the happiness of others, vicarious joy.

Kuebiko – Tony Stark x Reader Tony Stark is exhausted and yet he can’t sleep.

Viraha – Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers Steve Rogers didn’t know what he had until he kept losing it, again and again.

Mauerbauertraurigkeit – Tony Stark x Reader the inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like