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Plus Two – Chapter 21

Plus Two:  A Pepperony Fanfic


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Word Count:

Pairing:  Pepper Potts x Tony Stark x F!Reader

Warnings:  pregnancy

Synopsis:  Tony Stark- Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Pepper Potts, his long-serving and overworked assistant, and you, their on-again/off-again girlfriend and lead singer of the hit band, Arctic Fire.  Three very different people navigate a world of fame, addiction, betrayal, and superheroes, while they move from having a plus one to a plus two.

Chapter 21

As far as pregnancies went, Pepper’s was pretty breezy.  Her morning sickness was relatively mild and it didn’t last long.  She had a lot of energy and she seemed to love planning all the appointments and following all the rules.  It meant that the three of you were free to just enjoy it and worry about all the other strange little quirks of navigating a pregnancy when you were three of the most famous people in the world who also happened to be in a polyamorous relationship.

There were a lot of NDA’s being signed and even more sneaking around.  Pepper – who hadn’t started showing yet at all, had started to gradually alter the kinds of clothes she wore to the kind you might wear while trying to hide a baby bump, but while making sure she was photographed in ways that made it very clear she didn’t have one.  You shopped for land and when you found the perfect place with a lake, you broke ground and the new house started construction.  You found the best obstetrics team in the city and made sure that you only arrived at the hospital via private entrances where no one could see what you were going for.

You were doing your best to try and be the calm between Tony’s hyperactivity and Pepper’s hyper-organization.  There were times you would annoy Pepper by being a little too chill, or you’d let yourself get freaked out when Tony went on a panic spiral, but generally, you were finding that because everything was going well, you could relax.

You would sit on the balcony of the Upper East Side penthouse and you would write about family and the excitement of expecting.

Millions of people are born every year,
They’re met with excitement, with love, and with fear,
We’ll keep it a secret until you do appear

It’s life.
It’s life.

Miracles happen to people each day,
Birds and the bees, or that’s what they say,
We’re getting things ready now you’re on your way

It’s life.
It’s life.

Pepper would come to you worried about some appointment she couldn’t make at the exact right time or if she ate something on the list of prohibited food, or Tony would come to you freaking out about whether he’d be a good dad or not, and your laid back and confident attitude seemed to relax them.  You realized that rather ironically, you’d become like a calming drug for them.

By the time you made it to the twenty-week ultrasound, you were all happy, excited, and ready to find out the gender of the baby.

“Well, it’s definitely going to be a boy,” Tony said, as the ultrasound tech moved the paddle around on Pepper’s belly.  She was obviously pregnant now, though her belly was still easily hidden in an empire-cut shirt or a dark skirt and a flared jacket.  Not that she was going out as much these days.  She was determined to keep it secret for as long as possible.

“I mean, I dreamt it was going to be a boy.  So – clearly,” Tony continued.

“Since when were you the one that believed in omens and portents?” Pepper asked.  “Give me back my practical atheist.”

Tony chuckled.  “Well, we’ll see.  If I’m right…”

“Hey, there’s a fifty-fifty chance of you being right.  If it is a boy, that’s just confirmation bias,” you argued.

Pepper looked between the two of you with her eyebrows knitted.  “Did you two body swap or something?  This is getting weird.”

You and Tony laughed and you leaned in and kissed Pepper on the cheek as you watched the screen with the staticky-looking image of the baby growing inside her.  “Well,” said the bubbly tech who had been doing the imaging.  “I’ve got them into position, did you want to know?”

“Yes, please,” Pepper said. “Let’s see if my boyfriend was suddenly gifted with prophecy.”

She giggled and shook her head.  “I’m sorry Mister Stark,” she said.  “The dream got it wrong.  You’re having a girl.”

Pepper smiled and relaxed back on the bed and you bounced a little where you sat.  It was strange, you would have been excited either way.  Besides gender and sex were two very different things and what that screen said didn’t tell you anything substantial about the baby growing inside Peper, but hearing it – it just felt a little more real.  You looked over at Tony to see how he was taking the news.  His eyes shimmered and he blinked up at the screen.  “A girl?”

“That’s right,” the tech replied.

“How can you tell?” Tony asked.  “Is it just that she doesn’t have…”

“Oh no,” the tech laughed.  “See here -” she circled a spot on the ultrasound.  The view was from underneath, almost like the baby was sitting on the wand and she’d circled the part between the legs.  “See how it looks a bit like a hamburger.  Well, that’s -”

“Oh!” Tony said, his eyes going wide.  “Got it.  Right.”  He turned to you and then to Pepper.  “A girl!  We’re going to have a daughter!”

“Are you happy?” you asked.

Tony nodded and wiped his eyes.  “I am so happy.  We’re gonna have a little girl.”

Your heart felt so full that all you could do to express the joy at Tony’s words was to lean over and hug him tightly.  You nuzzled into his neck as he in turn hugged Pepper and showered her in light kisses.

“Can you please print a copy of those out?” Pepper asked, under the rain of kisses.

“Of course,” the tech said cheerily.

By the time you and Tony had finally calmed down the tech had finished taking her measurements and was packing up.  “Here are your photos,” she said, handing Pepper the printouts.  “Congratulations.  It was so nice to meet you all.”

Pepper cleaned herself up and you and Tony helped her down off the bed.  “Guess we need another name then,” Tony said.  “I was sure the baby’s name was Morgan.”

“I don’t see why it can’t still be Morgan,” you said.  “Morgan would be an adorable girl’s name.  Like Morgan Le Fay.”

“Pepper?” Tony asked.

“I still think Morgan is a beautiful name,” she agreed.  “The baby is Morgan.”

Tony grinned and wrapped an arm around both yours and Pepper’s waist.  “I am so fucking excited to meet her,” he said.

“We know,” you teased.  “Us too.”

It was less than a week later when Pepper came out to you on the balcony where you were strumming your guitar.  “Can you come inside?  I need to ask you something.”

There was something in her tone that worried you and you had to take a deep breath and noodle out a small refrain before grabbing the neck of your guitar and getting up.  She waved you inside and you followed after and as soon as the door was closed she took your free hand.  “Tell me if you can feel this,” she said, putting your hand against her stomach.

There had been a lot of excitement around the baby kicking and yet every time Pepper said that she could feel it happening, neither you nor Tony could feel it.  So as she held your hand against her stomach you weren’t expecting anything to happen.

There was a flutter under your hand and your eyes went wide.  “Was that it?”

“You felt it right? Right there?” she asked, her eyes lighting up.

“It’s soft.  Like a flutter,” you said.  “Tell me when she kicks.”

There was a pause, where Pepper furrowed her brow in concentration and you felt the flutter under your hand again. “Now,” she said.

“Yes!” you squealed, wrapping your arms around her and bouncing on the spot.  “Oh my god!  FRIDAY?!  FRIDAY, where’s Tony?”

“He’s in the workshop,” she answered.  “I’ve summoned him.”

You crouched on the ground and pressed your cheek against the spot on her stomach where Morgan had been kicking.  “Hey, Morgan,” you whispered.  “Are you gonna be a superhero like your daddy?  Are you gonna go around kicking all the bad guy’s butts?”

You felt the flutter against your cheek and you squealed happily, hugging Pepper around the middle as she looked down at you and played with your hair.

Tony burst through the door and looked around.  “What?  What’s happening?”

“Come quick,” Pepper said, waving him over.

“I can feel her kicking, Tony,” you said.

Tony rushed over and pushed you, so you fell onto your butt.  You laughed and kicked him, but he completely ignored it as he put his hands where your cheek was resting.  “Tony!” you yelped.

“Shh…” he said.  “I’m trying to feel.”

Pepper moved his hand a little lower and you got onto your knees and moved back next to her.  “There,” Pepper said.  “Did you feel that?”

Tony’s eyebrows knitted together as he tried to decide if what he felt was a real thing and not his imagination.  “It just feels like a flutter,” you said.  “Really soft.”

“Now,” Pepper said.  “She just kicked!  Did you feel it?”

“That was it?!” Tony gasped, practically bouncing up and down on the spot.

“Yes!  She’s kicking so much.  It’s crazy,” Pepper said, excitedly.

Tony sank to his knees, keeping his hand in the same place as he pressed his forehead to the middle of her stomach.  “Hey there, Morgoona.  Are you really excited?  I’m super excited too.  You go, kiddo.”

“Make room for me, Tony,” you said, trying to push in beside him.

Pepper started laughing and she reached down and ran her fingers over both of your scalps.  “You know it kind of looks like you’re both worshipping me right now.”

“I mean, we definitely do,” Tony said, looking up at her.

You nodded in agreement and Pepper laughed harder.  “Alright, alright.  Can we all go sit down maybe so I don’t just have to stand here while you both talk to your daughter?”

“Yep,” Tony said, jumping to his feet.  You got up grabbing your guitar so you could put it away properly.  Your daughter.  You’d seen her and now you could feel her.  Morgan was on her way and you couldn’t be more excited.


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