The Tower – Series Masterlist


“How does someone with no superpowers, no real discernible talents and a whole lot of baggage end up being the girlfriend to all the Avengers?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  It all started with a blur and an abrupt crash.”

They say that extreme experiences bring you closer together.  The Avengers have experienced some of the most extreme side-by-side.

This is the story of Elly and how she fell in love with all of them.

Co-written by @avengercompound and @fanficwriter013 this is a smutty, romantic and action-packed story.  It involves many different ships and pairings.

The Tower

Chapter 1 – Natasha
Chapter 2 – Meeting the Archer
Chapter 3 – The NDA
Chapter 4 – Clint
Chapter 5 – Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist 
Chapter 6 – Tony
Chapter 7 – A Bird and a Witch
Chapter 8- Sam
Chapter 9 – My Education
Chapter 10 – Breakfast with the Super Soldiers
Chapter 11 – Taken
Chapter 12 – A Question of Security
Chapter 13 – Soldier, Spy
Chapter 14 – James
Chapter 15 – Bruce
Chapter 16 – Science Bros
Chapter 17 – The Super Soldiers
Chapter 18 – Wanda
Chapter 19 – The Assassins
Chapter 20 – Open Communication
Chapter 21 – The Nest
Chapter 22 – Cracks in the Tower
Chapter 23 – Steve
Chapter 24 – Working in SHIELD
Chapter 25 – Switching Sides
Chapter 26 – M.E.D.U.S.A.
Chapter 27 – The Rescue Mission
Chapter 28 – Home





Chapter 1: The Perch
Chapter 2: Pirate Talk
Chapter 3: Distracting the Hulk
Chapter 4: Testing Limits
Chapter 5: Punishment
Chapter 6: Safe and Sound


In a relationship with 8 other people, Elly often finds herself the spare.  That leads to some interesting situations, and when she walks in on Steve, Sam, and Bucky together, they are more than happy to have her join in.


A little over 2 years after moving into the Avengers Tower, Elly finds herself pregnant against the odds.  While some are excited, others are terrified, and pregnancy that none expected to happen causes rifts through the group and threatens to end the relationship.

Chapter 1: One-By-One
Chapter 2: Against the Odds

Chapter 3: Natasha
Chapter 4: Steve
Chapter 5: The Most Fertile Person in the World
Chapter 6: Wanda
Chapter 7: Sam
Chapter 8: Clint
Chapter 9: Bucky
Chapter 10: The Xenomorphs
Chapter 11: The Return of the Science Bros
Chapter 12: Tony’s Plan
Chapter 13: Shopping for Twins
Chapter 14: An Arm to Hold Them
Chapter 15: The Compound
Chapter 16: Thor
Chapter 17: Delivery Day
Chapter 18: The Skjodbærers


The twins are now three and while the Avengers know that Clint and Thor are the biological father’s none of them know or care which blond, blue-eyed baby is related to which man.  When Riley gets the power to control wind and it becomes evident that she is the heir to the Asgardian throne, Elly, Steve, Thor, and Tony take the twins to Asgard to train her.

Not every Asgardian is happy with their king’s choice of consort, nor the impurity of the heir’s blood.  While others expect Thor to make things more official.  What’s clear is, the role of Queen of Asgard is not easily filled.

Chapter 1: The Twins
Chapter 2: Daddy For
Chapter 3: The Hair Cut
Chapter 4: Adult Time
Chapter 5: Puppies!
Chapter 6: Asgard
Chapter 7: The Palace
Chapter 8: The Market
Chapter 9: The Rightful Heir
Chapter 10: Before the Feast
Chapter 11: The Meaning of Bonding
Chapter 12: The Second Suit
Chapter 13: Keeping Safe
Chapter 14: Ponies and Powers
Chapter 15: Fenestare
Chapter 16: Reunited
Chapter 17: The Fight for His Life
Chapter 18: The Celebration
Chapter 19: Aftermath
Chapter 20: Potions and Apples
Chapter 21: The Proposal
Chapter 22: Dressing for a Feast
Chapter 23: The Feast
Chapter 24: Sleepy Mornings
Chapter 25: Dress Shopping
Chapter 26: Worthy
Chapter 27: Friends and Loved Ones
Chapter 28: The Bachelor Party
Chapter 29: Henhalda
Chapter 30: Preparations
Chapter 31: The Bonding
Chapter 32: The Spirit Journey
Chapter 33: The Battle for Asgard
Chapter 34: The Wedding Night

The Tower: Family

With new powers, Thor now living on Earth full time, a wedding to plan, and Natasha and Wanda expecting, a lot is changing for Elly and her large and rather unconventional family.  When Elise’s parents try to reestablish connections, Elly questions what being a family actually means.

Chapter 1: Big Plans
Chapter 2: Envy and Guilt
Chapter 3: Or Maybe More
Chapter 4: Having it All
Chapter 5: I Do
Chapter 6: Making a Baby
Chapter 7: Glass Making
Chapter 8: Return to the Tower
Chapter 9: Ghost of Family Past
Chapter 10: Distraction Techniques
Chapter 11: Sharing the News
Chapter 12: Confrontations
Chapter 13: Balancing the Numbers
Chapter 14: Steve’s Game
Chapter 15: First Day
Chapter 16: Reminiscing
Chapter 17: Therapy
Chapter 18: Girls’ Time
Chapter 19: Names
Chapter 20: The Road to Forgiveness
Chapter 21: Sleeping In
Chapter 22: The Baby Shower
Chapter 23: The Photoshoot
Chapter 24: New Hires
Chapter 25: Sarah and Rose
Chapter 26: Two Sets of Twins
Chapter 27: The Blank Check
Chapter 28: The Tour
Chapter 29: Becca
Chapter 30: Home Remedies
Chapter 31: The Whole Family

The Tower: Happily Ever After

Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover how isolating being immortal can be.

When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

Character Reference Sheet

Chapter 1: Angela’s request
Chapter 2: Anger Issues
Chapter 3: Family Dinner
Chapter 4: Relieving Tension
Chapter 5: Farewell to Our Old Life
Chapter 6: The Bifrost
Chapter 7: Welcome Home
Chapter 8: Seeing the Doctor
Chapter 9: Dress Design
Chapter 10: The Coronation
Chapter 11: A Dramatic Entry
Chapter 12: The Dark Cloud
Chapter 13: The Stone Door
Chapter 14: Familiars
Chapter 15: Ups and Downs
Chapter 16: The Council Meeting
Chapter 17: An Academic Retreat
Chapter 18: Eddie and Clarke
Chapter 19: Naming Day
Chapter 20: Natasha’s Dungeon
Chapter 21: An Outing
Chapter 22: A Late Night
Chapter 23: Laughter is the Best Medicine
Chapter 24: The Challenge
Chapter 25: The Stables and the Aerie
Chapter 26: A Royal Fantasy
Chapter 27: Right for You
Chapter 28: Natasha and Steve’s Prize
Chapter 29: The Fear
Chapter 30: Getting Out of His Head
Chapter 31: Eddie’s Family
Chapter 32: The Secret Room
Chapter 33: Solids
Chapter 34: The Valkyrior
Chapter 35: The Orgy
Chapter 36: Childhood Dreams
Chapter 37: A Vision
Chapter 38: Looking for Trouble
Chapter 39: The Battle for Asgard
Chapter 40: Adrenalin Crash
Chapter 41: Exchange of Power
Chapter 42: Weapons
Chapter 43: The Feeling of Happiness
Chapter 44: The Bachelor Party
Chapter 45: Bonding
Chapter 46: Celebrations



Before they met Elly, nine heroes followed a path that led them to a life they chose to share together. This is the story of how.

Art-Work by Ischa

Available on AO3


Art by @deannamb