Reader Insert Master List

Group Fics

The Recruit – Series When Sam Wilson is set up on a blind date, he doesn’t expect anything to come from it.  He is already in a relationship after all, and not just with one other person, but a whole group of them.
You never expected to end up working for the Avengers let alone be dating six of them at the same time.  Now you’re balancing a new job, a new romance, new friends, and a secret that could destroy a lot of lives if it got out.  It’s a tricky balance to get right at the best of times, but when something happens to Steve Rogers it’s up to the people who love him most to get him back.* Clint Barton x Bucky Barnes x Sharon Carter x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Sam Wilson x F! Reader

Serendipity – There has been a lot of terrible things that Natasha, Bucky, and Clint have had to endure, but they’ve all lead here.* Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

A Tale of Three Soldiers – Clint told me that Wade told him that he, had an orgy with you Steve and Bucky. This is what he said. Could you please confirm or deny?*  Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Wade Wilson x F!Reader

Sex With Steve – You, Natasha, Sam, and Bucky sit and talk about your conquests. Turns out you all have a lot in common.*  Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Sam Wilson x Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader

The Games We Play Together – Tony Stark is a playboy and why would you want to change that? Your open relationship takes a fun turn when you bring up sleeping with other Avengers.*  Tony Stark x Reader, Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Reader

The Asgardians – The Asgardians issue a challenge that’s a little too hard to turn ignore.*  Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Brunnhilde (Valkyrie) x Steve Rogers x Thor x F!Reader

Heatwave – You, Bucky, Natasha, and Clint can’t get used to the heat. Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x F!Reader

Like Rabbits – Series While you and Natasha are contemplating starting a family together, Bucky and Clint are doing the exact same thing.  So two couples go take the same path to parenthood together.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader & Clint Barton x Bucky Barnes

Small Gods – Collection A collection of Reader Insert stories where various Avengers begin relationships with minor deities.

Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

Finding Warmth – Steve and Bucky both hate the cold so you try to provide them somewhere warm to retreat to.* Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Reader

Hiraeth – Steve misses his home and gets caught up in his memories of it.  Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Reader

Off the Grid – Steve disappears to spend time with children stuck in the hospital. Unfortunately, there is a mission and the Avengers need to find him.  Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Routine – Steve has a morning routine that involves drawing the people he loves while they sleep.*  Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Can We Keep Her? – Series After an accident outside the Avengers Tower Bucky and Steve take you in to patch you up. What follows is a life none of you expected.*  Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Don’t Wake Steve – Series You wake up beside Bucky and Steve. While Steve sleeps Bucky has other plans.  It turns out, he and Steve have been doing the same thing together for a while now.*  Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Unsaid – Being Bucky Barnes’ girlfriend is not easy. Especially when he’s in love with another man.*   Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

First Time – Prompt: Steve starts dating one of Bucky’s close girl-friends and they both come to Bucky for tips because they are both virgins. Bucky gladly helps them, but first, he tells Steve that he loves him and Steve suggests a triad instead of a one-night thing.*  Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Three Sheets to the Wind – Series A Series of Stories about drinking and your relationship with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.* Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Date Night – After a series of bad dates Bucky and Steve proposition you.*  Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Control – You and Bucky will not agree on a program.  Steve has a solution whether you like it or not. Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Old Man Barnes – It’s Bucky’s 100th Birthday so you decide to try something new.* Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Paranoia – During a road trip with Bucky and Steve, Steve goes off the highway.  It would probably be okay except for the fact you and Bucky suffer from some serious paranoia. Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Tradition – When you’ve been alive for thousands of years, clinging to tradition becomes more important than ever.* Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Red Balloons – Bucky and Steve’s twins are having a birthday party.  The theme is red and there is some speculation as to why. Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Catch and Release – Series When you overexert yourself on a mission with Steve and Bucky, the boys admit to having fantasies that involve you.  Fantasies that you share.  But with one Super Soldier needs intimacy and the other is still dealing with being touch starved, exploring those desires without anyone catching feelings is a little tricky.* Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Late Home – Steve comes home late and in need of comfort.  When comfort leads to sex you both must be quiet so as not to wake Bucky* Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Running to a Standstill – Series While on the run from an unknown organization trying to take your son, you meet two super-soldiers.  While they try to help you get to the bottom of who is hunting you and your son, feelings come out and admissions are made that make your personal life even more tricky.* Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers x Reader

Lazy Mornings – Series Steve Rogers has trouble taking time for himself.  When his friends set him up with a person with a very unusual skill, perhaps he can learn that the quiet moments are just as important as everything else.* Steve Rogers x Reader

The Pain in Serendipity – Series When Thanos snaps his fingers it takes your daughter and Steve Rogers’ first love with it.  Together you pick up the pieces, falling in love and building a family together.  Finding serendipity in your shared trauma.When opportunity comes to bring back those who are lost comes with the risk of more loss for you both.  Is it worth taking the risk?* Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers

Clint Barton x Bucky Barnes

Undercover – Series You go on an undercover mission with your boyfriend Bucky and Clint Barton.  When you and Clint have to pretend you’re in a relationship feelings become confused.*  Clint Barton x Bucky Barnes x Reader

Kintsugi – Series When you finally snap out of the mind control of the Winter Soldier Program, you feel guilty and broken. There are two men who know that exact feeling. While they aren’t the people they used to be, the people they are becoming with each other is something you find beauty in.* Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Reader

Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff

The Facts – There has been a lot of terrible things that Natasha, Bucky, and Clint have had to endure, but they’ve all lead here.*  Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Nat Says… – On her way home from a long mission, Natasha has some tasks that you and Clint need to perform.*  Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Keeping Warm – When the heat goes out, you, Clint and Natasha try to keep warm.  Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Second Home – You, Clint and Natasha, have a second home in the medbay.  Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

The Surrogate – A freak end of the world incident leads to meeting your two best friends, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff.  While your friendship with the two Avengers is anything but conventional, they are your all-time favorite people.  When you find out that Clint and Natasha want to start a family but have exhausted all their options, you realize powerset might allow you to give them what they want.  Having your best friends’ baby might seem like a good idea on paper, but when you are as close as you, Clint, and Natasha are, will doing something so intimate mean feelings get a little mixed up?* Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Clint Barton x Sam Wilson

Nestlings – The three birds of the team like sharing puns and other things.*  Clint Barton x Sam Wilson x Reader

Escape – You wake up in a room with no light at all, when you realize your boyfriends are with you, you have to work out how to escape.  Clint Barton x Sam Wilson x Reader

Bruce Banner x Tony Stark

Ordering In – Tony and Bruce often get hyper-focused while in the lab.  Rather than give them a hard time, you just make sure they’re being taken care of.  Bruce Banner x Tony Stark x Reader

Tempting – When Tony suggests that if you show up in a lab coat over lingerie to get her and Bruce to come home earlier, the next time they’re late for dinner, you do just that.* Bruce Banner x Tony Stark x Reader

Pit Stop – A busy day with activities for the kids means that you, Bruce and Tony are all spread out through the city.  There is always time for coffee though.  Bruce Banner x Tony Stark x Reader

Bedtime – Even with three of you, parenting isn’t easy – this bedtime, no one is staying in their own beds.* Bruce Banner x Tony Stark x Reader

The Science Conference – It’s difficult to carry on a relationship with two people long distance. When the three of you meet up at a science conference, you decide to have a little science conference of your own.*  Bruce Banner x Tony Stark x Reader

Clint Barton x Tony Stark

Pillow Talk – You pretend to be asleep as Tony and Clint talk.  When they notice you’re awake things heat up.*  Clint Barton x Tony Stark x Reader

After the Outing – You, Clint and Tony go out together as an official coming out of your relationship.  Afterward, you can’t keep your hands off each other.*   Clint Barton x Reader x Tony Stark

Patience – While Tony and Clint debrief after a battle, you get yourself nice and ready for them.*  Clint Barton x Tony Stark x Reader

Let Sleeping Birds Lie – You and Tony return home late to find Clint already asleep.  Tony wants to wake him, but you’re not so sure that’s such a good idea.*  Clint Barton x Tony Stark x Reader

Seeing Your Ex Happy – Pepper walks in on you, Tony, and Clint together after her and Tony’s break-up.  She doesn’t take it very well, and you and Clint try and mend some fences.  Clint Barton x Tony Stark x Reader

Maria Hill x Natasha Romanoff

Boundaries –Bound to the bed with Natasha and Maria dominating you, you wonder how you get into these situations.*  Maria Hill x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Safely Bound – Bound tightly by Natasha and Maria, spanked and forced to orgasm, you know you are completely safe.*  Maria Hill x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Who You Are – You wake up to find Maria sitting on the edge of the bed.  The two of you talk about how she feels in the relationship. Maria Hill x Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Bucky Barnes x Sam Wilson

The Contest – Bucky and Sam want to prove to you who’s the best at sex.*  Bucky Barnes x Sam Wilson x Reader

Helping Hands – When Natasha finds out that the reason you keep breaking up with boyfriends is you’ve never reached climax, she enlists some people to help you out.*  Bucky Barnes x Sam Wilson x Reader

Steve Rogers x Sam Wilson

Just In Case – With a surgery scheduled for tomorrow, you start to panic about all the things that could go wrong.  Your two boyfriends try to help you relax. Steve Rogers x Sam Wilson x Reader

Ambush – Trying to get Sam and Steve to take some time off work is next to impossible.  So you decide to force the issue.   Steve Rogers x Sam Wilson x Reader

Weekends – Despite being in a relationship with two men, you always wake up in bed alone.  However, on weekends you get lucky and they get back in bed with you.* Steve Rogers x Sam Wilson x Reader

Bruce Banner x Clint Barton

Making Sense – Series When Hulk starts making it difficult for Bruce to live his day to day life, Bruce starts pulling away from everyone. You and Clint take it upon yourselves to help the two of them to work more together better and Bruce to become more comfortable in his own skin.*  Bruce Banner x Clint Barton x Reader

When You’re Alone – When you’re in a relationship with two men with two very different needs, pairing off leads to wildly different experiences.  When Bruce sees you eating an apple with a bowie knife, he starts to wonder what it is you and Clint do without him.*  Bruce Banner x Clint Barton x Reader

Snow Day – You, Bruce, and Clint enjoy a holiday away with each other.  Clint and Hulk enjoy some time playing in the snow. Bruce Banner x Clint Barton x Reader

Pepper Potts x Tony Stark

The UnicornSeries  A story about love coming from unlikely places, polyamory and starting a family.* Pepper Potts x Tony Stark x Reader

The Interview – You are a successful musical in a relationship with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.  During lockdown you make an album to raise money for people struggling to pay bills and have a spot on a late-night show to promote it.  During the song, you have an unexpected backup singer.  Pepper Potts x Tony Start x Reader

Plus Two – Series Three very different people navigate a world of fame, addiction, betrayal, and superheroes, while they move from having a plus one to a plus two. Pepper Potts x Tony Stark x Reader

Steve Rogers

Super Like and Swipe Right – Series Two parallel stories about meeting and falling in love through a dating app.  Learning to trust people and finding out more about yourself.* Steve Rogers x Reader

Late Arrival – You take Steve home to meet your parents. Nothing seems to go to plan.* Steve Rogers x Reader

Alone in the Crowd – Dancing with you in the crowded club, you’re the only two people in the room.  Steve Rogers x Reader

Breakfast in Bed – Children do really change things. They also have terrible timing.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Pickup Lines – You think it’s funny to use terrible pickup lines on Steve. Lucky for you, he’s already a sure thing.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Lazy Sundays – Steve loves the way he can relax around you, though he doesn’t quite understand why it’s so easy.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

My Love– Steve writes you a letter every time he goes on a mission. They usually arrive after he gets back.  Steve Rogers x Reader

The Usual Spy Stuff – Series You and Steve have to pretend to be in a relationship while on a mission. You know what that means right?* Steve Rogers x Reader

Hot and Cold – Steve has been running hot and cold with you for a while.  You find out why at possibly the worst possible moment.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

The (not so) Natural Father – The super serum made Steve good at a lot of things. He’s not so sure if parenting is one of them. Steve Rogers x Reader

Mixology – Series You meet Steve Rogers while working as a mixologist at a bar one night. Months later and you meet again.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

The Number of Dates – You’re dating Steve Rogers. You want to take it slow but after a while, the fact he has no problem with that starts to worry you.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Parlez-vous Français – Steve and Bucky like to hold private conversations in front of everyone in French. Turns out, you understand them perfectly.  Steve Rogers x Reader

The Right Partner – You and Steve feel like you’re the only two people in the tower not having sex. When you find out that it’s because neither of you has ever have had sex, you decide to change it.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Your Whole Life – You wake up in pain to a group of the prettiest people you’ve ever seen.  With the help of Wanda, the team untangles your life so you can remember how you know them.  Steve Rogers x Reader

Rainbow Cake – Tony and Pepper take their first outing together alone since Morgan was born, leaving you and Steve to babysit.  Steve Rogers x Reader

Moving the Universe for Him – Steve Rogers has been pushing you to try new things with your powers.  You make an agreement, if you do that, he’ll do something he finds hard to do too.  Steve Rogers x Reader

Battle Wounds – You stay up late waiting for Steve to come home from a mission to give him some news. When he gets back your anxiety takes over.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Following Orders – As an Agent of SHIELD, you are nothing if not good at taking orders. Until you’re not anymore.* Steve Rogers x Reader

Done Waiting – Steve shows up at your place in the middle of the night. Whatever happened to him has made him no longer want to wait.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

My Wife – It’s your wedding and Steve is completely and utterly delighted.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Working Out – Steve comes to your gym to work out most nights after it’s closed. There are many things you can count as exercise.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Risk Taking Behavior – Steve Rogers is great at taking some kinds of risks.  When you are trapped on the roof of the Avengers Compound, you convince him into taking a different kind.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Learning Patience – After bringing up Steve’s ‘Rappin’ with the Cap’ videos to the group, Steve decides to teach you a little something about patience.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Mission Report – Mission Report, 18 Nov 2019.  HYDRA base operating out of Spa.  Captain S. G Rogers, and Agents, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and 42 sent to infiltrate the base.  Steve Rogers x Reader

Birthday Wish – Steve isn’t having a great birthday until he comes home to you.  Steve Rogers x Reader

The Kittens – On a morning walk through Central Park, Steve finds some kittens and then a woman who’s very protective of them.  Steve Rogers x Reader

Punk – Steve Rogers falls for the punk girl from next door. Maybe you have more in common than appearances would have you believe.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Sleep Talk – You fall asleep watching Harry Potter with Steve Rogers.  Hopefully, he doesn’t learn any deep dark secrets you were hoping to keep hidden. Steve Rogers x Reader

Murphy’s Law – It is Steve and your wedding day and nothing is going as planned  Steve Rogers x Reader

The Quiet Moments – It is only when he’s alone that Steve is able to grieve until he meets you and is able to drop his role as Captain America. Steve Rogers x Reader

Shed Your Skin – Steve wakes to the sound of your voice and finds you singing in the shower.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Not So Different – Series When Steve Rogers comes across you liberating hens from a battery farm his initial reaction is to arrest you.  He certainly wouldn’t assume that the woman who he initially pegs as a criminal might not be so different from him after all.*  Steve Rogers x Reader

Horizons – You and Steve spend a rare quiet day together and he tries a few things for the first time. Steve Rogers x Reader

Something to Live For – Steve’s friends get him to go out, worried he has too many things he’s willing to die for and not enough he’s willing to live for.  Steve Rogers x Reader

One of Those Moods – Steve is in one of those moods where he shuts down and won’t talk.  That is until he meets some fans while you’re out on a walk together. Steve Rogers x Reader

The Escape Artist – Steve comes home to find you crouched on all fours in front of his door.  Apparently, it’s not what he thinks.  Steve Rogers x Reader

Calm the Flame – When the Avengers find you on fire and losing control, Steve using a slightly different tactic to calm you down. Steve Rogers x Reader

A Quiet Place – When Steve goes into the local library to wait for Clint, he discovers a place where he can escape being Cap, and a person who he can connect with as Steve. Steve Rogers x Reader

Your Anniversary – You and Steve go out for a date for the first time in a long time, leaving Sam and Bucky babysitting your kids.  Steve is anxious and won’t stop checking in at home.  There might be a good reason. Steve Rogers x Reader

It Comes in Jars – The night before Thanksgiving you and Steve are exhausted from a mission and still haven’t done any shopping.  Exhaustion leads to weird conversations that shouldn’t be as funny as they are. Steve Rogers x Reader

Evolution – Steve’s routine has changed a lot over time, and this version might be his favorite. Steve Rogers x Unnamed Partner

The Ritual – When Steve gets home from a mission, he has a ritual to help him feel more like himself.  The two of you get a little more out of it than just him getting clean.* Steve Rogers x Reader

Low Light – When the light plays off Steve’s ass in an interesting way, you get both a funny story and something unexpected.* Steve Rogers x Reader

Canvas – Steve has been painting you for a while.  In a lot of ways you’ve been his must.  This time, he has decided to use a whole different canvas to practice his art on.* Steve Rogers x Reader

Bucky Barnes

Balancing Work and Home: Bucky – Bucky has to go away on a mission and no one wants him to leave. Bucky Barnes x Reader

Hero – Bucky has trouble settling into life with the Avengers. After waking from night terrors he takes a walk with his service dog and meets you as you hide from your ex.* Bucky Barnes x Reader

The Future Mrs. Barnes – Series  During a fight with a HYDRA agent, you and Bucky Barnes are transported to a world where time doesn’t seem to be working properly.*Bucky Barnes x Reader

Your Own Bed – You share a bed with Bucky because of his nightmares. One day he stops having them.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Skin Contact – Series  While on the run in Romania you come across a man who has a past very similar to your own.  When the people pursuing him track him down, you assume you will never see him again.*   Bucky Barnes x Reader

Beauty Treatment – When your children decide to decorate Bucky in his sleep, he lets the spa treatment continue once he wakes up.  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Dirty Mouth – When Bucky makes a comment about your dirty mouth, you show him just how dirty your mouth can be.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Winding Down – After a long day Bucky helps you let things go.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

The Grind House – Series When Bucky Barnes stops to get coffee and warm up at your coffee shop, he had just expected that caffeine might lift his mood a little.
He didn’t expect to fall head-over-heels for you over a game of chess.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Turtle Pond – You meet a man while he’s feeding ducks and you both decided to make it a habit.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Feel You – You love how Bucky feels.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Alternate Methods – When training gets too much for you, Bucky takes you to take your mind off it.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Snapshots – Series  Before Bucky Barnes became the Winter Soldier he had a life and plans for the future.  A lot of them involving you.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Limits – You and Bucky play a game in the bath and as you do you discover that the boundaries on your sexual relationship were much bigger than you both originally thought.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Touch – Bound and blindfolded Bucky gives tests your other senses.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Sleep to Dream – When Bucky is away your imagination runs wild and it becomes hard to tell what’s real.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Lesson Learned – When you get excited your hands flail wildly. Bucky keeps telling you, you’re going to regret it. One day you find out why.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Just Friends – After moving into the Avengers Compound Bucky has a lot of trouble fitting in. Until he forms a friendship with you.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Bucky’s Little Wingman – Every day at the park Bucky and Kobik see you with your dog. One day Kobik decides it’s time for you to meet.  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Shelter from the Storm – Bucky comes to comfort you when a thunderstorm triggers your PTSD.  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Falling – Bucky Barnes dreams about falling all the time.  He sometimes just wishes he’d hit the ground already.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Unintended – When Steve Rogers paired you up with your boyfriend Bucky for training, you don’t think he intended your training to go the way it did.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Alone Time – Bucky wakes up alone and decides to make the most of his time.  He discovers as much as he enjoys time alone, time with you is much better.*  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Scabulous – Bucky is unwilling to undress in front of you because he hates his scars.  Turn out he isn’t the only one with scars. Bucky Barnes x Reader

Grief – Bucky tends to have his feelings muted, never feeling too sad or too happy about anything.  A trip home to meet his sister’s family has a stop off at his parent’s graves he finally lets himself feel the grief over the things he’s lost and the things that happened to him, which leaves room for some happiness to come in too.  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Everywhere You Want to Be – Every time you and Bucky try to get close, Wade is already there.  Eventually, you decide if he really wants to watch that badly, you might as well let him.* Bucky Barnes x Reader

Small Gods: Spring Thaw – Series Bucky Barnes hates winter.  He always looks for the first signs of the ice thawing and new life growing.  When that desire for the end of winter brings to him the god of the spring thaw, he discovers a brand new reason to get through winter.* Bucky Barnes x Reader

Clint Barton

The Light Within – You have been living on the street since your Mutant Powers manifested.  One day you notice other homeless people going missing.  That’s when your life changed forever Clint Barton x Reader

First Words – Clint is left home with his daughter. He attempts to train her so her first word is daddy.  Clint Barton x Reader

Switch – Touching people means you swap bodies with them.  It has meant that since your powers kicked in as a child you have avoided all body contact. Clint offers to give you the touch you have been craving for so long.*   Clint Barton x Reader

The Proposal: Clint – A drunken night leads you to sleeping with one of your best friends. 2 years later the two of you have been happily in a friends-with-benefits situation. Only now you want more. Not a relationship. You want to be a parent.*  Clint Barton x Reader

Legacy – Series When Nate finds you bruised and pregnant in the stairwell of his building, he decides that there might be another way that he can make Nat’s sacrifice worth something.*Clint Barton x Reader

Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist – Series When Tony Stark meets a new Scientist working with Bruce, he doesn’t quite expect his life would take the turn it does.* Tony Stark x Reader

The B-List Avenger – Series After an explosion in your building, it’s up to Hawkeye to get you and your daughter to safety.  There might be worst ways to get to know someone.* Clint Barton x Reader

Ronin – A strange keeps coming into your shop without an appointment to work on his Ronin tattoo.*  Clint Barton x Reader

Looking Up – Clint’s day was looking up. His girlfriend slept over for the first time. He’s pretty sure she’s a Jedi. He was having a nice bath. So how is it he’s now running down the street naked from gunmen?  Clint Barton x Reader

Aww, Pants – – – You and Clint have plans to go out partying for Halloween.  Like with most things involving Clint, nothing exactly goes to plan*  Clint Barton x Reader

Bartoned – Series Clint’s name has become synonymous with fucking things up.  When you have a one night stand with him, your whole life gets Bartoned.* Clint Barton x Reader

Friend Request – You always tell people you know an Avenger, and when you receive a friend request on facebook you finally have proof.*  Clint Barton x Reader

Aww… Timing – Clint’s brother Barney has terrible timing (and is also a huge bag of dicks).*  Clint Barton x Reader

Neighbors – You move into a new apartment and discover you have a fantastic view of your very good looking neighbor.  A neighbor who not only is an Avenger but who also seems to have a very playful side.*  Clint Barton x Reader

It’s You and Me – Series You and Clint Barton go way back.  Since you joined the circus as a child, he took it upon himself to keep you away from the people who really wanted to hurt you.  For years the two of you danced a line between dark and light.  When he chooses light the two of you go your separate ways.  Fifteen years later he tracks you down.  Those feelings the two of you shared never went away, but now he is not only and Avengers but a single father.  Can the two of you make it work after all this time when your lives have gone in such different directions?  A series told in flashbacks and current day.*  Clint Barton x Reader

In – After a particularly hard mission, you accidentally walk in on Clint taking a shower.  He makes you an offer that he didn’t expect you’d take him up on.* Clint Barton x Reader

Small Gods: First Cup – Series Clint Barton has a coffee addiction.  One day that addiction brings him to The Elysian Fields coffee shop where he meets you.  Soon Clint feels like his addiction isn’t just caffeine-based.  But things are not as they seem.  With a store that only appears under certain conditions, no customers, and a dog the size of a Dire Wolf, Clint isn’t sure there’s not more going on with you and he isn’t sure how to figure out if his feelings are real or just a side effect of his addiction.* Clint Barton x Reader

Apartment X – Series  You had chosen your apartment for a lot of reasons.  It was quiet.  It had good light.  It was secure.  Your landlord was an Avenger.  It was a good space to live and work and feel safe. When you become friends with your landlord Clint Barton, it also comes with the potential of a pretty special boyfriend.  You’re just not sure how the public will react to finding out that one of the Avengers is dating a Cam Girl.* Clint Barton x Reader

Tony Stark

Balancing Work and Home: Tony – While on a mission Tony received a call from his distraught toddler wanting him to sing her to sleep. Tony Stark x Reader

Merchandising – Tony is not exactly happy about the lack of thought put into the unlicensed sex toys that are available so he makes you some of his own.*  Tony Stark x Reader

The Future Mrs. Stark –  You and Tony find yourself in a place where time doesn’t work properly with no hope of escape.* Tony Stark x Reader

Making the Most of It – Tony finds himself with new powers of telepathy.  It’s kind of a drag.  So you find ways to make it a little more enjoyable for him.* Tony Stark x Reader

The Escort – A chance meeting with Tony Stark has him hire you to escort him to a lecture he is giving.  What you thought would just be a quick stroll through the city turns out to be a lot more.*  Tony Stark x Reader

Professor Stark – Accompanying Tony to a lecture at MIT makes him get a little whimsical.  You ask him to role play professor-student and that’s what you get.   Tony Stark x Reader

Public Sex – When Tony puts on his suit to give a talk, he’s putting on a persona to please a crowd.  You and he decide to take it to a new level.*  Tony Stark x Reader

Lullabies – Tony can’t quite trust that when his son sleeps, that it’s actually sleeping.  Tony Stark x Reader

The Proposal: Tony – A drunken night leads you to sleeping with one of your best friends. 2 years later the two of you have been happily in a friends-with-benefits situation. Only now you want more. Not a relationship. You want to be a parent.*  Tony Stark x Reader

Choices – When the Earth is under threat the team faces a choice that no one wants to make.  Tony Stark x Reader

Going Home – When being a member of the Avengers becomes too much for you, you quit and return home with your tail between your legs.  Tony comes to convince you that’s not where your home really is.*  Tony Stark x Reader

That Kid You Knew – Series You had grown up knowing Tony Stark but as you’d gotten older you’d lost track of him.  When you see him at a party you have a drug-fueled one-night-stand with him.  10 years later he finds you again and has to come to terms with the fact he’s been a father all the time.* Tony Stark x Reader

One Night In Vegas – You wake up in a Vegas suite with Tony Stark wearing the biggest diamond ring you’ve seen in your life.  The two of you then try and piece the night together. Tony Stark x Reader

Painful Secrets – After you wake up with Tony in your bed, the nature of your secret relationship is questioned.*  Tony Stark x Reader

“Make Me…” – You taunt Tony into taking control, but you won’t give it up easily.*  Tony Stark x Reader

The Mechanic – When your car won’t start you ask Tony to fix it.  When he’s done you find out that he doesn’t take credit.*  Tony Stark x Reader

Dorm Rooms – Tony Stark is on his 3rd Ph.D. while you struggle through your first.  He thinks you don’t like him, which may be true but at a college party, you decide to bring him back to your room.  A deep discussion about who he is and how he views the world leads to something else.*  Tony Stark x Reader

What Makes Him Happy – Tony comes home late and uncommunicative.  The next day he confesses that he isn’t happy where he is in his life.  While you don’t have the answers for him, there is one thing that makes him happy.*  Tony Stark x Reader

The Hamptons’ House – Series In May 1988 you show up to the party of rich playboy Tony Stark at his family’s house in the Hamptons.  After spending the week with Tony the two of you agree to meet up in three years to try and rekindle the feelings you both had that week.  What starts is a relationship that spans decades.  Two people sharing life, love, and sex in a way most people can’t understand but suits them perfectly.* Tony Stark x Reader

Small Gods: The Last Bar – Series TonyStark’s life is going off the rails.  He feels alone, misunderstood, and running on empty.  No fuel, no battery life, no signal.  If he could just find one last bar he might be okay.  He pulls into the parking lot of Fin, a dive-bar with no discernible location.  It could be the last bar he goes into.* Tony Stark x Reader

Bruce Banner

Balancing Work and Home: Bruce – These days there’s nothing that the team can do to calm the Hulk besides take him home to see his family.  Bruce Banner x Reader

Positive – Series After a bad reaction to antibiotics makes you sicker than you should be, Bruce asks you to take a pregnancy test to set his mind at ease.*  Bruce Banner x Reader

Dad – Bruce never expected to be a father. Now he’s not only that, he’s a dad.  Bruce Banner x Reader

Protector – What happens when a girl who can only heal falls for a man that houses something that is built to destroy.*   Bruce Banner x Reader

The Big Guy – Meeting the big green guy wasn’t exactly a normal day, you didn’t expect it to you leading a life on the run and keeping your child’s nature from the world.*Series Bruce Banner x Reader

Doctor’s Appointment – You love making Bruce blush and when joking around with Tony about you and Bruce Playing Doctor turns him crimson you go off to do just that.*  Bruce Banner x Reader

Thin Walls – Bruce can hear everything through the walls between your rooms.  He likes to picture everything, until one day you invite him to watch.*  Bruce Banner x Reader

Beauty and the Beast – True loves kiss will break a curse, or so the stories go. Bruce Banner x Reader

Fan Letters – You send a letter to Bruce Banner telling him how much you admire him, and he writes you a letter back. Bruce Banner x Reader

The Stars Map the Way – It’s your wedding day and Bruce has aligned the stars to guide you to him. Bruce Banner x Reader

Outside the Box – There is no reason why you, Bruce, and Brunnhilde should work, but you do and that’s all that matters. Bruce Banner x Brunnhilde x Reader

The Frame Job – Series When Bucky Barnes is taken from the compound and the only clue anyone has is a large damaged area of the compound and a faint Gamma signature, everyone suspects Bruce.  It is up to you and him to get to the bottom of the disappearance.  Bruce Banner x Reader

The Still of the Forest Series Bruce has been existing in a perpetual state of stress in an attempt to keep the Hulk at bay.  What he needs is rest.  Somewhere peaceful where he doesn’t have to worry about hurting anyone and he can just let go.  He needs the still of the forest and maybe – if he’s lucky – someone to share it with him.* Bruce Banner x F!Reader

Natasha Romanoff

Pay Attention – Your life with Natasha seems to be slipping through your fingers because you can’t quite pay attention.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Balancing Work and Home: Natasha – Natasha tells her daughter a bedtime story every night at 7.30 without fail.  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Mine – After subbing for Natasha you experience a subdrop.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Another Call – The Black Widow is sent to call you. She considers making another call.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Learning Opportunity – You and Natasha meet up at a seedy motel to catch up.  Natasha decides she has something she wants to show you.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

After the Mission – After a risky move on a mission, Natasha is furious at you. When you get to the root of the problem, you make up in the best way possible.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Under the Table – On a stakeout with the team Natasha finds a way to pass the time.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

I Think She Likes You – series Natasha has a crush on the girl at the coffee shop, and you have a crush on her. It would all be perfect except you each think the other has a thing for Bucky Barnes*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

When She’s Away – Two Parts Natasha is away a lot.  The two of you hate the time apart.  That is until Nat finds a way to keep you entertained when she’s not there.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Zashchitnic – You and Natasha are brand new parents to a baby girl. Natasha won’t leave your little girl’s side for a minute.  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Pumpkin Spice – Natasha is not really a pumpkin spice person. She is a ‘you’ person though.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Playing House – Natasha and you have plans for a home and family but neither of you ever really expect to get them to come true.  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Good Day/Bad Day – While you’re having one of your worst days, Natasha is having one of her best.  Somewhere in the middle, you collide.  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Beating the Heat – You have trouble cooling down on a hot summer night.  Natasha works out a way for you both to have fun.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

The Perfect Place – Natasha leads you through the new Avengers Compound looking for the perfect spot for the two of you to start breaking the place in.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Start Over – As you try and pick up the pieces of your life after the blip and the death of your girlfriend you discover things aren’t as they seem. Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Above the Crowd -You and Natasha go away on vacation together and when the crowd outside your hotel room is making too much noise for you to sleep, Natasha helps take your mind off it.*  Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Small Gods: Patience – Natasha Romanoff lacks patience – so patience comes to call to give her something she’s sorely been missing.* Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Wanda Maximoff

Her Holiday – Wanda hasn’t really celebrated Hannuka since the death of her parents.  With your love of Christmas, she begins to wonder if she’ll ever really get a chance to properly celebrate it again. Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Dark Cloud – Wanda is no strangers to mental health and when your depression gets worse, the fact she can hear your thoughts means it brings her down with it. Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Princess – You’re in love with a girl with extraordinary powers who isn’t afraid to use them on you.* Wanda Maximoff x Reader

All of You – The fact your breasts are different and now leak thanks to breastfeeding has made you self-conscious of them.  Wanda shows you there was nothing for you to worry about.*  Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Drawn to the Flame – Wanda is like fire and you are drawn to the flame. Wanda Maximoff x Reader

The Long Road Here – After a long battle, you and Wanda arrive in Sokovia to meet your children.   Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Your Best Friend – You have fallen head over heels for your best friend. She has been with you to help pick up the pieces after the death of your husband. How do you tell someone like that how you feel?*  Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Safe at Home – When Wanda comes home from a long day of Avenging you decide to help her feel safe and relaxed.*  Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Daydreaming – Wanda finds you cloud watching and you decide to show how all the things you can see.  Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Caught in the Rain – As Wanda walks you home on the hot summer’s night you almost hope you get caught in the approaching storm.  Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Blank Space – Series Wanda has become used to the thoughts of others pressing down on her constantly until one day she meets you. A complete blank space in the world.* Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Gentle Touch – After a long day hanging out with Wanda, you end it cuddled on the couch, but some gentle touching leads to something completely unexpected.*  Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Vanilla and Fresh Strawberries – When your best friend can read your mind, it’s hard to keep your crush a secret.*  Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Her Home – When HYDRA tries to take Wanda and her children in the middle of the night, she shows them exactly what happens when you threaten her home. Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Sam Wilson

Balancing Work and Home: Sam – While on a mission Redwing is hacked, but the hacker just seems to want to help. Sam Wilson x Reader

Fly Me! – Sam comes home to find his two-year-old daughter a little excited to see him.  Sam Wilson x Reader

The Proposal: Sam – A drunken night leads you to sleeping with one of your best friends. 2 years later the two of you have been happily in a friends-with-benefits situation. Only now you want more. Not a relationship. You want to be a parent.*  Sam Wilson x Reader

The Routine – Sam has been practicing a routine as part of his training and he brings it home to show you.*  Sam Wilson x Reader

Wings – Having Wings isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Sam Wilson might be the one to help you appreciate them.*  Sam Wilson x Reader

Worship You – Sam Wilson worships your pussy.*  Sam Wilson x Reader

Just Like That – Sam shows up after a long, hard day and you want to take care of him.  Turns out, he likes taking care of you too.*  Sam Wilson x Reader

Liar – Sam does not like being made a liar, but your cancer seems to want to prove him one.  Sam Wilson x Reader

Sleep Confessions – Sam wakes to you talking in your sleep and you confess a few things to him.  Sam Wilson x Reader

The Correct Paperwork – Sam sends Redwing into your office while he’s away on a mission and you agree to give him a small show, but only if he sends in the correct paperwork.* Sam Wilson x Reader

I Bloody Do – You and Sam have an in-joke that you won’t stop doing and it’s driving everyone crazy. Sam Wilson x Reader

Moving On – Series You thought Sam Wilson was the love of your life.  You had planned to do it all with him – marriage, kids, see the world.  Even when you’re life gets turned upside down, and you both end up international fugitives, he’s there by your side.  Then Thanos comes.  When Sam is one of the many turned to dust, leaving you alone and pregnant, you don’t think you’ll ever stop grieving.  Yet, everyone tells you that Sam would want you to move on and live your life – that he’d want you to be happy.  Gradually you open your heart up to another.  Carol Danvers has lost people too.  First her daughter, then her wife.  As the two of you lean on each other, feelings grow and you move on together.
So what happens when Sam is returned to you?* Sam Wilson x reader, Carol Danvers x Reader

Small Gods: Little Traditions – Series Since the blip and Steve Rogers giving up the mantle of Captain America, Sam’s life has been chaotic.  It’s not enough that the world has moved on in the five years he’d gone, and that he’d missed so much, now he has to live with everything it means to be Captain America.  He feels like he’s losing all the things that make him him.  A venture to the supermarket to recreate one of his parents famous recipes brings him to you.* Sam Wilson x Reader


Your Occasional Girlfriend – Loki shows up in their female form and wants to have a night on the town with you.  Turns out when Loki is a woman, she’s a little more vocal about how she feels about you.  She also is reminded about how shit some men can be.*  F!Loki x F!Reader

Through Her Eyes – When you don’t understand what Loki sees in you, she decides to show you exactly what she sees.*  F!Loki x F!Reader

Goddess – A man you meet at a masked orgy claims to be a god. It turns out it wasn’t just a line.*  Loki x F!Reader

The Throne – When Loki is feeling bored at an event in the palace she calls you over to have some fun.*  F!Loki x F!Reader

Trouble – There is nothing you and Loki like more than messing with Thor. Loki x F!Reader

A Little Convincing – With the ability to set any living creature at ease, you are charged with keeping an eye on Loki when he and Thor move into the Avengers Compound.  You find a way to convince him that doesn’t involve your powers at all.*  Loki x F!Reader

By Arrangement – When the Queen of Alfheim decides she wants to arrange a marriage between either Thor or Loki and one of the Princes or Princesses of Alfheim, they are sent to Asgard to make the arrangement.  Loki is disgusted by the idea.  Unfortunately, she’s also very attracted to one of the chosen group.*  F!Loki x F!Reader

Not Your Redemption – When Loki wants to change the course of his life, he comes to you to save him.*  Loki x Reader

Risk/Reward – Loki gives you a lesson in balancing risk and reward.*  Loki x Reader

Chaos – Loki is fascinated by your new purchase and decides to cause chaos during your workday by making you orgasm at the most inconvenient times.* F!Loki x Reader

Carol Danvers

Making it Count – You don’t get to see Carol very often, so when she’s around, you try and make it count.  Carol Danvers x F!Reader

Awakenings – Series You had been living under the assumption you were straight.  That is until Carol Danvers came into your life.*  Carol Danvers x F!Readers

Her Turn – You wake up to your daughter crying thinking you were home alone.  Thankfully your wife has come home early and takes her turn putting the baby down. Carol Danvers x F!Reader

The Shelter – With Carol back in town she takes you and your children to pick out a new dog.  Carol Danvers x F!Reader

Knight in Shining Armor – Carol steps in to help out in a battle.  The two of you have a certain kind of chemistry.  Carol Dangers x Reader

Playing Dirty – Carol is much, much better at video games than you, so in an attempt to make her lose, you distract her in the best way you know how.*  Carol Dangers x F!Reader

Moving On – Series You thought Sam Wilson was the love of your life.  You had planned to do it all with him – marriage, kids, see the world.  Even when you’re life gets turned upside down, and you both end up international fugitives, he’s there by your side.  Then Thanos comes.  When Sam is one of the many turned to dust, leaving you alone and pregnant, you don’t think you’ll ever stop grieving.  Yet, everyone tells you that Sam would want you to move on and live your life – that he’d want you to be happy.  Gradually you open your heart up to another.  Carol Danvers has lost people too.  First her daughter, then her wife.  As the two of you lean on each other, feelings grow and you move on together.
So what happens when Sam is returned to you?* Sam Wilson x reader, Carol Danvers x Reader


Say My Name – After going out drinking with Brunnhilde, she takes care of you, and feelings are admitted.*  Brunnhilde x F! Reader

Felicity 1 – Everyone has their role on Sakaar, if they like it or not.*  Brunnhilde x F!Reader

Love Language – If two people speak a different love language is it possible to learn the other’s.*  Brunnhilde x Reader

Blown in on the Storm – It was a storm that brought Brunnhilde into your life and now they provide comfort when she is away.*  Brunnhilde x Reader

Always Her – Brunnhilde has a lot of costumes depending on her role at the time, but it’s always her. Brunnhilde x Reader

Outside the Box – There is no reason why you, Bruce, and Brunnhilde should work, but you do and that’s all that matters. Bruce Banner x Brunnhilde x Reader


Gods of Thunder – Your daughter is terrified of Thunder. Which is troublesome, considering she causes it to happen in the first place.  Thor x F!Reader

Morning Chaos– No one doubted that Thor would be a good father.  It was Loki’s role as an uncle that took people by surprise.  Thor x F!Reader

Small Gods: Lost Objects – Thor has lost a lot in a very short period of time and he’s worried about losing himself too.  He goes to the one person who understands loss. Thor x F!Reader


Balancing Work and Home: T’Challa – T’Challa’s daughter might take after her Auntie Shuri a little too strongly. T’Challa x Reader

The Future Queen – T’Challa’s daughter shares a lot in common with his sister.  T’Challa x Reader

Hope Van Dyne

Bad Ideas – Sleeping with the boss is a very bad idea, but at the office Christmas Party you aren’t always making the best choices.*  Hope Van Dyne x Reader

Ex Boss – You decided to quit your job to pursue a relationship with Hope.  Turns out she has some very specific tastes.* Hope Van Dyne x Reader

Maria Hill

Intoxicated – Maria likes to drink because it’s the only time she feels like she can be anything but professional.* Maria Hill x Reader

Pepper Potts

Please – After a night of teasing Pepper, she takes you home to punish you.*  Pepper Potts x Reader

When You Knew –  As you try to fight sleep you ask Pepper about her past  Pepper Potts x Reader

Moments – When Pepper’s room gets filled with partygoers, she comes to sleep with you.*  Pepper Potts x Reader

Welcome Home – Pepper always feels guilty about leaving you and Morgan home when she has to go away for business, when she can she sneaks home early to surprise you both.*  Pepper Potts x Reader

Adaption – You were called into the Avengers to help Pepper adapt to her new powers because your powers were the opposite of hers.  Opposites do attract, at least in your case, but you’re not sure if that is too many changes to adapt to.* Pepper Potts x Reader

James Rhodes

F@#K –  Rhodey makes you a new toy but can’t quite get it to work how he wants it to *  James Rhodes x Reader

Adrenaline Rush – After an explosion sends you flying, the adrenaline rush you and Rhodey both feel makes it a little hard to keep your hands off each other.* James Rhodes x Reader

No Rest – After a long day of Avenging Rhodey just wants a little time to himself. James Rhodes x Reader

Jessica Jones

Something Familiar & Piece of Me – When Jessica shows up out of the blue after disappearing for over six months she seeks comfort in something she knows.* Jessica Jones x Reader

Scott Lang

The Two Cassies – Blending a family together can be hard. But having two daughters with the same name is just trouble.  Scott Lang x Reader

Lady Sif

Her New Home – Sif has lost a lot over the past five years.  Her friends.  Her homeworld.  Half the galaxy.  But she has you and when she and her crew finally track down Midgard, you both decide to celebrate.*  Sif x Reader

*contains smut