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Plus Two – Chapter 17

Plus Two:  A Pepperony Fanfic


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Word Count:

Pairing:  Pepper Potts x Tony Stark x F!Reader

Warnings:  smut (MFF bisexual threesome, sex toys, pegging, train)

Synopsis:  Tony Stark- Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Pepper Potts, his long-serving and overworked assistant, and you, their on-again/off-again girlfriend and lead singer of the hit band, Arctic Fire.  Three very different people navigate a world of fame, addiction, betrayal, and superheroes, while they move from having a plus one to a plus two.

Chapter 17

“Your plane is ridiculous,” you said, climbing the stairs to the upper deck where Tony’s lavish master bedroom was contained.  “Why do you need it to be this big when it’s mostly only ever you, Pepper, and Rhodey in it?”

“Hey,” Tony argued, as he and Pepper followed after you.  “I do most of my flying in either a jumpseat or a metal box that was built exactly to fit me and nothing else.  I think I’ve earned a little luxury when I travel during my downtime.  Besides, it’s not like you never travel in a private jet.”

“A,” you said, counting it off on your finger.  “It’s not my private jet.  It’s the studio’s private jet that we use for tours.  And it could fit inside this one.  And the whole band uses it and our assistants, and our manager, and stylists, and usually someone from the label.”

You reached the bedroom and went inside.  Tony was already taking off his shirt and he shrugged.  “Guess that’s the difference between being a millionaire and being a billionaire.  Besides, after our twenty-two-hour flight, you’re gonna be thankful I had a nice king-size bed put in here.”

“What is this?”  Pepper asked as she shut the door.  “Some kind of rich person dick measuring contest.  Cut it out, please.”

“No, it’s not,” you pouted.  “Besides, it’s definitely me with the biggest dick.  I packed it in my carry-on if you want to compare.”

Tony looked around with his eyes wide.  “Really?” he said, sounding more than a little excited.

“Yes, really,” you said.  “Why?  You want me to get it out?”

Tony’s eyes flicked between you and Pepper and a grin slowly spread on his face.  “Are you kidding?  Yes, yes I want you to get it out.”

“Okay, eager beaver,” you said laughing.  “Go get naked and I’ll fuck you.  Pepper, you okay with that?”

“Of course, honey,” Pepper said.  “He can eat me out while you do.”

You smirked and headed into the bathroom with your carry-on.  It was way too big of a bathroom than a plane had any right to be, and was stylishly decorated in curved lines and white surfaces.  It did make changing into your strap-on harness a lot easier and it would mean that when you woke up tomorrow you could shower and arrive in Sydney feeling fresh and clean.

When you were naked except for your panties and the strap-on you stepped back out into the bedroom.  Tony and Pepper were already naked and tangled together on the king-sized bed.  Pepper had her hand in Tony’s hair, holding his head firmly in place as she dominated their kiss, her other hand was on his cock, slowly pumping it as he mewled into the kiss.

Pepper pulled back as you stepped out and looked over at you as you approached them both, lubing up the thick dildo you had in the harness.  You lubed it well.  Tony could do anal.  He liked it even.  You knew that he wouldn’t need a lot of preparation, but even knowing all that you coated the toy liberally – the viscous fluid dripping from it.

“Look at that,” Pepper said, watching as you approached.  “What a lucky boy you are having two women who take such good care of you.”  She looked up at you with a smirk.  “I plugged him while you were getting ready.”

“Oh good,” you said, coming over to them.  “Show me, Tony.”

Tony got up onto his hands and knees, pointing his ass at you and displaying the gold-colored plug with its red gem that was currently filling his ass.  You stepped up behind him and ran your hands over his ass.  “Fuck, you look hot,” you hummed.  You gripped the end of the plug and started wiggling it in his ass.  “You’re making me really wet, Tony.  This is gonna make it so much easier to fuck you.”

Tony groaned and pushed back against the plug.  “I want it, baby.”

“I know you do,” you said.  “How about you go down on Pepper for a bit, and when I start fucking you, you can start fucking her.”

All he could do was let out a needy moan in reply but when Pepper sat down in front of him with her legs spread he ducked his head down and began eating her out like a starving man.

Just watching them like that – with Tony presented to you and Pepper’s head falling back as he ate her out, was enough to soak through your panties.  You had a bullet vibe tucked into the harness, pressing against your clit, but you would wait to turn it on.  You didn’t want to come until it was with them.

You started to move the plug in and out of Tony’s ass.  It made a soft squelching sound thanks to the lube that Pepper had applied to it and every time you pulled it back so it stretched his asshole open, Tony would moan and his toes would curl.

His moans were drowned out by Pepper’s.  She was giving herself to the pleasure completely, gripping Tony’s hair and rocking her hips up under him.  Your clit throbbed as you watched them.  There was a ball of warm pressure was already pressing down on your core and if you squeezed your legs just the right way you were pretty sure you could make yourself come just like that.

You eased the plug out of his ass, put it carefully aside so that it was standing on its end, and stepped back behind Tony.  “Okay, Tony,” you praised.  “Time to start fucking Pepper.  You want to roll over so she can ride you?”

He let out a soft grunt and rolled over.  “Fuck,” he sighed.  “Whatever it is I did to deserve both of you must have been really fucking amazing.”

“Maybe we feel the same way about you?” Pepper said as she straddled his waist.  You took Tony’s cock in your hands, angling it up so Pepper could sink down on it.  They both moaned but Tony’s was so primal his voice cracked.  Pepper leaned back and wrapped her hand around the base of your skull, pulling you into a heated kiss.  You circled your arms around her and began to massage her tits as you matched her passion, your tongue flicking out to meet hers.

Pepper began to roll her hips on Tony’s lap as the two of you kissed, and you slipped your hand into your panties and turned on the bullet vibe.  The sudden buzz against your already throbbing clit sent a strong jolt through you, making you break your kiss with a gasp and causing your hips to jerk forward out of your control.  Tony mewled as the dildo banged up against the base of his cock and he thrust up into Pepper.  It was like a domino fall of pleasure from one person to the next.

You nudged Pepper forward and she pressed herself down against him as you moved his thighs up at his sides.  You pressed the head of the dildo against his asshole and bit your lip as you looked down at them.  “Ready, Tony?”

“Yes.  Fuck,” Tony groaned.  “Fuck me, baby.”

You pushed your hips forward and the toy stretched his ring muscle as you eased it into him.  He moaned loudly and his back arched, pushing his cock deeper into Pepper.  She bounced slowly up and down on his shaft.  Your breath caught as a wave of pleasure washed through you. It made your thighs tighten and forced a soft moan from your lungs.  You didn’t think you were going to last, but thankfully, you doubted Tony would either. 

You started to thrust into him, slowly at first, pulling most of the way out and sinking in to the base again.  As you picked up speed the sounds he made got louder and more desperate.  His muscles clenched and trembled and his hands gripped Pepper’s hips desperately.

Pepper leaned back against you, bracing her hand on Tony’s stomach as she wrapped her arm around your neck, her body stretched out, her tits thrust forward.  You reached between her legs as the two of you started kissing and you fingered her clit in tight circles.

The three of you moved together, connected by the pleasure you were giving to one another.  The moans got louder, draining out the sound of the plane’s engines.  You kept thrusting your hips, quicker and quicker.  It created a pulse-like action with the bullet vibe against your clit and your orgasm built inside you feeling like it was going to take you over completely.

Tony’s orgasm hit first, he bucked up hard and cried out as he released inside Pepper.  “Fuck, oh fuck, yes…” he babbled, banging his fist on the bed.  You sped your fingers over Pepper’s clit and gripped her breast, tugging on her nipple, she moaned and shuddered as you dragged her orgasm over with Tony’s, her body becoming heavy against yours.  You let yourself relax and gave yourself over to your own pleasure, Pepper ran her tongue up your neck and with a few more slow thrusts of your hips, grinding against the vibrator in your panties.

You eased the toy out of Tony’s ass and he sighed appreciatively.  “Let me go clean off the toys,” Pepper said as she climbed off Tony’s lap.  “I need to clean off anyway.”

You switched off the vibrator and stepped out of the harness and as Pepper took the toys to the bathroom you climbed into the bed next to Tony.  He wrapped you in his arms and kissed you deeply and languidly.

When Pepper returned she climbed into the pile and the kiss became a slow three-way event, moving from one person to the next like it was a living organism.  Gradually the exhaustion of travel started to take you all over and you relaxed back into the pillows and pulled the blankets over you all.  “I can’t wait to come out,” Tony said, his voice heavy and sleepy.  “I want everyone to know how much I love you.  I want to start calling you my wives in interviews.”

“You big sap,” Pepper teased and nosed at his cheek.

“Maybe,” he said.  “And maybe they’ll say shit about us.  I don’t give one single fuck.  I have never been happier than I am with both of you.”

You closed your eyes and relaxed against them both, feeling the exact same thing.


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