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Plus Two – Chapter 16

Plus Two:  A Pepperony Fanfic


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Word Count:  

Pairing:  Pepper Potts x Tony Stark x F!Reader

Warnings:  smut (MFF bisexual threesome, oral sex, vaginal sex)

Synopsis:  Tony Stark- Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Pepper Potts, his long-serving and overworked assistant, and you, their on-again/off-again girlfriend and lead singer of the hit band, Arctic Fire.  Three very different people navigate a world of fame, addiction, betrayal, and superheroes, while they move from having a plus one to a plus two.

Chapter 16

It was strange how quickly something that was so out of the ordinary could start feeling normal.  As much as it pained you, polyamory wasn’t the norm, and every new person you, Pepper, and Tony outed yourselves to, involved the same speech about how it had happened, and how it fits for the three of you, and that you all hoped that if they couldn’t understand, they could at least accept it.  It was weird, but it became normal for all of you to brace for the question and you all had your well-rehearsed parts ready to go at a moment’s notice.

As the world constantly reminded you all, polyamory wasn’t normal, and yet, each day the three of you lived it.  You shared meals, laughter, affection, and sex.  It didn’t matter that only ten percent of Americans were in polyamorous relationships and that many of those weren’t out, it only mattered that you were one of those ten percent and for you, Pepper, and Tony, who had always struggled so hard to keep a relationship together, it worked.

Besides, as far as the percentage game went, ten percent was pretty good odds.  Only 8% of fortune 500 companies had women CEOs.  And here was Pepper Potts in charge of one of the most successful fortune 500 companies in the world.  Only 0.0086% of the population of the world was considered famous, and there were two bonafide celebrities in your household.  Of musicians in the world, 0.000002% were considered successful, and yet here you were with a series of triple-platinum albums and a whole shelf full of music awards.  As for how many Iron Men there were, well, so far there was one and you were dating him.

So ten percent was good.  You could handle that.  It was practically mundane.

After the funeral the three of you had come back and resumed life, this time, rather than only existing in the sex bubble, you were venturing out into the world more.  Returning to the very abnormal versions of normal you had.  Pepper went back to running Stark Industries.  Not that she had stopped running it before, but now she was going in more for board meetings and investor meetings and meetings with management.  You started making music again.  With your bandmates around the world, there were a lot of conference calls and sending home-recordings back and forth along with emails containing lyrics and sheet music.  You knew you’d have to tour again sometime, but for now, you were happy with how things were.  Especially given that Tony was mostly home.  Sure, he still provided tech and advice to the Avengers, and technically he was on backup, but over the six months between the death of his aunt and now, he’d never been called in.  So there had been a lot of times where he’d come out onto the patio while you were writing to annoy you, and you’d go down to his lab while he was tinkering with his suits to annoy him.  You liked this version of normal and it was coming out in your music.

The lyrics were all about love and intimacy.  About finding a home and a place in the world that was uniquely yours.

Talk with me,
While away your time,
Tell me everything you need.

Be with me,
Do not hesitate,
We can stay this way.

Because it feels like home,
It feels like home,
To me.

“I think we should come out publicly,” Tony said.  You were curled into his side, your eyes starting to feel heavy thanks to the hot chocolate and the room that was probably five degrees warmer than it should be.  Pepper had her head in his lap.  He’d been curling his fingers in her red hair, and when he spoke she startled as if she’d been right on the cusp of sleep.

“Huh, what?” she gasped. 

“Sorry,” Tony said, sheepishly.  “Sorry.  Didn’t know you were asleep.”

“I wasn’t,” she said, wiping her mouth.  “What did you say?”

“I said I want to go out publicly,” he said.  “As a throuple… triad… whatever we are.”

“What?” you asked.  “Like a statement.  I did write a song about the three of us fucking.”

“You did what?” Pepper yelped, turning on you with her eyes wide.

“It’s subtle.  No one will know.  Well… they might if we make a statement,” you said with a shrug.

“Okay, well, you’re never releasing that song,” she huffed, folding her arms over her chest.

“Why not?  It’s very complimentary,” you argued.

Tony started giggling between you and he wrapped his arms around both yours and Pepper’s waists.  “Ladies.  Ladies.  No fighting.  Not over little old me.”

“No one is fighting over you, Tony,” Pepper deadpanned.  “What do you want to do though?  Make a statement that says we’re all seeing each other?”

“No,” he said quickly.  “Fuck no.  But we could either go somewhere together.  A gala or premier.  Or… we could have the paps catch us together.”

Pepper raised an eyebrow and wrinkled her nose.  “You want to release a sex tape?”

You and Tony both burst out laughing and you fell back in the chair.  “Oh my god.  We could make so much money!  Imagine how many people would want to see Iron Man being double-teamed.  We could do one where we have the strap one,” you cackled.

Tony laughed harder and gripped your knee.  “You’re liking this too much.”

“And we definitely do not need that kind of money,” Pepper scolded.  “Cut it out, you bad girl.”

“All I meant,” Tony said, trying and failing to get his laughter under control.  “Was that we go out for brunch say… or go for a run in the park? You know they’re always tailing us in the park.  And while we’re out, we hold hands and kiss each other.  It would be pretty hard to argue that we are cheating on each other or some shit if we’re all making out in the park together.”

“Those cheating rumors have already started again, by the way,” you said.  “Of course, it’s Tony cheating on you with me.  No one has mentioned the fact you and I have been spotted out together a bunch.  Fucking Bugle.”

Pepper reached over and rubbed your thigh.  “We’re clearly not walking beside each other suggestively enough the way we do with Tony.”

You laughed.  “Right? When I walk around with Tony I’m always just humping his leg like a dog.”

Pepper laughed and shook her head.  “If we do this, we’re gonna hear about it?”

“Oh yeah,” Tony said.  “What are they gonna do?  Take Iron Man away from me?  Take away our money?  I don’t think so.  I’m not Cap.  I don’t have some image I’m supposed to protect.  And really if I got away with everything I did back in the day and they can’t accept me now I’m in love and happy…”

“You’re in love?” you asked him.

“Uh… what?” Tony asked.  “What did I say?”

“You said you were in love, Tony,” you said.

He ran his hand through the back of his hair.  “I’ve said I loved you both before.”

“I know,” you said.  “But you said you loved me when we were friends.  I knew you were in love with Pepper.  And I kind of knew it was true for me too, but that’s the first time you’ve said that about us both.”

Tony dropped his eyes and tapped his fingers on the edge of the couch in a random pattern.  “I know I’m not good with being vulnerable,” he said.  “But yes.  Okay?  I am in love with both of you, and honestly, I might have been since the start.”

“Aww… Tony…” you cooed and peppered kisses on his cheek.  “I’m in love with you too.”

“Yeah, I know, you’ve said,” he said.

“Okay, love birds,” Pepper interjected.  “I vote yes.  I think it’s going to make my life infinitely harder for a while because all I’ll be fielding are questions about the nature of our relationship, but I’d rather people know we were together than continue to look like the woman who turns a blind eye to her husband cheating on her.”

Tony took Pepper’s hand, frowning as he looked down at it.  “I’m sorry Pepper.”

“Sorry for what?” she asked.  “You’re not actually cheating on me.  You’ve never cheated on me.  We’re not even in an open relationship.  It’s just us together.”

A smile spread over Tony’s face as Pepper spoke.  “So does is it majority win or does it have to be all in all none?”

“I’d say it has to be all in,” you said, crossing one leg over the other.  “But lucky for you, I’m all in, baby.  Let’s out ourselves.”

“How do you want to do it?  An event or just being sloppy with the paps?”  Tony asked.

“I could go either way, though an event is more like work.  But on the other hand, I’m not a big lover of PDA.  It would feel like I was acting,” she said.  “And I’m not good at that either.”

“I want to be messy,” you said.  “Let’s get a hotel room somewhere and make sure the paps all know we’re staying there and then make out on the balcony.”

Tony laughed.  “Yeah. I like it.  Let’s do that.  Plus it would be a weird excuse for a holiday and I’m all for those.  Where do you want to go?”

“Mmm somewhere warm,” you said.  “What about Australia.  The Australian paps are fucking feral beasts.  They are so thirsty for a big scoop.”

“Okay, Australian holiday.  Should be good,” Tony agreed, pulling out his tablet and turning it on.  “When should we go?”

Pepper took the tablet from Tony and put it aside.  “Let’s do that later.  I think now we should celebrate this big decision.”

Tony put his arm around both of you and grinned.  “Oh, I do like the sound of that.”

He slid his hands up to cradle both yours and Pepper’s jaw, first pulling Pepper into a tender and heated kiss, and then switching to you.  When you pulled back you and Pepper leaned over Tony and kissed passionately.

Tony pushed up your sleep shirt and sucked on the side of your breast.  You moaned into Pepper’s lips and he turned and did the same to Pepper.

Pepper pulled back from you and pulled Tony back against her.  He let her guide him where she wanted until he was lying on his back on the couch.  She stripped naked quickly as you pulled down Tony’s sweatpants.

You kneeled on the floor beside them and began sucking on the head of his cock.  You were teasing about it, flicking your tongue over the slit and nipping at the sensitive spot under the head.  He groaned and wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him.  His hand slipped between your legs and began to finger your clit.  You hummed and started to take him deeper into your throat.  Pepper straddled his face and as his fingers moved in small circles over your clit, he began lapping at her cunt.

Your arousal grew and your pussy started to drip.  Tony drew out your fluids with his fingers and used them to slick over your clit.  His cock throbbed in your mouth and each time you dropped your head down and felt him press into your throat, he’d groan and arch his back like he was trying to feel more.  Pepper moaned softly as she rocked her hips on his face.

Your body buzzed and tingled, and you got up and pushed off your pants and straddled his lap, sinking onto his cock.  You moaned as he filled you, and Pepper reached forward and wrapped her hand around the back of your neck, and pulled you into a passionate kiss.

The two of you rode him, you bouncing on his cock, as Pepper rocked against his face.  You and Pepper ran your hands over each other as you kissed, massaging each other’s tits and running your fingers back into each other’s hair.  Pepper brought her fingers to your clit and rubbed it in tight circles as you rode Tony’s cock.

Pleasure bubbled up inside you, seeping out through you like spilled molasses.  Your skin prickled and in the heat of the room, sweat began to bead on your skin.  Pepper’s orgasm hit first and she cried out as she released on Tony’s face.  It made Tony groan and buck up into you erratically.  That was all it took.  You threw your head back and cried out as your orgasm shuddered through you.

Tony mewled and his hips jerked erratically, and with a hard thrust, he came, spilling inside you.

You hummed and both you and Pepper slithered off him.  Tony wiped his mouth and sat up breathing heavily.  “You’re both gonna kill me with sex one day,” he said.  “And man, what a way to go.”

You laughed and got up and stretched.  “Gonna go clean up, who wants to join me?”

They both got up with you.  You knew they would.  There was always the option for shower sex after all.


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