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The Tower: Happily Ever After – 42

The Tower: Happily Ever After
An Avengers Fanfic

Series Masterlist | Character Reference

Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)

Word Count: 2073

Warnings:  none

Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.  When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

Chapter 42: Weapons

When the rubble from the battle with Cul had been completely cleared away and construction had begun to the degree that scaffolding was up and safety features were in place, the palace decided to hold the feast to celebrate the victory over the would-be king.

We started with a kind of parade from the rainbow bridge through the city.  ‘Parade’ wasn’t quite the right word for it.  It was just us, minus Thor who was waiting at the throne for us to arrive.  We were unarmed though Asgardian guards and some Valkyrie walked ahead and behind us in case of trouble.  No one was expecting it though.  The people were happy and as we walked through the city in a loose group people would come and speak to us or hand us gifts.  They were food, and drink mostly but also small trinkets, clothing for the little ones, flowers, and even the occasional weapon.  The people were always excited to see the children, especially the little ones, and they all stopped to pat the Vulparev and thank them for protecting the babies.  The streets were lined with stalls giving out pastries, mead, and punch.  There were spits with full animals roasting anywhere there was room to build the fire.  The whole city smelled like roasting meat and baking bread.  It was mouth-watering.

We walked with no hurry.  For much of the way, Thour and Nova toddled along holding someone’s hand.  They still could not walk unassisted but they happily ran along with support.  It was a long walk and long before we even reached the shadow of the palace the little ones grew tired of walking.  “Dadadadada…” Thour babbled, holding her free hand up to Bucky who was holding her hand.

“You want your daddy?” Bucky asked, scooping her up into his arms. 

She kicked her feet and nuzzled her head under his chin.

“Did she just say dada?” Tony asked, moving up beside Bucky.

“Yep.  I got the dada first.  Suck it,” Bucky teased.

“I’m pretty sure what she said was dadadadadada and not dada,” Natasha corrected.

“She also held her hands up for me to pick her up,” Bucky said.  “That counts.”

“You want to come to dada, Thourey?”  Tony asked, holding out his hands.

“Dadadadada,” she babbled and held out her hands to Tony.

He took her and raised his eyebrows.  “Seems like I’m the dada now,” Tony teased.

“Alright,” I smirked, stepping closer to him.  “Thourey, you want to come to dada?” I asked, holding out my hands.

“Dadadadada,” she babbled, reaching for me this time and kicking her legs.

Natasha smirked and quirked her eyebrows.  “Guess that solves that,” she teased.

“God damn it,” Tony said, putting Thour in my arms.

“She’ll say it eventually,” I assured him.  “Now stop arguing about who’s the dad.”

By the time we reached the steps of the palace, we’d fanned out into a V pattern with me at the front and then the kids and grandchildren gathered behind us.  People began cheering and stopped approaching us.  Everything began to feel more official and less like we were celebrating with the people.

When we reached the throne room, which had been opened up to the grounds, Sif and Fandral came and took Thour, Nova, and the grandchildren away, and led the spouses of the other children to the side.  The rest of us walked up to the throne.

Thor was lazing back on the throne with his legs spread, and he stood as we approached.  “People of Asgard!” he boomed as we reached him.  “We come together in celebration.  My uncle has been vanquished thanks to the good work of the people of our city, particularly the army of Asgard and the Valkyrie.  However, there are some who stand out today and I think it is important to acknowledge that.  Loki who projected the portal to send our uncle back and who placed the spells to bind him there for eternity.”

There was a large cheer and people shouted out Loki.  Loki dropped her eyes and a small smile tugged at her lips.

“Next, my consort and husband, Anthony,” Thor boomed.  “Whose technology and quick thinking helped vanquish Cul from our lands.”

Tony threw up peace signs to the crowd as they shouted out Anthony.

“And finally Elise, my wife, mother of the heir and Queen to you all,” he said.  “Who not only managed to stay calm despite my uncle’s powers but kept our youngest children safe with the help of the Vulparev.  She fought back Cul and sent him to the void with the help of my sister and Anthony.  And finally, she was able to calm the Hulk after my uncle’s power made him succumb to the fear inside him.  Without her, much more damage would have been done and likely we would have lost lives that day.”

The roar of the crowd was deafening as they shouted Elise.  I actually felt heat rush to my cheeks at the level of attention I was getting.  I waved to the people and it only made the cheering louder.

Thor gestured for the room to quiet, though the smile on his face betrayed the joy he felt at the response of his people.  “Settle down, settle down,” he said.  “I know you are all anxious to begin the revels, but I have been working on gifts for my family and I would like to give them to each of them.  For years now, most of my loved ones have been able to wield Mjolnir, being both worthy to lift her and use her to channel my powers through them.  It has meant that from time to time I have been without my hammer.  So I had commissioned the Dwarves of Nivadlier to cast each of my family their own avatar, charged with the magic of the Allfather.  Each is designed for each person, both to help channel their own power, but also to suit them.”

He moved behind the throne and wheeled out a long cart filled with different things.  Most were weapons but there were pieces of jewelry and armor amongst them.  He gestured for each of us to approach him in turn, starting with Riley.

“My daughter.  Firstborn of my children.  Born of my blood and carrying the power of the gods and blood of Buri the first god, heir to the throne of Asgard,” Thor said as Riley kneeled in front of him.  He held out a large battle-ax to her and she raised her hands to take it.  “I give to you the ax Eiðavörður.  It hungers for the blood of all who would threaten us, and it shall focus and enhance your ability to wield the wind.”

Riley took the ax handle in both her hands and you could see the power crackle through her.  The magic itself seemed to alter her physical form, she got bigger and as the knotwork on the blade of the ax glowed it seemed to bleed out onto her skin too.

“Thank you, father,” Riley said, standing.  She stood back and swung the ax like she was getting used to the feel of it in her hands, before bowing again and moving to the side.

Pietro took her place, kneeling in front of Thor.

“My son.  Secondborn of my children.  In tune with both his feelings and the feelings of those around him.  My child – born with no powers and yet able to keep up with all those who do.  You have committed to learning how to wield the mystic arts, as well as to help run the kingdom,” Thor said, holding out a long dagger with a rippled blade.  “I give you the dagger Trúvörður.  It will help guide your magic and your natural abilities.  To feel when magic is being manipulated and when people are too.”

Pietro took the blade and a similar change happened to him as it did to Riley.  He hugged Thor.  Thor went through each child one by one listing their skills and powers and gifting each with a magical artifact to help strengthen and focus those abilities.  Rebecca received a long sword named Dögunarbroti, Sarah received a jointed, armored ring with a long sharp point on the end named Miskunn, Rose a disk-shaped amulet named Sólarvörn, Edwin a short scimitar named Eilífsátt, Billy a stave named Jörðarmótari, Tommy a set of retractable wrist blades named Varnarmaðurlófa, and Mar received an enormous Falchion named Villimaður Verndari that was longer than she was tall when not hulked out, and almost as wide.  Each time they took their artifact it glowed and you could feel the power pour through them, changing them slightly.

Then it was the adults’ turn.

“I now call on my chosen.  My lovers.  The keepers of my heart,” Thor announced.  “I have known them for many years now, and yet it is but the blink of an eye.  We have saved Midgard and Asgard and the entire galaxy more times than I can count.  I trust them with my life, my heart, and the kingdom, and I am so grateful that all of you have accepted them too,” he said, earning a cheer from the crowd.  “Each artifact allows them to not only expand their own powers but to tap into mine.  I choose to share this with them, because I love them completely and trust them fully, and because I would like it if they stop stealing Mjolnir from me.”

Everyone started laughing and Clint moved up to kneel in front of Thor.  “Clinton, for you, my kind-hearted, troublemaker I give you the bow Elding.  It will keep your aim true and each strike will carry lightning with it.”

Clint stood and took the bow and lines of light traveled up his bow to his arms, and his eyes glowed gold for a moment.  “My aim is always true,” he teased and leaned in and kissed Thor.  “And lightning strike is a great name for her.”

Bucky took Clint’s place and Thor smiled at him and cradled his jaw.  “James.  Still so afraid to lift Mjolnir just in case my suspicions are proven wrong.  You shall always have her power with you now.”  He reached into the cart and picked up a flail with a wedged head.  “Your flail Morgunstjarna.”

Bucky took it, the same lines of light the others all received he did too, but in particular, the artwork on his metal arm glowed brightly.  “Thank you, Thor,” he said, softly and kissed Thor.

Sam moved in next, receiving a Claymore named Hreinsiefni.  Then it was Steve, who didn’t get a weapon at all, but rather a star named Verjandi that was placed on the chest piece of his armor and made his whole body appear to become sheathed in magical Uru.  Tony received a similar item, it was a glowing disk rather than a star and allowed his bio armor to fuse with the Uru, strengthening it so he looked almost like the Destroyer when it was active.  Thor called it Spádómur.  Bruce received an enormous Warhammer named Snill that I could have comfortably used as a chair, Natasha a dao named Dökkhjartað, and Wanda a ring named Draumaskuggi.

Finally, I stepped up.  “Elise, my life.  You saved my home.  You are my home.  I am so proud of you, my queen.”  He held out what looked like a bo staff to me, though it was made of Uru and decorated in glowing knotwork.  I took it and the sheer magnitude of power that flowed through it knocked me back.  The light moved up my arms and I felt stronger and more capable. The threads that connected me to the others seemed more like cords and I could feel everything through them.  How they felt, that they were safe, how the little ones were becoming bored.  I could even feel the family back on Earth.  “I give you Sanguine.  She is both a weapon, but also a shield.” He took my hand and turned it, banging the staff on the ground.  It opened up at the sides, creating a shield.  “So you can protect us all, my life.”

“Thank you, my love,” I said and kissed him deeply.  When I pulled back, he wrapped his arm around me and tucked me into his side.

“And that is enough of that,” he boomed.  “Let us celebrate!  Let the feasting begin!”


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