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Small Gods: Spring Thaw – 12

Spring Thaw:  A Bucky Barnes Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x F!Reader

Rating: E

Word Count:  1839

Warnings: smut (MF, oral sex, hand job, 69)

Synopsis: Bucky Barnes hates winter.  He always looks for the first signs of the ice thawing and new life growing.  When that desire for the end of winter brings to him the god of the spring thaw, he discovers a brand new reason to get through winter.

Chapter 12

The time that Bucky had with you felt particularly short this time.  Not because it was any less time than usual.  It was a particularly cold winter and the power that kept you here actually seemed to last longer than normal.  It was just that you were both so busy planning the wedding that each day seemed to fly by.  Even the long drives North were full of conversation as you talked about guests, and vows, and what colors you planned to wear.

The two of you stopped regularly to look at potential venues and had long discussions about menus and cake flavors.  Each conversation made Bucky feel lighter.  He was sure that the wedding plans were going to give him some level of anxiety when it was just him, but with you by his side, he couldn’t help but feel happy and excited.  He was going to experience a big life event, and he was going to do it with someone who loved him for who he was.  Not some idealized version of who he once was or who he might be.  But this him, with all the baggage and flaws he had.  This version of who he was that was hurt, but not broken.  A long way from perfect, but trying to be better.

By the time he’d gotten as far North as he could go with you before the magic no longer worked to hold you to the world, the two of you had decided on quite a few things.  You had a dress design with a tailor who also had your measurements and knew that you wouldn’t be able to return for the final touches for a year when there would only be a few weeks to finish it off.  They’d been fairly unsure about that, but paying in advance with a bonus had helped convince them.

You’d asked Sharon to be your bridesmaid.  You didn’t really know anyone else and while Sharon had been a little surprised she accepted for Bucky’s sake and agreed to work with the dressmaker to make sure both your dress and her bridesmaid’s dress turned out how you wanted.

You’d chosen pale blue and white as the main colors.  Bucky liked the idea – it both reflected the winter that was ending and spring that was just starting.  You’d also said you wanted lots of flowers, but you’d wanted the table settings and bouquets to be full of spring wildflowers.  The list of flowers you’d asked for including things like sweet peas, peony, cornflowers, delphinium, cosmos, anemone, and lisianthus, and you’d cut out pictures of different table settings and bouquets you’d like and stuck them in a book so that Bucky could take them to a florist.

The book also had a few cake designs you had liked that all had various blue and white floral decorations.  Some of which were real flowers, while others were made of delicate gum paste.  The two of you had ranked them in order of shared favorites, but Bucky was going to speak to bakers to see what they thought they could make that fit the theme and was unique to both of you.  You and Bucky had made stops all the way North at every bakery you saw and tried various cake flavors.  Bucky had loved trying the different flavors.  Cake had come a long way since he was a kid.  The fact that you’d lit up when you’d heard there were floral flavors added to the fact he was already excited for something outside of just a chocolate or yellow cake.  You’d chosen three flavors together and the idea was to have them on three different layers.  Lemon and lavender, chocolate and rose, and strawberry and elderflower.

You’d picked a venue, not just for the ceremony but also the reception.  Both would be at the falls, and even though the ceremony would be bitterly cold, Bucky loved the idea of having it where the two of you had first gone away together.

The thing that Bucky had enjoyed planning the most was the menu.  He was so into cooking and flavors and trying new recipes, and he loved going through different options for the different courses with you.

While the last week always carried with it that kind of melancholy of knowing you could disappear at any moment, he was also excited and hopeful of the year to come.

“Maybe you should take the ring,” you said, as the two of you lay in bed together.  He was still in that post-sex haze, his heart thrumming in his chest as he came down from his orgasm high.  You lay with your head on his chest, trailing your fingers down to his stomach.  You had that gorgeous sex messed look and still glistened with a sheen of sweat.  The ring in question sat glittering in the light from the fireplace that was still roaring opposite the bed.

“You don’t want to wear it?”  Bucky asked.  “Do you have a New Zealander – New Zealandish?  New Zealandite husband I don’t know about?”

“They mostly say Kiwi,” you giggled.  “And no.  I just… don’t always usually – appear – with the same things I disappeared with.  I’m worried it will be one of the things I lose.”

“Okay,” Bucky said, running his hand over yours.  “I’ll wear it with my dog tags.”

You smiled and nosed at his cheek and your hand moved up to his chest and curled around the chain that hung around his neck.  You tugged on it lightly and he leaned in and kissed you.  It was a slow and deep caress of his lips over yours and you hummed softly and grazed your teeth over his bottom lip.

When he pulled back he took your hand and lifted it to his lips.  He kissed your palm and each of your fingers, before pulling your ring finger into his mouth and slowly sucked it, pulling the ring off your finger with his lips.

You moaned and ground your hips against his thigh, your cunt still dripped with come, both his and yours, and it smeared on his leg as your rubbed against it.  “Fuck, Bucky,” you whimpered.

He chuckled and took the ring from his mouth.  “Doesn’t take much, huh?” He said.

You laughed and pushed him.  “You can talk.  You gave yourself a semi doing that.”

Bucky pushed himself up on his elbows and took off his dog tags.  “Yeah?  You wanna see what you can do about that?”

You grazed the back of your knuckles down his chest and over his stomach.  His muscles rippled under your gentle touch.  He groaned softly but kept his attention on the chain holding his dog tags, unclipping the joiner, and sliding the ring onto the chain.  By the time the chain was safely back around his neck, your hand was wrapped around his cock and you were slowly pumping your fist up and down.  He groaned and let his head fall back on the pillow as his cock hardened in your hand.

You kept your head resting on his chest and jerked him off as you slowly rolled your hips and ground against his thigh.  It was a lazy intimate foreplay that he loved in a whole different way to when it was hot and needy, or soft and romantic.

You pressed a kiss to his chest and swirled your tongue around his nipple, and he gasped and his cock jumped in your hand.  You sat up and spit on his cock, the wet letting your hand move more easily up and down.  “Dirty girl,” he groaned and bucked up into your hand.

You hummed and dropped your head down, taking his cock right down the back of your throat.  He gasped and jerked up under you, pushing his cock further down your throat.  You gagged and pulled back, but just enough to free your airway.

Bucky grabbed your thighs and dragged you over his chest so your pussy was right over his face.  He lapped greedily at your sex, his tongue swirling over it, exploring all your folds.  He could taste himself on you, the salty tartness of his come mixing with the musky taste of yours to make a strong and heady cocktail that made him moan needily and arch up under you.

You moaned around his cock and bobbed your head up and down, hollowing your cheeks and sucking each time you pulled back.

You each slowly brought each other to the edge.  Bucky thrust two of his fingers inside of you and pushed them against the soft spot inside you that always made you shudder and cry out.  The sounds you made as you sucked his cock sent soft vibrations through him, adding to the pleasure that was coiling through him.

You started grinding down on his face.  He knew you must be overstimulated and near the edge.  He sucked greedily on your clit and dragged his fingers over your g-spot again and again.  Your cunt began to spasm around his digits and your clit twitched in his mouth and with a loud cry you came on his face.  Your legs trembled and he kept going dragging your orgasm out.

“Stop, Bucky,” you panted.  “It’s too much.”

He stopped immediately and you climbed off him, taking a moment to catch your breath as you moved down between his legs.  “You can stop if you need to,” Bucky assured you.  “We don’t have to keep going.”

You shook your head.  “No, I want you to come too.”

You crouched between his legs and began bobbing your head up and down on his cock as you gazed up at him.  He tangled his hands in your hair as he watched you.  He relaxed and gave himself to the pleasure surging through him.  Your tongue flicked over his foreskin and into the slit of his cock and you massaged his balls.  They tightened and his cock began to throb in your mouth.  Bucky let his head fall back and with a low groan, he came, releasing into your mouth.

You moaned and swallowed it all before crawling back up and taking the position on his shoulder again.  He looked down at you, a sleepy contented feeling taking over him.  “You can sleep if you want to,” you said.  “You look so tired.”

“I want to stay up with you,” he complained.

“It might not happen tonight,” you giggled.  “Neither of us can just stay up for sixty hours, just in case.”

“Maybe I’ll close my eyes for a little while,” he said.  “Under duress.”

You kissed his jaw.  “If I do go, know I love you and I can’t wait to see you again.”

“I feel the same way.  I’ll speak to you soon, and when you’re back here, we’ll be getting married.”

You smiled and kissed him once again, settling back against his chest.  He drifted off with the comforting weight of your body on his, and optimism of the year to come.


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