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Small Gods: Spring Thaw – 11

Spring Thaw:  A Bucky Barnes Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x F!Reader

Rating: E

Word Count:  1607

Warnings: smut (MF, vaginal sex)

Synopsis: Bucky Barnes hates winter.  He always looks for the first signs of the ice thawing and new life growing.  When that desire for the end of winter brings to him the god of the spring thaw, he discovers a brand new reason to get through winter.

Chapter 11

The heat from your body burned into him as he pressed himself down on you.  The two of you moved together perfectly, limbs intertwined, and lips moving together.  He ran his hand up your thigh pulling your leg up against his hip as he ground down on you.  You moaned, arching your back and sliding your pussy up and down his achingly hard cock.

Not even a day had passed since you had appeared and Bucky had proposed to you, but he already felt like it was the best day of his life.  You’d had breakfast together and talked about how being married would work.  It had been exciting and reassuring and you’d both come back to his place feeling hopeful about the future, but knowing that realistically it wouldn’t be this perfect thing.  It would be what it was – a life together when you were there.

You pushed him so he was on his back and straddled his waist.  Your hands ran down his neck and over his chest as you rocked your hips, so your pussy slid up and down on his cock.  He looked up at you and moved his hands along your shoulders and down your chest – his eyes following along the line of his touch.  He cupped your breasts and thumbed your nipples, before moving them down over your stomach to your hips.  His eyes settled at your pussy and he watched as the head of his cock appeared and disappeared between the lips with each roll of your hips.

When the two of you had arrived home Bucky had shown you the pile of wedding magazines and explained how he would get everything organized exactly how you wanted while you were gone.  You had looked at him with a look of such love that he couldn’t help but kiss you.  The kiss had not stayed simple or chaste and the two of you had ended up dragging each other to the bedroom, leaving clothes in a trail from the living room to the bedroom.

You lifted yourself off his waist and Bucky wrapped his hand around his cock so that when you lowered yourself back down, he guided his cock inside you.  You moaned and let your head fall back as you just sat seated on his cock, letting yourself adjust to him.

He ran his hands down your arms and took your hands in his, running his thumb over the ring on your finger.  He drew your hands to his mouth and kissed them as he looked up at you.  “I love you,” he said, softly.  The words no longer felt alien to him.  Not like they had all those years ago when he’d had to build up all his courage to say them.

You looked down at him and a small smile played over your lips.  “I love you too, Bucky,” you said, and leaned in and kissed him.

He bunched his hand in your hair as the two of you kissed, his lips moving with yours as you began to slowly swirl your hips.  He groaned softly and pushed up into you, relishing in the feel of the warm, moist muscles tightening around him.

As the kiss became more passionate and heated, you started to move up and down on his cock, faster and faster, riding him like you were in some kind of race.  Sweat beaded on your skin and each time he entered you, you squeezed your walls like you were trying to milk him.

He rolled you again so he was on top, never breaking the kiss – his cock staying buried in your heat.  You moaned, arching up under him as you surrendered your body to his.  He thrust into you, slow and deep, filling you completely with every roll of his hips.  He ground the base of his cock on your clit and your moans became louder and more desperate.  He could feel his cock twitching as he neared his release and he slipped his hand between you both, rubbing your clit faster as he picked up his pace, wanting to bring you along first.

Your legs began to tremble and you gripped the sheets as your whole body tensed.  “Oh god, Bucky,” you gasped, breaking the kiss, and with a loud moan, you came.

Bucky kept thrusting, fucking you through your orgasm.  Your cunt spasmed and clenched around his shaft and with a jerk he came, releasing inside you and groaning against your neck.

You wrapped your arms around him and caressed the back of his neck as his cock pulsed and then stilled inside you.  “I’m so happy you’re back.”

“I’m so happy I’m with you,” you hummed.

He rolled off you and lay on his side and trailed his fingers over your stomach.  “Do you have any idea about what dress you might want to wear?”  Bucky asked.

You shook your head.  “No.  Warm I guess.  I should look at the magazines,” you answered.  “What about you?  What will you wear.”

“My formal army uniform – I guess.  That’s always what I thought I’d do,” Bucky said, furrowing his brow.  He had spent so much time thinking about organizing things for you, he forgot he’d have to do it for himself too.  The only time he’d ever really thought about getting married was in the context of what he’d do after the war, and in that case, he pictured himself in his formal uniform.

“Do you still have your uniform?”  You asked.

“No,” he laughed.  “I’d have to buy one.”

You leaned in towards him and rubbed your nose against his.  “I bet you’ll look handsome no matter what you wear.”

Bucky kissed you softly.  “And you’ll be the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

You sat up and stretched.  “Alright,” you said.  “How are we going to do this exactly?  It’s not like I can be here for dress fittings or cake tastings.”

“So, first up we find the things that you like.  Dress style first because we’ll do the dress here.  You can get your measurements taken, order the one you want, or have them make it.  Then when you get back we go in they do the finishing touches and we’re good to go,” Bucky said, sitting up with you.  “Then we pick a venue and book it.  We figure out what kind of ceremony we want.  I figure we just go with set vows because you aren’t exactly going to have a lot of time to write them, but also, I’m already a little freaked out about standing up in front of everyone and talking, having to write vows on top of that.  Well-” he rocked his head side to side “-it’s a lot.  We can find a bakery in the place the wedding will be and you can try some flavors and we can order a cake for the date.  I don’t know… what else.  Over the time we have now, we can pick the themes and colors.  What kind of menu.  Music.  We’ll have to register our intent to marry too.  But we’ll have to do that in the city where we’re having the ceremony.  And if you’re worried that won’t work, we can always just have the ceremony and it not be legal.  We’ll be married as far as I’m concerned.  And then while you’re gone I’ll organize it all.”

You smiled and straddled his lap, cupping his jaw and looking down into his eyes.  “You really thought about this, didn’t you?  Not just about getting married to anyone, but what getting married to me means.”

“I did,” he said.  “I don’t want to be married to anyone.  I want to be married to you.”

Your eyes glistened and you leaned in and kissed him deeply.  He closed his eyes and hummed softly into your lips as his hands slid up your back.  You pulled back and looked down at him.  “What if I don’t show up… or I show up late.  Weather is weird.”

“You come when people call for the thaw right?”  Bucky asked.

“Yes, but what if next year there’s no snow?”  You asked.

“It always snows here, but if you’re worried, we can do things a little further north,” Bucky said.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you,” you said, caressing his cheek.

“That’s how I feel about you,” Bucky said.  “You’re like… my hope personified.”

You smiled and rested your forehead against his, breathing in deeply.  “I am so excited,” you said.  “I don’t think I’ve ever felt excited before.  Or if I have, it was a long time ago.”

“I’m excited too,” Bucky said.  “And it’s been a long time for me as well.”

“Okay,” you said, practically jumping off his lap.  “Oh my god, we have so much to do.  I wonder if there’s a god of wedding planning?”

“That would be so handy right now,” Bucky chuckled.  “Dress first.”

You pulled on a robe.  “I want there to be color.  Is that okay?”

“I want you to have whatever you want,” Bucky said.

“Let’s go look at the magazines,” you said, offering Bucky your hand.  “What do you think?  Niagara Falls again?  That would be a really pretty spot.”

Bucky smiled and let you pull him up out of bed.  He was excited and your excitement was feeding it.  He was looking forward to every minute he spent with you this thaw, and when you were gone, he would make the most of his time apart.  He was going to make this wedding everything the two of you could want. “I think that sounds perfect.”


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