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Tony Stark x Reader
Synopsis:  Tony Stark’s knows how to use his hands.  Explicit 18+
Prompt:  Tony Stark + Hands


They were calloused.  People never expected that.  He had an image to maintain after all.  Head of a multibillion-dollar corporation.  Playboy.  People like that had manicures.  Their skin was soft and their nails were perfectly filed.

He did have manicures.  That was accurate.  Certainly, right now you appreciated that, as his fingers slid down your folds and your cunt stretched and clenched as it adjusted to accommodating the two he pushed inside you.

The regular moisturizing and hand soaking he had did kept them softer than they could be.  Than they would be on another person who did the same kind of work as he did.  Yet, as he skimmed his fingertips over your skin you could feel the scratch of them.  It made goosebumps break up everywhere they traveled.  You hummed in pleasure as he did it earning his famous sideways smirk.

Tony Stark made things.  He used his hands.  He didn’t just sit in the boardroom and sign papers or use computer screens.  He banged metal into shape using hammers.  He welded.  He used soldering irons on tiny circuit boards.  He wore suits of a gold-titanium alloy and used them to beat back attacks against the planet.

The soft scratch of his calloused against you was a reminder of who he really was and what he was capable of.

Tony Stark had calloused hands because he knew exactly how to use them.

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