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Synopsis:  Thor and Brunnhilde know Bruce better than anyone else
Prompt:  Molecular + Thor/Bruce/Brunnhilde


Thor and Brunnhilde didn’t really understand Bruce.  They didn’t understand the work he did or the implications it had on the world.  They didn’t understand why he blushed when they showed him affection or why he was so scared of sex.  They didn’t understand why he was so scared of the Hulk.  They didn’t understand how the Hulk could exist in the first place.  Or at least they didn’t understand how the experiment gave him his own physical form that somehow still shared Bruce’s body.  They didn’t understand the way his cells changed and divided so quickly that one minute the small mild-mannered man who would be standing there, and the next the huge green form of the Hulk had taken his place.

In many ways, they understood the Hulk much better.  The need to fight, to eat, to feel.  The love of color and cute things.  People always thought it would be the other way around.  They looked at Bruce and saw a gentle man and the Hulk they say an angry beast and thought it would be easier to understand the man.  It was definitely the other way around.

Even though they didn’t understand so many things about Bruce, they knew him.  They knew him on a molecular level.  They knew exactly what to do to get him to relax.  To get him to laugh.  What made him blush.  What to say to get him on an excited science rant.  What made him relax and submit with a look of pleasure written on his face.  And what they needed to do to make him come out of his shell and take control.  They knew him to the very core.  Every single molecule of what made him, him.  And they loved each and every part.

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