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The Hookup

The Hookup:  A Winterhawk Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  
Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton

Word Count:  2649

Warnings:  Smut (Anal sex, tiny bit of oral sex too, very minor come play)

Synopsis:  Bucky accidentally walks Clint home from the bar and gets an unexpected offer.

A/N: Might have been playing Dream Daddy and got inspired.

The Hookup

Bucky walked along beside Clint with his hands jammed into the pockets of his leather jacket.  There was an unseasonable chill to the air and it seemed to want to creep past his layers of clothing and run straight up his spine.

The archer appeared to be immune to it.  He chatted away happily wearing just his t-shirt over jeans and gesticulating wildly as he told Bucky the story of what happened in Tokyo.  Bucky knew Clint was buzzed.  It was probably Bucky’s fault that Clint was buzzed.  He wondered if it was being tipsy that was keeping Clint warm.

They’d been on a mission.  Not a particularly demanding one.  It had been low effort and wrapped up quickly, but all missions required debriefs and Steve had been in fine form, talking on and on and on about what had been done wrong and what had been right.  Like he wasn’t the most reckless and dumbass one on the whole team of reckless dumbasses.

Clint had asked Bucky if he wanted to go get a drink when it was done.  Bucky had thought he would be one of many invited – or at least that Natasha would be there too.  Natasha was always there when it was him and Clint, like some kind of shared ex-girlfriend buffer to make sure they never ran out of things to say to each other.

When he arrived at the bar and it was only Clint it had taken him by surprise and partially because he didn’t like people knowing they’d gotten the jump on him, he covered it by drinking.

That was part of the reason anyway.  The other part was Clint made him feel ways that Bucky wasn’t used to feeling.  Bucky was still picking out who he was from within the mess of shit that was leftover from the winter soldier – and here was this complete fucking idiot that was so god damned charming that Bucky got butterflies when he was around.  It was one thing to come out of being brainwashed and wondering if the angry thought you had was genuinely you or something other people had programmed into you – it was another thing completely to wonder what the hell happened to his sexuality while he wasn’t in control of the wheel.

So he drank, and Clint – god love him – tried to keep up.  It was the fourth shot of whiskey that made Bucky realize that’s what Clint was doing.  The archer never usually touched anything stronger than beer unless it was in a coffee-flavored cocktail.  Bucky had eased off after the fourth and Clint had matched him, his voice getting louder as he spoke and his gesticulations getting wilder.  That did nothing for Bucky’s whole stomach issue.  He might as well have been swallowing live moths instead of bourbon, the fluttering inside him was getting so intense.

So after easing back on the drinks they’d played a few rounds of darts where Clint had still handed Bucky’s ass to him, even though the score was exactly even, the fact Clint could hit the same hole with each dart made it pretty clear that there was no way Bucky could actually count his scattering of triple twenties as a win.  Then the two had walked home.

Or they’d walked and it wasn’t until they reached Clint’s building that Bucky had realized that they’d walked home.

“… and so I’m in a handstand and Nat’s wrapped around my waist and my hand slips and we both come crashing down.  Doc said I tore a groin muscle.  Couldn’t have sex for a month – but it could have been worse.”  Clint stopped and unlocked the security door and turned back to Bucky who was still standing in the middle of the sidewalk.  “You comin’ in?”

Bucky blinked at Clint and looked around like he was checking to see some random woman hadn’t just followed them home.  He pictured them as a redhead, though he knew when it came to women, Clint didn’t actually have a type.  “Wait… what?”

“This is what we’re doing, right?”  Clint asked.  “You walked me home.”

They say time is relative, and that certainly felt true for Bucky right then and there.  Time seemed to slow down to a crawl as his brain went into overdrive trying to figure out what exactly was going on because if it were Natasha who said that, he’d be pretty sure she was asking him to sleep with her.  Clint couldn’t be suggesting that… could he?  Bucky had seen him with women before.  Shit, they technically shared an ex.  Bucky had never for one moment guessed that the tall blond who was standing in the open doorway to his building might be into men too.

“Yes,” Bucky said – the word sort of falling out of his mouth rather than him having any control of it.

Clint stepped out of the way of the door and gestured for Bucky to enter.  The two walked upstairs and Clint returned to the story of Tokyo and his torn groin muscle, which of course made Bucky think of nothing except Clint’s groin muscle.

Clint fumbled with his keys as he let himself in and Lucky began scratching at the door on the other side.  Bucky reached forward and wrapped his hand around Clint’s to steady it, and slid the key into the lock.

As soon as they were through the door, Clint was on him.  Like a tipsy, horny teenager.  Bucky could taste the bourbon on Clint’s breath and the very odd thought that he shouldn’t taste like that popped into his head.

He let Clint push him back against the door as the archer sloppily tried to claim his mouth.  One of Clint’s hands pushed into Bucky’s hair, his fingers curling in Bucky’s dark locks as the other slid down to his pants and tugged on his belt.  Bucky made a noise that sounded way too much like a whimper for his liking.  Clint pulled back and looked at him.  “This is okay right?”

Bucky blinked at him, not even sure what to say.  It was okay.  Very okay.  Too okay.  “Yes,” he said.  “It’s just…”

Clint’s hand tightened in Bucky’s hair and it took all Bucky’s remaining self-control to not purr at the tingle it sent running through his scalp.  “Just what?”  Clint asked.

“Just… I haven’t…”

“Haven’t what?  Ever?”  Clint asked, tilting his head so he looked a lot like his dog.  His dog, however, had started to sniff at both their shoes.  “But… you’re like a hundred… and you were with Nat!”

“No… I mean…”  Bucky shook his head, trying to clear it.  He didn’t want to try and explain, he just wanted Clint.  He grabbed the blond by the collar and pulled him in for another hungry kiss, spinning him around and shoving him against the door.  Clint submitted initially and then pulled back with a gasp.  “Haven’t what, Buck?”  He groaned as Bucky began sucking on his throat.

Bucky sighed and pulled back completely, all but one part of him sagging.  “Haven’t… not since Nat.  And not … ever with…”  He gestured to Clint.

Clint’s eyes glittered mischievously and he began stalking toward Bucky, ducking his head a little so they were eye to eye.  “With what?  Me?  I know that Buck,” he teased.  “Or do you mean with a dude?”

Bucky blushed and turned his head so Clint wouldn’t see.  The irritating blond turned Bucky’s face to look back into his eyes.  “You want it though?”  Clint asked.

“You’re making me change my mind,” Bucky growled and kissed Clint again.  Clint laughed into his lips but wrapped his arms around Bucky’s waist and drew him closer.  Bucky pushed his thigh between Clint’s legs and began to grind his aching erection on the other man’s thigh.

Clint groaned and pulled back.  “Come on,” he said and dragged Bucky into his bedroom.  He shoved Lucky’s snout out as he closed the dog out and turned and pushed Bucky towards the bed.  He turned Bucky around and his lips ghosted down Bucky’s neck as he started grinding on Bucky’s ass.  Bucky groaned and reached back, tangling his hand into Clint’s blond hair.  He wasn’t even sure what he was doing or how he wanted to do this, but everything felt so good part of him was worried it would be over before he even got his pants off

Clint pulled back again.  “Get comfy.  I’ll be back in a minute.”

Bucky blinked at him for a moment and watched as Clint retreated into the bathroom.  He sat down on the edge of the bed but was reluctant to actually ‘get comfy’.  Part of his mind screamed that this was a practical joke and Clint was going to appear in the doorway with Steve, Natasha, and Sam and they were all going to laugh at him for being a gullible idiot.

He compromised by taking off his jacket and laying it over the end of the bed and taking off his boots.

Clint seemed to take forever in the bathroom and by the time the door burst open, Bucky was starting to consider leaving again.  The sight before him knocked the wind from his lungs.

Clint stood filling the doorframe, his arms up and out to either side, gripping the frame.  He was completely naked except for some reason he’d left his socks on.  Bucky blinked at the idiot who was beaming at him.  Clint’s face turned from a huge dope smile to a pout as he looked Bucky over.  “You’re still dressed.”

“Wasn’t sure if you were coming back,” Bucky shrugged.

“Guess, you just need some help,” Clint teased as he approached the bed.  He straddled Bucky’s waist and pulled the t-shirt up over Bucky’s head.  Bucky’s eyes trailed down from Clint’s face down the archer’s firm defined chest, to his abs and to his cock that was starting to harden in anticipation of things to come.  He was covered in a multitude of cuts and bruises but Bucky knew none of those compared to the scarring Bucky had on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Clint was sucking on his bottom lip as he looked Bucky over.   He traced his fingers down the back of Bucky’s neck and along his broad shoulders.  His fingers tightened on Bucky’s shoulders and he pushed him back, so he was lying on his back.  Clint kissed down Bucky’s chest and began to unfasten his pants.

Bucky groaned, reaching his hands over his head, gripping the headboard, and arching his back.  Even this felt intense and like he would split apart at the seams.  He worried that if Clint actually fucked him, he’d completely fall apart.

Clint’s fingers dexterously worked Bucky’s pants open and pulled them down.  As Bucky kicked them aside, Clint licked up Bucky’s shaft.  It sent a shudder straight up Bucky’s spine and his hands tightened on the headboard, making the timber crack and splinter under his grip.  Thankfully Clint didn’t spend much time crouched between his legs, because by the time he was crawling his way back up Bucky’s body, he was leaking pre-come down his shaft.

Clint leaned over Bucky as he straddled his waist and grabbed a condom and a bottle of lube from the side table.  As he pulled back, Bucky pulled him down into another heated kiss.  He wasn’t sure he was ready for what was about to happen, and his heart had started hammering so hard in his chest he thought if Clint’s hearing was better he’d be able to hear it.

Clint’s tongue probed into Bucky’s mouth and circled around.  Bucky groaned and gripped Clint’s hips, rutting up against him so his cock slid up and down the other man’s ass, leaving a sticky trail of pre-come over his skin.

Clint pulled back with a chuckle.  “You ready, Buck?”  He asked as he moved down to Bucky’s thighs.

Bucky swallowed thickly.  “I’ve never… I don’t…”

Clint smirked and tore open the condom packet.  “God, you have no idea how bad I want to fuck you,” you said.  “But not tonight.”

Bucky nearly let out a sigh of relief as Clint took Bucky’s cock and rolled on the rubber.

Clint lubed up Bucky’s shaft generously.  Bucky was glad for the latex barrier between him and Clint because loosing arrows did not appear to be the only thing Clint’s hands were good at.  His touch was heaven and Bucky’s cock throbbed under Clint’s attention.  The blond moved back up straddling Bucky’s hips, and as he got into position he slowly eased himself down onto Bucky’s cock.

Clint was gloriously tight and he let out a soft mewl as he gradually sank down onto Bucky.  Bucky groaned and arched his back as Clint’s body clamped down around him, squeezing him to the point that Bucky was sure there was no way he was going to last.

Bucky was sure there would be no way that Clint could take him fully, but to the man’s credit it wasn’t long before Clint was sitting flush against him and Bucky was buried deep inside.

Clint let out a shaky breath and shook his head.  “Fuck you’re big,” he said and leaned down and kissed Bucky hard.  Bucky relaxed into it, letting his hands roam up and down Clint’s sinewy body.  Clint bunched a hand into Bucky’s hair and began to bounce.  Each time he moved up and down Bucky’s cock, Clint’s cock would slap against Bucky’s body.  The sound was rhythmic and wet and went straight to Bucky’s core.  His fingers tightened on Clint’s hips and he began to fuck up into the man, groaning with each thrust in, his cock being milked by the other man’s ass.

They moved faster and more frantic.  Clint couldn’t seem to stop kissing Bucky, and Bucky welcomed it.  The closer Bucky got to his release the shallower his breathing got.  He felt fuzzy and soft at the edges.  Like he didn’t know where his body ended and Clint’s began.  Clint’s cock leaked over Bucky’s stomach, making the trail of hair that led to his cock stick together.

Bucky gasped and jerked up.  “M’close,” he groaned.

“Anytime, Buck,” Clint panted, sitting up straight and bouncing even faster.  Bucky fisted his hand around Clint’s cock and began to jerk him off as he snapped his hips up under him.  With a loud groan, Bucky’s balls tightened and he pushed up and released, spilling deep inside Clint’s ass.  Clint moaned and let his head fall back and as Bucky kept jerking him off, Clint’s climax hit and he came, painting Bucky’s stomach in hot, thick ropes.

The two men stayed joined as they came down from their blissed-out states, and as Bucky’s mind cleared Clint climbed off him and grabbed some wipes from the side table.  Before he was able to clean Bucky off, Bucky ran his fingers through the sticky mess and put them in his mouth.

“Fuck…” Clint hissed.  “That’s the sexiest fuckin’ thing I’ve ever seen.”

Bucky chuckled.  “Now I know that can’t be true.”

“I’m a lot of things, Buck,” Clint said as he began to clean him up.  “But I ain’t a lair.”  He paused what he was doing and tilted his head again.  “Will you stay?”

“You okay with people knowing we did this?”  Bucky asked, as he pulled off his condom and tied it off.

“You kiddin’?”  Clint teased.  “I’m countin’ on it.”

Bucky tossed the condom in the trash and nodded.  “Sure.  I’ll stay.  But don’t go blabbing either way.”

Clint laughed and got up, letting Lucky in before the two jumped onto the bed.  Clint curling himself up against Bucky like a koala and Lucky curling in a ball at their feet.  It felt weird, but it felt right and as Bucky drifted off he hoped there would be a lot more of it.

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