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It’s You and Me – Epilogue

It’s You and Me: A Hawkeye Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Clint Barton x  F!Reader

Word Count:  993

Rating:  E

Warnings:  nothing for this chapter

Synopsis: You and Clint Barton go way back.  Since you joined the circus as a child, he took it upon himself to keep you away from the people who really wanted to hurt you.  For years the two of you danced a line between dark and light.

When he chooses light the two of you go your separate ways.

Fifteen years later he tracks you down.  Those feelings the two of you shared never went away, but now he is not only an Avengers but a single father.  Can the two of you make it work after all this time when your lives have gone in such different directions?

A series told in flashbacks and current day.


“Coop!”  Clint called.  “Don’t forget your math book!”

The apartment was chaos.  Lucky was chasing Jasper up and down the stairs.  Ebony was trying to wrangle Nate into his clothes when all the kid wanted to do was run around in his underpants.  Clint was in the kitchen cleaning up and yelling for different kids to behave themselves.  Lyra and Cooper kept running up and down the stairs as they got ready for school.  Each time they’d come down they’d realize they’d forgotten something else and dash back up, their footsteps falling heavily on the polished wood.  You sat, nursing your coffee as you watched it all go down, and despite the noise and the mess, you were happy.  This was home.

It had been a few months since you had let Clint talk you out of killing Jacques Duquesne and for a little while you had resented Clint for it.  It had been so much like the first time, where he’d ended up abandoning you.  All his promises that it would always be you and him abandoned at his chance to join SHIELD.

Then after a week, you began to realize that he was still here.  You were still waking up in his bed and falling to sleep in his arms.  As the realization came to you, you were hit with a few more too.  You actually liked being here in all this chaos.  You loved seeing Clint as happy as he was and getting all the things he’d had denied him growing up.  You still didn’t want to have kids of your own, but you loved that his family was becoming yours – even if it was under the caveat that you were more a friend to his kids than a parent.  You had made Jacques this symbol of everything that was stopping you from being the person Clint needed, and in your head killing him would be a magic cure that would make you somehow whole and undamaged by the things that had happened in your life.  But it turned out you’d been that person the whole the entire time.

Nate came tearing past you, squealing loudly and you scooped him up off the ground and flipping him upside down.  “Where do you think you’re going, little monster?”

He broke down into a fit of giggles and Ebony came and took him off you.  “Thanks for that,” she said.

“Anytime,” you said with a smile.

“Coop!  Lila!  Are you ready to go?”  Clint shouted.

“Yes, yep… yeah,” Cooper said, hurriedly tying his shoes.

“I can’t get my hair right,” Lila complained.

“Come here, quick,” Clint barked.  She hurried over and Clint deftly fixed the waterfall braid she’d attempted.  “Okay?”  He asked.

She took a quick look in the mirror and nodded.  “Thanks, dad.”

“Alright, let’s go.  Ebony, you’re right to get Nate to daycare?”  Clint asked.

“Yep.  No problem,” she said.  “You’re picking him up?”

“Unless we get sent on a mission,” Clint said.

“Don’t say things like that, it wills them into existence,” Ebony laughed.  “Call me if you need to.  I’ll just be cleaning and studying.”

“Will do.  See you this afternoon,” Clint said and kissed Nate on the cheek. “Bye, monster.”

“Bye, daddy,” Nate giggled.

Cooper put the leash on Lucky as you swallowed down the last of your coffee, and you, Clint, Cooper, and Lila headed out into the hall.  Clint took your hand as you walked down the street, the kids walking ahead of the two of you with the dog.  It was strangely domestic and yet had become so comfortable.  Some other kids joined Lila and Cooper, patting Lucky and laughing.  You smiled – happy that Clint had gotten to have the life he deserved.

You arrived at their school, and Clint hugged each kid goodbye.  “Have a good day, I’ll be here to pick you up at three.”

“We could walk alone if you like,” Cooper suggested.

“You know I still worry about that.  I promise, when I’m braver, you can walk alone,” Clint said, taking Lucky from his son.

“See you this afternoon,” you said, waving.

Cooper and Lila headed inside waving to you briefly and then turning their full attention to their friends.

“Hi ho, hi ho,” Clint said and turned in the direction of the subway.

“Hey, Clint,” you said, as you walked with him.  “If we never got caught that night when you joined SHIELD, would we have lasted?  Would you be happy?”

Clint shrugged.  “I dunno,” he said.  “There are too many variables.”

He stopped and faced you, taking your hands in his as Lucky circled you both, wrapping his lead around your legs.  “I can tell you this though,” Clint said.  “I loved you then, and I love you now.  Our lives would have been very different if we hadn’t got caught that day, but we did and this is how it turned out.  I’m happy, and I love you.”

You blinked at him, and a soft smile spread on your face as the words sunk in.  “You’ve never said that to me before,” you said.

“I’m saying it now,” he said.  “And I guess you’re just gonna leave me hanging?”

“Hmmm…” you said, pretending to think about it.  “Maybe.”

“You little shit,” he teased, ticking your side.  You tried to squirm away and got caught on Lucky’s lead and the two of you came crashing down onto the pavement.  Lucky started barking and licking both your faces.  You broke down into hysterical laughter as you and Clint attempted to untangle from each other.

“I love you too,” you panted as you finally managed to get back to your feet.

Clint slung his arm around your shoulder and kissed the top of your head.  “Yeah, I know.  Now come on.  We got world-saving to do.”

You wrapped your arm around his waist and headed down into the subway with him.  You and Clint – together – just as you’d always promised.

~ END ~

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