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Ava Starr x Reader
Synopsis:  Ava knows two things, Pain. And that in time that pain will end one way or another.

Ava knew two things.  The first was pain.  Other people thought they knew it.  They really had no idea.  Not that she would deny other people their pain.  Just, when your molecules are tearing apart and recombining it’s hard to think about anything else.

The second thing was that the more time passed, the worse things got.  It became harder to hold herself together and she knew eventually if she didn’t find an answer to this she wouldn’t be able to.  That ticking clock was like a countdown to when the pain got so bad she would cease to be.

She became single-minded.  There was nothing except pain and a countdown to when she could either end it on her terms or it ended in agony.

Then Janet Van Dyne has stepped out of that tunnel and helped.  Actually helped, not said she was going to and then other things kept getting in the way.  For the first time, in almost as long as she could remember Ava didn’t struggle to hold herself together.  She didn’t feel like she was excruciatingly being torn apart.  She could just breathe and feel good.

Now it wasn’t so much as a countdown, as a thing that stretched out before her filled with potential and endless possibilities.  So when she went to Pier 39 to see the sea lions, actually just taking some time to enjoy her life and you chatted to her about them, she took the time to appreciate it.  When you’d asked if she’d like to get coffee, she’d given you her number.  Why not after all?  She had plenty of time.

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