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Brunnhilde Genfic
Synopsis:  Brunnhilde used to be someone.  That, however, was fleeting.
Prompt:  Brunnhilde + Ephemeral

She wasn’t always like this you know?  This angry closed off drunk that just existed on Sakaar.  No name.  No identity other than Scrapper 142.  Not even the only scrapper.  The 142nd one.  There was a time she was more.  Better.  She had a name.  It was Brunnhilde.  She had a title.  She was Valkyrie, leader of the Valkyrior.

She was a fighter.  Not just someone that collected up other fighters for the money to buy more alcohol.  She had ethics and morals.  A code of conduct.  She was feared by people that would be her enemy and respected by everyone else.  She was soft too.  She let herself love.  She fell in love.  She laughed and cried and played.  She liked children and considered a day she might have her own.

That version of her didn’t last.  It had been ephemeral in nature.  Taken away when she saw her lover fall in battle before her eyes.  She had felt like she had died at that moment too.  That the sword had traveled straight though Anna and into her own heart too.  Killing them both in that one single moment.

Now she was no one and she loved no one.  It was easier that way.  You didn’t get hurt that way.  Brunnhilde had been fleeting.  Scrapper 142, the angry girl, she was here to stay.

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