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Natasha Romanoff Genfic
  It has haunted her, her whole life
Prompt:  Natasha Romanoff + Red


She had started to hate the color honestly.  It dominated her whole life.  It was a cloud that followed her and dictated her whole life.  The little red-haired girl who was picked out in the orphanage.  Raised in the Red Room to become the Black Widow.  Which on the surface level might sound like an escape from the river of red that followed her around.  Except that the defining feature of that spider was the red hourglass shape on their back.  So even when it wasn’t red, it was.

It was her hair and her lips and the place she grew up.  The color of her country and the blood that pooled in her ballet slippers at the end of the day when she had trained and trained and trained.  It flowed from the veins of the victims she was sent to snuff out.  Guilty.  Innocent.  Old.  Young.  They all bled the same red in the end.

She marked them off in her ledger.  Each name written in red ink.  It stained the paper the way the blood had stained her victim’s clothes.  She hated it.  She wanted nothing more than to wipe it away.  To escape it.  To have any other color greet her when she looked in the mirror in the morning.  To have the green in the ledger outweigh the red so it wasn’t the only color she saw when she opened it up.

That’s why when she had to run, the idea to go blond came to her.  The black widow was red.  Maybe whoever she was on the run could be a different color.  A dark green.  A blond like Yelena had been.  It might not be permanent but it would be nice to escape the red for a while.  To just for a little while be something else.

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