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Armor: An Iron Man Poem

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Warning:  None
Word Count: 183
Pairing:  Gen
Summary:  Tony always has armor on.

He always wore armor
It was what he was known for
It was painted red and gold
and made of a gold titanium alloy

His armor protected people
Not just him, but the world around
It meant he could be a shield
But it acted as a shield for him too

Everyone knew that armor
Iron Man was the hero to all
It was part of what made him, him
But it was not the only armor he wore

It was the suits he wore at events
It was the music he played when he worked
It was the shades he slipped on when he needed to talk
It was the way he kept people out

He didn’t remember when he first put it on
I had happened when he was so young
When he had no one he could rely on to protect him
He’d put the armor on and done it himself

He always wore armor
Though lately, he had felt it slip
His friends and his lover could see who he was
He hoped they’d be there to shield him

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