Iron Man Bingo Masterlist

Fills for the 2019 @iron-man-bingo

Haiku Poem – Tony Stark x Pepper Potts It’s always you

100 Word Drabble – Tony Stark Genfic Altschmerz:  n. weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had

No Dialogue – Tony Stark x Reader The light of the arc reactor makes it hard to sleep, but it just might be worth it.

Begging – Pepper Potts x Reader After a night of teasing Pepper, she takes you home to punish you. **°°

Accidental Confession – Tony Stark x Clint Barton Tony starts feeling edgy with Clint watching him work and demands he tells him why he’s there.  **°°

Fucking Machine – James Rhodes x Reader Rhodey makes you a new toy but can’t quite get it to work how he wants it to *

Remix of a Fave Fic – Tony Stark x Reader You and Tony find yourself in a place where time doesn’t work properly with no hope of escape.**°°

Science Bros: Shower Sex – Tony Stark x Bruce BannerIt took Tony a long time to get used to water again, the fact Bruce feels relaxed there helps. **

Memory Sharing – Pepper Potts x Reader As you try to fight sleep you ask Pepper about her past.°°

Iron Husbands: MIT – James Rhodes x Tony Stark Rhodey finds the competition with Tony at college to be a little bit annoying.

Mission Sex – James Rhodes x Reader  After an explosion sends you flying, the adrenaline rush you and Rhodey both feel makes it a little hard to keep your hands off each other.**

Ironhawk: Cumplay – Tony Stark x Reader x Clint Barton   You, Clint, and Tony go out together as an official coming out of your relationship.  Afterward, you can’t keep your hands off each other. **°°

Temporary Telepath – Tony Stark x Reader Tony finds himself with new powers of telepathy.  It’s kind of a drag.  So you find ways to make it a little more enjoyable for him.**

Writing in a Genre You Usually Don’t – James Rhodes Genfic When a body is found torn apart in the city, Rhodey knows exactly who did it, and it immediately becomes Avengers’ Business

Science Bros: Fake Dating – Tony Stark x Bruce Banner Tony doesn’t want to make any public appearances alone since his breakup with Pepper.  Bruce offers to go as his date

One Night Stand – Tony Stark x Reader A chance meeting with Tony Stark has him hire you to escort him to a lecture he is giving.  What you thought would just be a quick stroll through the city turns out to be a lot more.**°°

Body Swap – Tony Stark x Reader  You and Tony talk about what you’d do if you switched bodies.  *

There’s Only One Bed – Pepper Potts x Reader When Pepper’s room gets filled with partygoers, she comes to sleep with you.**°°

IronHusbands: Changing POV – Tony Stark x James Rhodes One minute your friends and the next you are so much more.  Within that minute the world stops.

College Professor Role Play – Tony Stark x Reader Accompanying Tony to a lecture at MIT makes him get a little whimsical.  You ask him to role play professor-student and that’s what you get.  

Public Sex – Tony Stark x Reader When Tony puts on his suit to give a talk, he’s putting on a persona to please a crowd.  You and he decide to take it to a new level.**°°

Amnesia – Tony Stark x Reader  Tony has forgotten what it’s like to feel loved.

Free Space – Tony Stark x Reader  The Arc Reactor is a part of who Tony is, so he doesn’t your interest in it now.

°°Full Fic
**Contains adult content