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The Pain in Serendipity – 30

The Pain in Serendipity – A Captain America Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Steve Rogers x F!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers

Rating: E

Word Count: 2817

Warnings: smut (MMF bisexual threesome, oral sex, double vaginal penetration)

Synopsis:   When Thanos snaps his fingers it takes your daughter and Steve Rogers’ first love with it.  Together you pick up the pieces, falling in love and building a family together.  Finding serendipity in your shared trauma.  When opportunity comes to bring back those who are lost comes with the risk of more loss for you both.  Is it worth taking the risk?

Chapter 30

The date night with Steve and Bucky and been perfect.  The fear that they’d take everything the wrong way had been completely unjustified.  They’d loved the nostalgia attached to each part and in a way, it gave them something that they had been missing.  It was easy enough for you to share your past with them.  You could take them to see the house you grew up in.  You had photos of your time in school and with your family.  There were ways you could share the nostalgia of your childhood with them that were easy and they could find joy in.  The same wasn’t true for either Bucky or Steve.  Sure some of the buildings were still around but the city had changed so much.  It was a rare moment that they could share something with you that was from their childhood.  That was especially so for Bucky whose memories of the time were hazy and muddled.  The date for him had been like he’d rediscovered a part of his past.

At the soda fountain when he’d had his first sip of an egg cream it was like a light had been switched on inside him.  His whole face lit up and he started talking about going to soda fountains with Steve as a kid and how they’d blow all the money they earned selling papers in one go.  Steve had been so happy to hear him, you could see the love in his eyes as he’d gently prodded him for information.

It wasn’t just Bucky that Steve looked at adoringly through the night.  Every glance he cast your way spoke of how deeply he loved you and how much the date meant to him.  It wasn’t just about coaxing these long-lost memories from Bucky.  It was about sharing a part of his life he had thought was lost with you.

By the time you arrived home, it had felt like something had shifted between the three of you.  You had been letting yourself fall for Bucky, trying to allow yourself to be open to this being a closed polyamorous circle.  You knew Steve felt better about it that way and you and Bucky always felt slightly uneasy about just sharing Steve.  It had been working.  Bucky was quiet, sweet-natured, and incessantly flirty.  You had been falling, and tonight he caught you.  Tonight it didn’t just feel like you and Bucky sharing Steve, it felt like the three of you were on even footing.  Yes, Steve was still the keystone, but you were in love with two men.

You felt like you were walking on air as you followed Bucky and Steve inside after the date.  The uber ride home had been filled with talk about the movie.  Them telling you how completely floored they had been in the cinema when the film reel had turned from black and white to color, and you telling them little tidbits of trivia like how that effect had been a cowboy switch and that a stand-in for Judy Garland had been standing in a sepia painted room dressed in a sepia dress and when she stepped out, she switched places with Judy who was dressed in color, and how the horse of a different color were horses dyed with jello crystals.

Callie, Jacob, and Alice were in the living room.  They’d made an elaborate fort and had put sleeping bags inside it.  Everyone was asleep, and the little kids looked particularly cute curled up with Callie with their stuffed toys.

“Looks like they had a fun night too,” Steve whispered.

“Our night isn’t over yet,” you said, taking his hand and leading both him and Bucky upstairs.  The three of you began to strip as soon as the bedroom door was closed and Bucky took a moment to take the card with the name and number given to him by the museum and tuck it into the frame of the mirror on your vanity.

“What’s that?” Steve asked.

“Oh,” Bucky said, turning to look at him.  Steve had already taken his shirt off and Bucky moved toward him, running his hand down Steve’s chest.  “The museum had a copy of The Hobbit that belonged to me.  Still had the inscription from my folks.  I asked them who gave it to them, and they said a family member of mine.  That’s their name and number.”

Steve took Bucky’s hand and held it in the middle of his chest.  “Are you going to call them?”

“I dunno,” he said.  “Maybe?  If it was Becca I probably would.  But this is – I don’t even know.  And maybe they don’t want to know – this -” he looked down at his cybernetic arm and flexed his fingers “- maybe they don’t know anything about me except this.  They’re just some strangers.”

Steve leaned in a little, his forehead pressing against Bucky’s.  “Being allowed into this,” he said, putting his hand over Bucky’s heart “- is an honor.  You aren’t what they did to you, Buck.  Everyone knows that.  I think you know it too, even when your mind is screaming at you that it’s not true.  I think your family will be interested in meeting you, even if it’s just out of curiosity, and if they can’t see what the rest of us do – well then you’re no worse off than you are now.”

“Steve’s right, Bucky,” you agreed, moving up behind him and resting your cheek on his shoulder.  “You know families can be made up of all different people.  Maybe yours could include your great-great-great-nephew.”

“First of all; ouch, didn’t need the reminder of how old I am,” he said, twisting so he could curl an arm around your waist.  “Secondly; I kind of hate that there are two of you now.”

“Liar,” you teased, wrapping your arms around his neck and hanging off him.  “You love it.”

“It’s true.  I do,” he said and brought his lips to yours.  He kissed you slowly and deeply.  When he pulled back he looked between the two of you and huffed.  “Fine.  I’ll call them.”

“Invite them to the festival at Luna Park.  It’s an event for strange reunited families.  You’ll be somewhere fun and casual with your new family to back you up.  If it works out you can eat corn dogs and ride rollercoasters together, and if it doesn’t, at least everyone can still have fun out.”

“That’s a good idea,” he said.  “I’ll call them in the morning.”

“Good,” said Steve, sliding Bucky’s leather jacket back off his shoulders.  “Now, we’re practically naked and you are still fully dressed.  Let’s see what we can do to rectify that.”

Bucky smirked and kissed him and the three of you resumed stripping each other – this time as a tangle of bodies slowly making your way to the bed.  Bucky lifted you when you reached it and lay you back on the mattress with your legs dangling over the edge.  He dropped to his knees, moving between your spread legs and ducking his head forward, licking up the length of your slit.

Steve climbed up next to you, so he was kneeling by your head and as Bucky lapped at your cunt, you licked over Steve’s shaft.  Steve cradled the back of your head and eased his cock into your mouth.  You moaned around it as you curled your tongue and Bucky pushed two fingers inside you.

As he worked his fingers inside you, dragging them over your walls and drawing out your wet, Steve began to thrust into your mouth.  You opened your throat and let him push in as deep as he wanted, your throat bulging each time he tested your limits.  It felt like you were crumbling between the two men.  Bucky’s fingers pressed into your g-spot, sending shards of pleasure shooting through you.  That mixed with the lack of oxygen was making you feel high and pliant.  Your toes curled and you squirmed between them.

Bucky pulled your clit between his lips and pressed inside you hard with his fingers, hitting your g-spot perfectly.  You let go of Steve’s cock with a gasp as your orgasm crashed through you and you arched up off the bed.  “Fuck!” you cried, your legs snapping closed around Bucky’s head.

Bucky laughed and crawled up beside you.  “Damn,” he said.  “You sure are pretty when you come.”

You grabbed his face and squished his cheeks. “Stop it,” you said, making him laugh louder.

“Alright, what now?” Steve said.

“I want you both inside me,” you answered quickly.

Both men’s eyebrows shot up in shock and their eyes bugged out.  “Really?” Steve asked.  “We don’t want to hurt you.”

“I want to try,” you said.  “I want to feel you both stuff me full.”

Steve stood up and grabbed the lube, slicking his cock as you shakily got to your knees.  He handed the tube to Bucky and picked you up.  You automatically wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck as he held you against him.  “We can stop at any time,” he assured you.’

“I know,” you said and kissed him.

As the two of you kissed, he slowly lowered you down on his cock.  He entered you easily due to the mixture of your slick dripping from you and the lube coating his cock.  When he was inside you as deep as you could take him, he began to bounce you on his cock.  Bucky approached you and pressed a finger against your entrance. There was a slight burn as he pushed one digit in beside Steve’s cock that increased when he added another.  The feeling wasn’t bad though and it made you needier than before.  You bounced up and down, whining impatiently and making Steve groan loudly as he tried to stop you from moving so fast.

“God, sweetheart, you’re so impatient,” he scolded.

“Can’t help it,” you huffed.  “I want his cock.”

Bucky laughed.  “It’s coming, darlin’,” he said, pulling his fingers out of you.  He moved in close you pulled your body tighter against Steve.  The stretch at your entrance was far greater than when it was just Bucky’s fingers, as he pushed in the burn felt intense and you dug your nails into Steve’s skin and whimpered against his neck.

“You okay, honey?” Steve asked.

You nodded and rocked your hips.  Bucky grabbed your waist and leaned in, kissing your neck.  “Needy girl,” he growled.  He pushed in deeper and held it there, letting you adjust.  When you relaxed and began to wriggle impatiently again, both men began to thrust.

It was intense and overwhelming having these two large men filling you and stretching you out.  You leaned back against Bucky and wrapped one arm around his shoulders so that both men were holding you between them.  As they fucked up into you, the three of you began to kiss.  The kiss moved from one person to another like liquid.  You and Steve, Steve and Bucky, Bucky and you, and back again, until your lips felt numb and tingled at the edges.  Bucky used one hand to massage your breasts, while Steve’s moved to your cunt and his fingers found your clit.

Your whole body thrummed as they brought you closer and closer to your release.  Bucky and Steve were right there with you.  The sounds you made echoed off the walls.  Your orgasm broke and you arched your back and clenched around them as you cried out with it, lights popping behind your eyes.

The clench of your walls around their cocks was enough to bring Bucky and Steve over too.  Bucky’s orgasm hit first, and he shoved up into you while your walls fluttered with your orgasm.  “Fuck…” he grunted as he spilled inside you.

Steve moaned at the feeling of Bucky’s cock pulsing against his and coating him with his come.  He kept thrusting as his cock throbbed.  You pulsed your walls, milking him, begging him with your body to come too.  Steve grunted and let your drop just enough that you were impaled on his shaft and the head of his cock hit your cervix and he came.  “God…” he moaned, his chest rising and falling with each labored breath.

Both men lifted you off them and put you into bed. They got in with you and wrapped you in their arms.  You were completely fucked out, but even in your soft, floaty state, you felt safe and loved.

“Fuck that was amazing,” Bucky said.

“Mmm… like we were all connected,” Steve agreed.

You hummed in agreement as you began to doze off, snuggling down into the covers between them more. Just before sleep took you completely you mumbled into Steve’s skin, “Just as it should be.”


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