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Plus Two – Chapter 22

Plus Two:  A Pepperony Fanfic


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Word Count:

Pairing:  Pepper Potts x Tony Stark x F!Reader

Warnings:  labor

Synopsis:  Tony Stark- Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Pepper Potts, his long-serving and overworked assistant, and you, their on-again/off-again girlfriend and lead singer of the hit band, Arctic Fire.  Three very different people navigate a world of fame, addiction, betrayal, and superheroes, while they move from having a plus one to a plus two.

Chapter 22

The cabin by the lake as you, Tony, and Pepper had been affectionately calling it, was the dream house you never realized you dreamed about.

Calling it a cabin was stretching the word slightly.  It was a log building, which was where it got the nickname cabin.  In reality, it was a two-story Cape Cod-style house with three bedrooms, and a large conservatory on one side that extended underground and acted as Tony’s lab.  The rooms were timber-lined and rustic making the lab stand out quite a bit when viewed from the inside.

A music studio had been built for you down a small garden path closer to the water than the house.  It was small but it was enough for you to be able to work on your songs without the pressure of making an album.  The strange thing was, once you moved in, it was almost like you had no interest in going in there.

Yes, you still played music and you wrote songs.  You didn’t think that part of you was ever going to go away, but being out there in the quiet with the two people you were in love with, expecting a baby, made you realize you might not be the same person you had once been.  For so long now you’d thought of yourself as a rockstar, and for a long time, that’s what you were.  It’s what you wanted.  The thought of settling down was a far-off one-day thing.  What you wanted was to have fans screaming out your name, to get drunk on tour buses, and to fuck strangers while you were high on cocaine.  It was about the music, but it was also about fame and money and partying.  It was about being recognized, and even when the recognition was negative it still meant people saw you.

Now – you still loved the music, but the rest of it just seemed like a hassle.  Given that you were an honest-to-god addict, the partying had lost a lot of its appeal anyway.  This quiet life of solitude and domesticity was like a small piece of heaven.  It was the prize at the end of the race and you relished it.  When Pepper started to talk about building a vegetable garden bed you enthusiastically went to Home Depot to get railway sleepers, soil, and seedlings.  You happily worked to both assemble the garden beds and plant the vegetables.  For the second trimester of Pepper’s pregnancy, it was rare for you to end a day without dirt under your fingernails.

When the plants started reaching the point that some were fruiting, Tony decided that the farm should have an animal.  You enthusiastically went to a local alpaca breeder and picked out a baby alpaca with him.  Tony named him Gerald and he quickly began making a meal of the vegetables in the garden.

It was strange how each day you spent with Tony and Pepper felt happier than the last.  You kept thinking you couldn’t get happier than this and then the next day you’d be even happier.  You thought that by the time Morgan arrived your level for where happiness sat would be at such an unreasonably high level that you were never going to be able to reach it again.

That day came when you were sitting on the back porch looking over the water while you played the guitar.  Tony was making a mess in the kitchen and you were pretty sure when he was done you’d be driving into the nearby town to pick up something to go.  Pepper came out through the screen door and you looked up at her feeling such love.  She was so pregnant now.  You were doing doctor’s visits every week and the last one you’d been to the ObGyn had said she expected the next time she saw Pepper it would be in the hospital giving birth.

She was radiant.  Uncomfortable.  Ready to give birth.  But radiant.  Pregnancy agreed with her.

“Honey,” she said as she stood in the doorway.  “I don’t want to alarm you, but I think I’m in labor.”

The sound you made on the guitar as her statement slapped you in the face was painful to the ear – loud and discordant and enough to make Gerald the alpaca jump away from the porch in disgust.

“What?  How?  When?” you babbled.

“I’m not sure,” she said.  “And I need you to be the calm one.  “Okay?  I don’t want to have Tony flipping out until I’m sure.  But they say to time them.  I think I’ve had two but they were hours apart.  I marked it at -” she looked at her phone.  “5:23.  So if you can just keep count.  Then when I’m sure…”

“Has your water broken?” you interrupted, tossing your guitar on the outdoor chair and jumping to your feet.  The calm person you’d tried to be throughout the pregnancy was now completely thrown out the minute as the panic of Morgan’s impending arrival struck you.  You had to put the bags in the car.  Were the bags even fully packed?  Were there enough diapers?  Were they the right size?  You think you’d packed her breast pads but what about maternity pads?  Were her favorite pajamas in there for her to wear after Morgan was born?  How long did it even take to get to the hospital from here again?  Pepper had still wanted to deliver in the city despite the fact you now lived upstate.  Should you call a helicopter to pick her up?

“Hey,” she said seriously.  “Honey.  I need my calm girlfriend.  If I wanted someone to spiral out on me I would have told Tony first.”

“Right,” you said and took a deep steadying breath.  “But has it?”

She shook her head.  “Not yet.  That’s why I’m still trying to not get ahead of myself.  Maybe it’s just Braxton Hicks.  Or maybe it’s just weird recurring indigestion.  I don’t know.  So can you just keep track of them until I’m sure?”

“Okay.  Yes.  I can do that,” you agreed.

It turned out that the attempt at keeping things quiet until Pepper was sure was a complete bust.  As soon as the two of you headed inside to see how Tony was doing with dinner Pepper’s water broke all over Tony’s shoes.

“What the hell?” Tony yelped, jumping back.  His eyes darted down to the amniotic fluid that was pooling on the floor, to Pepper’s soaked skirt, to her face, to you, and then back down at the ground again.  “Honey?” he babbled. “Honey.  Honey!  Your water broke.  Are you in labor, honey?”

“It looks that way,” Pepper said, standing and looking down at the mess.

“What do we do?  Oh my god.  Pepper!  We have to get you to the hospital!  What do we need?” Tony babbled, as frozen to the ground as Pepper seemed to be. 

“Okay, Pepper, go upstairs and take a shower.  Tony, call for the helicopter.  I’ll ring the hospital to see what they say but I think given we’re so far out they’ll probably tell us to come in,” you said.

Your calm order seemed to kick them into gear, and within a couple of hours, you were all on your way to the hospital.

When you arrived they checked you into the suite Pepper would be recovering in and checked her over.  It was a little like a hotel room.  Maybe not as nice and a little more sterile than any you usually stayed in, but maybe in the four-star hotel range rather than the five-star places you were used to.  The bed was queen-sized and the bathroom contained a large whirlpool tub.

There was a lot of hanging out in that room.  Pepper’s contractions were slow at progressing and at two in the morning they were still twenty minutes apart.  Too far apart to be useful, too close to be able to sleep.  Pepper paced a lot and you and Tony took turns pacing with her – rubbing her back whenever she had a contraction.

Taking turns might not have been the best description of it.  Tony was buzzing around like a bee continually looking for things to do.  When it was pacing with Pepper, that’s what he was doing.  If Pepper got frustrated with him, you took his place and he was sent on an errand to go get ice or coffee or some other minor thing, just because he was physically incapable of sitting still.

For fourteen hours Pepper was in labor before they let her move down to the labor ward.  It was another three before she reached transition and she was on her hands and knees swearing at Tony about how much she hated him for doing this to her.

You sat beside her using a cool compress to pat her brow.  “Okay, Virginia,” the ObGyn said.  “This is the part where you push.  When you feel the urge, go with it.”

Pepper grips your hand and for a moment you worry she might have just ended your music career.

After half an hour Morgan began to crown.  “Oh my god, Pepper,” Tony said, rubbing her thigh.  “I can see her.  She has brown hair like me.”

“Aw man,” you complained.  “I wanted a ginger.”

Pepper smacked your arm.  “Can I see?  Is there a mirror?”

One of the nurses grabbed one and held it up.  Pepper gazed at the reflection, tears pricking her eyes.  “That’s her?”

“Yeah, honey,” Tony said.  “She looks like something from a horror movie, but that’s her.”

Pepper fell back, the tears breaking.  You hadn’t seen her cry too often, and these tears were a mixture of exhaustion and joy. 

“You’re so close now, Virginia,” one of the nurses said.  “Push when you’re ready.”

It didn’t take too much longer.  First Morgan’s head appeared.  Then the rest of her slipped into the world crying and bloody.  The whole process was messy and long and you were feeling pretty glad you weren’t the one that was going through all this and grateful to Pepper for being willing to do it.

“You did it, Pepper!” you praised, kissing her forehead as she fell back onto the bed and the sounds of Morgan’s cries filled the room.  “Listen to her lungs.  We have to live with that now.”

She laughed and swatted you again.  “Stop it.  She’s perfect.”

“Which one of you would like to cut the cord?” the ObGyn asked.

Tony looked at you with big puppy dog eyes.  “Please, honey,” he pleaded.

You laughed.  “Go on,” you said.  “I’ll do the next one.”

Pepper laughed.  It sounded full of exhaustion and full of humor.  “Next one you have to give birth to.  I’m not doing that again.”

“Oh god,” you laughed.  “I had front row seats.  I’m not going to do it.”

Tony cut through the cord and Morgan was placed on her chest, completely naked and wrinkly.  Pepper looked down at her with such a loving expression.  It made your heart feel full and you reached over and ran your hand down the infant’s back.  “Might be worth it though.”

Pepper smiled, her eyes never breaking from Morgan, even when Tony moved around to the other side of her and kissed her head.  “Completely worth it,” Pepper agreed.


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