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The Tower: Happily Ever After – 46

The Tower: Happily Ever After
An Avengers Fanfic

Series Masterlist | Character Reference

Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)

Word Count: 3437

Warnings:  smut (bisexual orgy, oral sex, anal sex, double penetration, triple penetration, come play, overstimulation, light spanking)

Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover how isolating being immortal can be.  When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

Chapter 46: Celebrations

The reception for Billy and Teddy’s wedding went until the early morning.  The little ones were taken to bed by Bruce and Wanda later than they normally would stay up, but Eddie, Rory, and Lyra switched out with them an hour or so later when Lyra ended up waning due to her pregnancy.

We spent the night drinking and feasting and dancing.  Billy and Teddy could not tear their eyes off each other, even when they danced with their parents they’d glance back at the other.  They had been together for years now.  They weren’t exactly college sweethearts, but fairly close.  Yet they looked at each other with the overwhelming gaze of new love.

The bonding had deepened their connection and everything felt new and exciting while at the same time deep and familiar.  I knew the feeling well.  I felt it for all my spouses and I had every day since the bonding.  I recognized that look in their eyes.  I couldn’t have been happier for Billy and the fact that soon Rose would have this with Paul too, and maybe in the future, I’d get to see more and more of my children bond with their chosen people.

Of course, the other exciting thing about the bonding was the new powers.  Billy said he wasn’t sure what his were exactly, though he felt like he might be connected to magic more deeply than ever and that it felt like it flowed right through him from the world around.  Loki suggested he might have the powers of the Demiurge, the life force that all life in the universe came –  though they’d need to do some testing.

Teddy was now a shapeshifter.  It became quite the party trick at the reception, the children, in particular, loved getting him to change into different things for them, and he did each change with ease.

By the time we returned to our bedroom, the twins were asleep, and we were completely buzzed.  We all stripped naked as we made our way up the stairs to our bed and as we all crawled onto the mattress, people formed little groups.  I wasn’t even this conscious decision to start sex, we were all just feeling excited and affectionate and wanted to be close to each other.

The little groups they formed were predictable.  They all still sought out their favorites even after all this time.  Clint, Natasha, and Wanda had formed a little trio, as had Sam, Steve, and Bucky, while Bruce and Tony were in a pair between them.  Thor and I surveyed the group and he tsked as his large palm ran over my ass.

“Always playing favorites,” Thor said.  “I think you and I need to mix things up, my life.”

I smiled and kissed his cheek, loving the idea of pushing them to have with each other what Thor and I had with all of them.  “I’m gonna take Clint to Bruce.  You take Tony to Sam.” 

“That sounds like an excellent start,” Thor said and pulled me into a searing kiss.  I pressed my body tightly against him so my tits squished up against his chest.  He pulled back and smiled at me, his eyes twinkling.  “Off you go,” he said and spanked my ass.

I moved to Clint, taking his hand and guiding him away from Natasha and Wanda.  He looked back at them like a child being dragged away from a playground and we approached Bruce as Thor was taking a rather more enthusiastic-looking Tony with him.  As we reached Bruce, Clint’s eyes lit up. “Oh, we’re defiling Bruce? Okay then.”

Bruce laughed.  “I think I was defiled a long time ago, Clint,” he teased.  “But I’m very happy that you’re as excited as I am.”

Clint laughed and pounced on Bruce, knocking him back onto the mattress. He kissed Bruce passionately, the scientist laughing into Clint’s lips as he reached out to me.  I took his hand and he dragged me into the pile and both men turned on me, Clint capturing my lips as Bruce kissed my neck.

Bruce kissed his way down my body as Clint and I kissed passionately.  I tangled one hand in Bruce’s curls and the other I gripped Clint by the back of the neck.  When Bruce reached my pussy, he pushed my legs apart and ducked down between them.  Clint trailed kisses down my neck to my breasts and I hummed as I looked around the room.  Thor had  Sam sitting between his legs and leaning against his chest.  As the two men kissed, Tony kneeled between both their legs and sucked Sam’s cock.  Natasha, Steve, Wanda, and Bucky had formed a daisy chain, each going down on the other.

Bruce began licking up my folds, tonguing slowly at my clit as he slipped a finger inside of me.  He wasn’t trying to make me come.  Not yet.  We were in for a long game and he was just warming up.

Clint moved down lower, tugging on my nipples with his lips before kissing down my stomach.  When he reached Bruce he didn’t stop, continuing to kiss down Bruce’s spine and moving behind him.  He grabbed the lube, and as Bruce fingered me, Clint started to finger him.

I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing and the sound of the room.  Moans were coming from all around me, echoed by the ones I made each time Bruce tongued my clit or pressed his finger against my g-spot.

He slowly brought me to the edge of release and then suddenly pulled his fingers away.  I whined and opened my eyes.  The groups around the room were the same, but now, Wanda was riding Steve while Bucky fucked Natasha beside them, and Thor was fucking Tony while Sam fucking him in a train formation.

Bruce positioned himself above me and smiled down into my eyes.  “Hey, El?”

“Hey, B,” I hummed.

He leaned in and kissed me and sunk his cock into my cunt.  I moaned and arched my back, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and pressing myself as tightly as I could to him.  Clint moved up behind him, slicking his cock as he pressed it against Bruce, and ever so slowly, he eased into Bruce’s ass.

Bruce mewled, pressing his forehead against mine, pushing in deeper, grinding deep into me, his crotch grinding onto my clit.  I moaned and squeezed him inside me as I looked into his eyes.  “Feel good, B?”

“Feels amazing,” he agreed.

Clint started to move slowly fucking into Bruce and with each thrust forward, he pushed deeper into me.  I kissed Bruce passionately, my lips moved against his, taking our breath away.  I rolled my hips, countering Clint’s thrusts, and ran my hands up Clint’s arms.  He took my hands and pressed them down against Bruce’s back and leaned down and kissed Bruce’s neck.

Bruce whimpered and shuddered between us.  “Getting close, B?” I whispered.

He nodded his head and clenched his teeth.  “Yes.  I’m close.”

I slipped my hand between us and began to finger my clit, bringing myself to the edge with him.  Clint began fucking Bruce faster, which in turn made Bruce thrust into me faster too. Each thrust was shallow and erratic and I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure coiling in me.  My orgasm broke, washing through me and I arched my back and cried out with it.  The clench of my walls brought Bruce over too and he jerked between me and Clint as he released inside me.

“God…” he groaned, his body laying heavy on top of me as his cock pulsed inside me.

Clint slipped out of Bruce and ran his hands up the other man’s back.  “Come on, Brucie.  Let’s go mess with Bucky and Nat.”

Bruce let out an exhausted laugh and pecked my lips.  “Love you, El,” he said.

“I love you too.  Go.  Have fun,” I said with a laugh.

He climbed off me and I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to where Tony was.  “Come on,” I said.  “Let’s play with Wanda.”

Tony laughed and followed on with me.  Wanda was detangling herself from Steve as I reached her and she started giggling.  “I feel so special,” she said, crawling over to meet us in the middle of the bed and kissing me.

We kissed as we both stayed on all fours and Tony took the moment to run his hands over both me and Wanda. Caressing our backs and massaging our tits.  Wanda started to nudge me back and I let her guide me so I was lying down in the middle of the bed.  There were groups on either side of us.  Bucky was lying on his back beside us, with Bruce riding his cock and Natasha on his face, while Clint fucked his ass.  On the other side of me, Natasha was on her hands and knees between Thor and Steve – Thor fucking her pussy while Stever fucked her mouth.

When I was on my back she straddled my face and lowered herself down so her face was in my pussy and immediately began to eat me out.  I returned in kind, lapping at her clit and pushing my tongue up into her.  I could taste Steve on her and pushed my tongue into her as deep as I could to collect up his come.  Tony moved up so he was kneeling at my head and teasingly tapped his cock at Wanda’s entrance. “Elly, you gotta make room for me.”

I giggled and pulled my tongue out of her.  As I slipped out, Tony pushed in. I pushed my tongue up against his shaft, licking him as his cock disappeared inside of Wanda.  Wanda moaned loudly, losing focus on me for a moment.  When he began to thrust, Wanda began to focus on me again.

I licked from Tony’s base to Wanda’s clit and back again, humming softly as warmth spread through me.  I could already tell Wanda wasn’t going to last.  The stimulation was too much for her even without the fact she was also feeling everyone else in the room.

I felt the warm buzz of her powers running over my clit even as she licked it and I smiled into her cunt at her determination to bring me over with her.  I could tell she was getting close though.  Her legs trembled and she started to whimper.  I guess Tony sensed it too because he pulled out suddenly and pushed his cock down toward my mouth.  I opened my mouth and he began to fuck my throat.  I relaxed and took it.  The taste of Wanda’s cunt, Steve’s come, and Tony’s precome mixed together making me moan loudly and arch my back under Wanda.

Tony returned to fucking Wanda again and I went back to licking her clit.  We edged each other just like that over and over – Wanda trying to get me off with her powers but then stuttering out as she got close and then Tony pulling out of Wanda just before she came.  Four times I was brought right to the edge of my release before Wanda was able to bring me over.  I moaned and shuddered under her, completely losing focus on what I was doing.  My orgasm seemed to signal to Tony that it was time to let Wanda come, although maybe it was just that my orgasm had overwhelmed her and dragged hers over with it.  Either way, Tony began thrusting harder and faster into her and she came, shuddering over me, her fluids running down Tony’s shaft and dripping into my mouth.  Tony’s hips began to stutter even as he picked up his pace and with a hard thrust and grind of his hips he came.  As Tony pulled out, his cock dragged a small stream of come with it, and I opened my mouth and drank it down, swallowing the heady mixture of my lovers.

Wanda climbed off me and the three of us huddled for a moment, kissing from one person to the next.  A moment later we were separated when Sam took my hand and led me over to Natasha, Steve came and grabbed Tony’s wrist, and Wanda went to join Thor and Bruce.

Natasha and Sam bracketed me on either side and we kissed from one person to the next until my lips felt numb and then Sam nudged me forward, while Natasha lay back on the bed.  I crouched down between her thighs and began licking at her pussy.  It was puffy and overstimulated and I knew it wouldn’t take much for her to come.

The same was also true for me though, and as Sam sunk into me, I mewled and arched my back like a cat as a wave of hot pleasure washed through me.  Sam spanked my ass.  “Come on, princess, get back to work.  Eat, Nat’s pretty pussy.”

I whined and shoved back on his cock, before dropping my head back down and returning to tonguing Natasha’s clit.  I looked up at her and watched as she gazed up at Sam, arching her back and squeezing her tits like she was putting on a show just for Sam. Sam spanked my ass again, making me clench around him.  He groaned and gripped my hips and began to fuck me hard.  “That’s my girls,” he praised.  “God, how’d I get so lucky?”

“Mmm… I don’t think it was luck,” Natasha hummed as she squirmed under me.  “I think you drew us all in.”

I smiled into Natasha’s pussy and pulled her clit between my lips.  It made her gasp and buck up under me.  I pushed her hips down and eased two fingers inside her.  She moaned and began to writhe under me as I curled my fingers and stroked them along the ridges of her cunt.  Sam ran his hand up into my hair and gripped it, pushing me down into Natasha’s cunt.

The three of us moved and writhed together, Sam fucking me hard, while I licked at Natasha’s clit and fucked her with my fingers, and Natasha lay in front of us both bucking her hips and playing with her tits.

Natasha’s orgasm hit first, her legs slammed closed around my head as she cried out and thrust up into her face. I felt like I’d been knocked senseless.  I pulled back with a gasp and shook my head to clear it.

“Sorry, Mishka,” Natasha said.  “That was a good one.”

I couldn’t answer, my head had dropped down into her lap and I was panting, my cunt fluttering as my own orgasm was nearing.  Sam wrapped an arm around me and rubbed my clit quickly, and with a sharp cry I came, my whole body shaking with my release.

Sam slipped out and I let myself lie down for a moment, breathing heavily.  I was feeling spent, but I knew there were still Bucky, Steve, and Thor.  I knew they would let me tap out if I needed to.  I also knew that I didn’t want to tap out at all.

Thor approached me and scooped me up into his arms.  “One last one, my queen?” he asked.

“Mm-hmm… I hope you’re all close,” I hummed.

He chuckled deeply.  “Oh, I am sure we all are.”

Bucky was already lying on his back at the edge of the bed, lubing up his cock. Thor placed me down on top of him, so I was straddling his waist and looking down into his eyes.  “Hey, darlin’,” Bucky teased as he looked up at me in my completely fucked out state.  “You’re about to be very full of cock, I hope you’re ready for it.”

I hummed softly and ground down on his cock.  “I want it so bad.”

“Such a greedy girl,” Bucky teased and he guided his cock inside me.  I hummed and began to slowly bounce on his cock.

Steve moved up behind us and pushed me forward so I was pressed up against Bucky’s chest.  “Ready for us?” he said, leaning over me and whispering in my ear.

“Always,” I moaned.  “Please, Steve.”

Steve pushed his cock down on Bucky’s and eased inside of me. I moaned, but as I tried to drop my head forward, Steve grabbed my hair and held it back.  “Feel us both,” he growled.  “You know how much we love being inside you.  You’re the only one that can take us both.”

“Feel so good, Stevie,” I moaned.

Bucky thrust his hips up into me with a grunt.  “Fuck, I love that.”

Steve kissed down my back and sat up making room for Thor.  Thor moved behind me and began to finger my ass as Steve and Bucky slowly fucked me.  “You are being very pliant, my life,” Thor praised.  “You must be excited about this.”

“I am,” I hummed.  And I was.  Though I was also very apprehensive.  I’d done this before but these were the three biggest men in the group and I was about to be stuffed full of them.

I was also completely fucked out and relaxed.  It didn’t take long until I’d had my first orgasm, and not much longer after that before Thor had three fingers in my ass as he was moving them in and out easily as Bucky and Steve languidly fucked me.

Thor took his fingers out and wiped them clean.  He got up and slicked his cock well.  Steve sat back to give him room and Thor straddled me.  He lined his cock up to my ass and slowly eased in.

I mewled and buried my face in Bucky’s neck.  It felt like I was going to be split in two.  Bucky pushed a hand into my hair and kissed the top of my head.  “That’s it.  Just relax.  Fuck, doll.  You feel so fucking tight like this.”

“Yeah well, there are three huge dicks in me, what do you expect?” I snapped.

Bucky started laughing but Steve spanked my ass.  It made me cry out and clench around them “Be nice,” he scolded, though his voice was strained.

I whined and the three men began to fuck me.  Thor pulled me back up toward him a little and Bucky leaned up on his elbows and pulled one of my nipples into his mouth and suckled on it.

I was only vaguely aware of what was going on around me.  Natasha was with Tony and Bruce, while Wanda, Clint, and Sam had formed a trio, but what they were doing with each other I had no idea outside of the bliss I was feeling projected to me through the threads we shared.  I was lost to the pleasure and pain that were swirling through me, blending together so it felt like it was going to tear me apart.  I was full to breaking and I couldn’t adjust to it.  Each thrust was countered by someone pulling out and I sagged between them, my eyes rolling back as I just gave myself to it.

I came again and again until I wasn’t sure where one orgasm ended and the next began.  It became its own torture.  I felt like putty between them.  A toy to be filled.

“I’m close, baby,” Bucky whispered.  “Just a little more.  You’re fucking amazing, Elly.”

His words seemed to both ground me and send me spiraling off into another orgasm.  I shuddered over him and he jerked up into me suddenly coming with me.  Our orgasms seemed to set off a chain reaction.  As Bucky’s cock stilled, Steve jerked suddenly, spilling inside me.  I could feel it mixing with Bucky’s and Bruce’s, filling me up.  Steve and Bucky slipped out and the mixed ran down the insides of my legs, and I moaned and tensed up squeezing around Thor who was still fucking my ass.

His hips began to stutter and with a roar he came, releasing right into my ass.

I was completely shattered by the time he was slipping out of me.  Everyone else seemed to already have mostly finished and Natasha came over and began cleaning me up as I slithered off Bucky.  Bucky wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled up against his chest and Wanda crawled over and spooned me from behind.  I knew there was more shifting around, and that the others were talking, but I was too out of it to know what they were saying.  I fell asleep against Bucky, happy, exhausted, and thoroughly spent.


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