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The Pain in Serendipity – 27

The Pain in Serendipity – A Captain America Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Steve Rogers x F!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers

Rating: E

Word Count: 2381

Warnings: smut (MMF bisexual threesome, accidental voyeurism, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex)

Synopsis:   When Thanos snaps his fingers it takes your daughter and Steve Rogers’ first love with it.  Together you pick up the pieces, falling in love and building a family together.  Finding serendipity in your shared trauma.  When opportunity comes to bring back those who are lost comes with the risk of more loss for you both.  Is it worth taking the risk?

Chapter 27

A month after coming to Steve with your proposal that he could be with both you and Bucky, the house had begun to settle into a new kind of normalcy.  Work was slowing down now that there was a legal ruling regarding custody, and you were mostly working on running support groups for both parents who had now lost their adoptive children and the ones having to come to terms with missing five years of their children’s lives.  Sometimes you still needed to play mediator, but it was only to help families who wanted to work together to give a child the best possible outcome.  You were less stressed, and you weren’t needed as much.

Steve was home more too.  He had said he would retire from Avenging and so far he’d been good to his word.  He was leaving the world-saving to other people.  In the meantime, he ran his support groups and he’d petition the government about changes he didn’t think were right, like the custody arrangements of children who had had their parents blipped and the revoking of citizenships for people who had moved countries during the five years where half the world was gone.  The kids were in school.  Work had started on a two-bedroom annex out the back of your house for Callie and Jacob.  It felt like you were getting back to a normal life.

You still missed Isabella.  You missed her every day and every day you wished her parents would come to some realization that what they were doing was not for the best.  You would email them periodically, asking how she was, but you never received a reply.  It was going to be a grief you always carried with you. The way you carried your husband with you still.

Life went on.  It always did.  Whether you wanted it to or not.  With it always came change and with many of the awful gutwrenching changes in your life, there were good too.  One good you had not expected at all had been Bucky.  Even when you had suggested the two of you sharing Steve you hadn’t expected to see Bucky as any more than the competition.  Now that it was happening, that wasn’t how you saw him at all.  He was quiet, and sometimes he was downright grumpy, but he was amazing with the children – and he was kind.  He had this dry and dirty humor that was so different from Steve.  He was different from Steve in a lot of ways.  He was cleaner and he could cook.  He was slightly less impulsive than Steve and yet somehow clumsier than Steve.  Almost like he’d consider carefully whether he should step on the rotting plank of wood before he decided that yes it was a good idea.  Occasionally you would picture what he and Steve must have been like back before the war had taken so much from them.  When Bucky was happy and carefree and didn’t carry the years of torture and mind control with him, and Steve was sickly and fighty and felt he had to prove himself to everyone.  The original odd couple connected by a love that both shared but neither wanted to admit.

He had quickly made himself part of your family.  Family dinners were cooked together smoothly moving around the kitchen with each other, and then eaten at the table with the whole group, including Callie.  You’d have family movie nights and you and Bucky would snuggle into Steve on the couch while Callie took the recliner and the kids sat on the floor together with their toys and a big bowl of popcorn.  It meant that a few days a week you would sleep on the couch and some you might be crammed into a bed that wasn’t quite big enough for three adults.  You didn’t care.  You were happy, the kids had accepted the change readily and it was working.

There was no schedule for who spent the night with Steve.  It wasn’t like everyone was always up for sex, and Steve wasn’t some faucet either of you could turn on or off at a whim.  If one of you was particularly needy you spent the night with Steve.  If you both were or he was, all three of you would be together.  Sex happened when it felt natural and somehow it was working.  Like there was a natural flow between all three of you that had all of your needs met.

The fact neither you nor Bucky had walked in on each other having sex with Steve was some kind of miracle.  Which made it all the more surprising when you went into the bedroom to change into your pajamas and you found Bucky sitting on the bed, leaning back on his hands while Steve kneeled in from of him, sucking his dick.  Bucky’s shirt was open and the angry red scarring at his shoulder was just peeking out from under the fabric.  His muscles were pulled tight, highlighting his abs, and once your eyes fell to them, there was a trail of hair that drew your eyes down, the back of Steve’s hair blocking the treasure that it led to.  Steve was still fully dressed, but his t-shirt hugged his broad back and each time he moved his head up and down, his muscles strained against the fabric.

The sight of them sent a shiver down your spine, flooding your cunt and making your panties damp with your arousal.  You were so mesmerized that for what felt like a lifetime you stood frozen in the door.  When your brain finally kicked in gear and you realized you weren’t supposed to be witnessing this, you stumbled back, banging into the door.  “Shit,” you cursed.  “Sorry.  Didn’t know… just wanted to …”

“Hey,” Bucky said, as Steve looked around startled by the commotion. “It’s okay.”

“I guess I got sucked into that movie.  I’m sorry.  Can I just get my pajamas?” you babbled.

Bucky held out his hand to you.  “Come here,” he said.

You hesitated for a moment and Steve looked up at you with such a hopeful expression that you couldn’t resist.  You closed the door and took Bucky’s hand.  He guided you to sit next to him as Steve went back to sucking his cock.  You couldn’t take your eyes off Steve – the way his head bobbed up and down on Bucky’s cock – the way Bucky’s thick shaft disappeared down Steve’s throat so easily.

Bucky tilted your head up to look at him.  “He looks good like that, huh?” 

“Mm-hmm…” you hummed.

“Bet he looks just as good with his head between your legs too,” Bucky said.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread on your lips.  “Oh, he does.” 

Bucky pulled you into a kiss.  It was fierce and heated, and not at all what you expected from the first real kiss you shared with him.  You parted your lips and licked over his bottom lip.  He brought his tongue out to meet yours and they danced together.  Steve had frozen in place, looking up at you with Bucky’s cock still held in his mouth.  Bucky reached down and pushed Steve’s head down, guiding him up and down on his shaft.

That act alone made your stomach coil tight and your pussy flood.  You ran your hands into Bucky’s hair and tugged on it as Bucky slipped a hand between your legs.  You spread wider for him, letting him palm your cunt through your pants.  You suddenly felt very overdressed.  You broke the kiss with Bucky and pulled off your shirt.  Bucky looked you over with darkened eyes, and his breath hitched.  “Stevie… you might wanna get up here,” he said.

Steve pulled back and climbed up on the other side of you.  He started kissing your neck and massaging your tits as Bucky kissed down your collarbone.  Your head fell back and your eyes fluttered closed.  This was not how you expected this to go either.  Not that you had expected a threesome with Steve and Bucky exactly, but you had thought about it and it was always Steve getting attention from you and Bucky, not you in the middle of a super-soldier sandwich.

Steve unhooked your bra and as soon as he slipped it off, Bucky had latched on to your breast.  You moaned and leaned back against Steve.  “Oh fuck…” you breathed, as Bucky’s tongue curled around your nipple.

It felt like there was a thunderstorm happening under your skin.  The crackle of electricity surged just below the surface, making your whole body buzz and your hairs stand on end.  Bucky’s tongue circled over your nipple and he pulled back to look at you. “Can I taste you?”

Your voice caught in your throat and you nodded your reply.  Steve pulled you up into his lap and Bucky pulled your pants down and off.

“I love you so much,” Steve whispered as he sucked on your throat.  “Thank you.”

You leaned back and captured Steve’s lips, just as Bucky ran his tongue up your slit.  The simple movement made your legs tense and your hips buck up.  Bucky put his hand on your thighs to hold you down.  His flesh hand was scalding while his metal hand was ice cold and you hissed through your teeth, breaking the kiss with Steve.

Bucky lapped at you greedily, messy and unfocussed.  He was a starving man at a buffet, tasting everything he could reach.  It was just enough to light every nerve on fire, but not enough to send you careening over the edge.  You whined and squirmed and tried to push up against him.  You tangled your hands in his hair and pulled him down against you.  “Focus, Bucky,” you whined.

Bucky’s shoulders shook as he laughed into your cunt.  “You better get to it, Buck.  The lady knows what she wants,” Steve teased.

You leaned back and kissed Steve, smiling into his lips as Bucky began to focus on your clit.  His tongue worked over the little bundle of nerves with a practiced expertise that for the briefest of moments made you wonder how he’d even learned the skill.

The thought was quickly pushed from your mind as a sharp bolt shuddered right up your spine making your core muscles clench down hard.  As Bucky quickly brought you to the edge, Steve undressed, tossing his clothes aside so they scattered around the room.  When he was naked – or enough for his needs – he pulled you up into his lap and dropped you down, so his cock slid deep into your cunt.  Bucky had chased you with his lips, his tongue working over you as you were yanked away from him and impaled on Steve’s cock.  As soon as he’d bottomed out inside you, you came.  Your whole body arched up as you cried out and shuddered around Steve’s cock.

Bucky pulled back with a hum and wiped his mouth.  “Fuck… I forgot how much I like doing that.”

He got up off the bed and dragged Steve down to the edge, with you on top of him.  “Jesus, Buck,” Steve cursed.  “You could have asked.”

“You love it,” Bucky said, pushing him back against the bed.  He grabbed a tube of lube and squeezed it on his cock.  Steve raised his legs boxing you in between them as Bucky moved up to you. “Next time, I wanna fuck you too.  If that’s okay with you,” he said.

“There will be a next time?” you asked.

“Yeah.  I hope so.  Lots of them,” he said and kissed you.  As your lips connected, Bucky eased his cock into Steve’s ass.

Steve groaned and gripped your hips, arching his back under you and pushing his cock deeper still.  The sting as he hit your cervix made you mewl into Bucky’s mouth.  The sharp pain mixed in with the pleasure you were feeling made your head feel foggy and soft.  You rolled your hips as Bucky started thrusting into Steve.  Steve gasped and for a moment he couldn’t seem to be able to figure out where he wanted his hands.  He gripped the sheets and grabbed Bucky’s wrists.  He moved them to your hips and then settled with one on your breast and the other wrapped around you and rubbed your clit.

Your eyes rolled back in your head as you started to lose control. Your whole body was a live wire and you trembled in Steve’s lap as he brought you closer and closer to your release.  Bucky kept thrusting into Steve as he kissed your neck and collarbone.  The sounds Steve made under you were almost enough to push you over on their own.  He was moaning and gasping and letting out soft mewling sounds as he completely fell apart under the two of you.  His fingers started to stutter on your clit and you pushed your finger down on his.  It sent you spiraling over, and you shuddered over them, collapsing into Bucky’s chest as your orgasm rolled through you.

Steve’s wasn’t too far behind.  The way your cunt spasmed and clenched around his cock sent him over too.  He thrust hard up into you as he released, thick ropes of semen filling you.  Bucky continued to thrust and each time he drove into Steve it made him jolt under you, adding to the little shockwaves from your orgasm.

You wrapped your arm around Bucky and reached between his legs, massaging his balls and perineum.  It was enough to send him over and he groaned as he came into Steve’s ass.

“Fuck…” you sighed as you slithered off Steve and crawled up into bed.

Steve moved up next to you and Bucky flopped in on the other side of Steve.

“We are going to need to get a bigger bed,” Steve said.

“You just want us both in here every night,” you teased as you cuddled into the crook of his arm.  Bucky was doing the same on the other side and Steve smiled down at the two of you.

His hands smoothed down each of your backs and he relaxed back into the pillows.  “I love you both so much,” he breathed.  “So can you blame me?”


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