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The Tower: Happily Ever After – 44

The Tower: Happily Ever After
An Avengers Fanfic

Series Masterlist | Character Reference

Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)

Word Count: 1917

Warnings:  smut (FFM Bisexual threesome, oral sex, vaginal fingering, vaginal sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism)

Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.  When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

Chapter 44: The Bachelor Party

The day before Billy and Teddy’s bonding the boys had a joint bachelor party, much the way we did all those years ago.  We had planned to attend for a little while and leave before things started getting silly so they could let go without their parents cramping their style.  We were acting as the babysitters for the kids anyway.  Sarah and Paul had them for a few hours and then we’d come and swap out so they got to join in the fun.

They were celebrating in the feast hall which had been decorated so that rather than resembling the formal Asgardian dining room, it looked like a club back on Earth.  Or at last, an Asgardian-themed club back on Earth.  There was a bar set up on one side, and couches sat around the outside of the room with small tables.  The middle of the room was set up as a dance floor and Loki had even enchanted a light to give off a mirror ball effect.  Tony had set up a PA system and Eddie was acting as DJ for the night.  Friends and family had been brought in from Earth, including Teddy’s parents, and it was set to be a fun night.

When we arrived, Teddy and Billy were already decorated with the start of their Henhalda, and seeing the artwork up their arms and neck brought me right back to when I was lying on the bed and Katveil was painting me.  Coincidentally, Katveil was there when we arrived, having a drink at the bar with Tommy.

I went and greeted the boys first, kissing each on the cheek, before running my thumb down Billy’s neck where I could see the Henhalda poking up under the collar of his shirt.

“Mom, that tickles,” Billy complained, flinching away from me.

I couldn’t help but laugh but dropped my hands.  “Seeing it just reminded me of when I was bonded.  Who did the work?”

“Kat did,” Billy said.

“She did?” I squeaked excitedly.  “She did mine too!”

“I know,” Billy said.  “She told me.  And let me tell you, it’s pretty weird having your brother’s girlfriend painting around your junk.”

I couldn’t help but snort.  Teddy nudged him and laughed.  “At least you don’t have a tiny little old man doing it.”

“I think it’s amazing.  Like things are going around full circle,” I said, patting his shoulder.  “And tomorrow you’ll do your spirit walk and you’ll be bonded forever.”

“Yeah,” Billy said, wrapping his arm around Teddy’s waist and leaning up and kissing the taller man’s cheek.  “It’s going to be so great.”

I loved how much they loved each other and I knew that tomorrow I was going to be crying like a baby.

After I’d let them go talk to some of the other guests, I circulated a little, spending time catching up with Katveil and Tommy.  They seemed so happy and in that new love period that was full of excitement and a list of firsts that still hadn’t been met.  Contrasting that with Billy and Teddy who had already met so many firsts but who were going to have a major one tomorrow, and even me and my chosen people, who had done so much together but kept finding new things out – it was gorgeous to see and made me feel happy deep down into my core.

It was Bruce, Wanda, and I who left the party first.  Me for breastfeeding reasons – Bruce and Wanda because parties still weren’t really their thing.  When we arrived back at our chambers Rose and Paul barely waited for us to settle in before taking off, happy to have a night off from the kids.  Zak, Piper, and Flynn were already in bed, the spare room having been turned into a blanket fort and all three were snuggled inside with a big pile of stuffed animals.  Ziggy and Anna were still up but looking very sleepy.  Completely ready for bed, but waiting for their grandpa Bruce to read them a bedtime story. I kissed them goodnight and went into the nursery with Wanda to feed the twins.

“Tomorrow is going to be so wonderful,” Wanda said as she helped me get them both in a comfortable position to feed them.  “We’ll have all the little ones here when we wake up and then when everyone’s dressed and ready we’ll go down to watch our son bond with his soul mate.”

“I know,” I said, as I rocked quietly with the babies.  “We’re very lucky people.  They seem so ecstatic.”

Wanda took a seat on one of the sofa chairs and the vulparev both jumped into her lap.  She began to stroke them gently and play with their ears.  “I can’t wait to see their finished outfits.  I had a lot of fun helping choose things.  The fabric on Billy’s is so nice.”

“I’m excited too,” I admitted.  “And seeing Ziggy and Anna give them away.  It’s going to be amazing.”

Wanda hummed and closed her eyes.  “I didn’t think I’d ever want to move to Asgard.  It was so different to back home.  And I grew up poor.  This is such a big change, but – I love it, Elly.  I feel so happy here.”

“Me too,” I agreed.  “There was a false start with me and the post-partum.  But I feel like I’m really home.”

Wanda smiled, her whole face lighting up.  “Exactly.”

When the babies were both milk drunk, we put them into bed and tucked them in, their vulparevs curled into their sides.  Wanda and I made our way back into the bedroom and changed into nightdresses and climbed up the stairs into bed.

“I thought B would be here before us,” I said as we curled up together.

“Those two little rascals are probably making him act out the story,” Wanda giggled.  “They know exactly what buttons to press to make their grandparents fold like cards.”

“We’re all a bunch of soft touches,” I giggled and kissed her lovingly. 

She responded immediately, wrapping her arms around me and pulling herself up tight against me.  It took me a little by surprise, but I quickly melted into it. Her leg moved between mine and she slowly bunched up the skirt of my nightgown.  I sat up and pulled it off and she did the same, and we quickly returned to kissing each other.

I pressed my breasts against her and ground down on her thigh.  We heard Bruce arrive and I looked up and smiled at him as he stood a little nervously at the side of the bed.  Wanda continued to kiss my neck and her hand ran down my stomach to my cunt.  “Oh – uh – sorry.  Did you want me to come back?”

I giggled and held out my hand.  “No, my loves.  You’re always welcome here.”

He licked his lips as he watched us.  “Can I watch for a little while first?”

“Of course,” I said.  “Enjoy the show.”

I tilted Wanda’s chin up to face me and we returned to kissing and grinding down on each other.  As I felt myself become more wet and needy, I began kissing my way down her body.  I paused at her breasts, squeezing them together and licking over her nipples.  She gasped and jerked under me, rutting her hips against my waist, smearing her slick on my skin.

“Elly, oh god, Elly,” she whimpered.

I tried to pull both her nipples into my mouth at once and then went from sucking one to the other.  She continued to hump the air under me like she was trying to find something to grip on to.

As I began to kiss lower, I glanced back at Bruce.  He was watching on with darkened eyes, his fist pumping up and down his slicked cock.  I smiled at him and turned my attention back to Wanda, kissing down her stomach and between her legs.  She spread them for me and lifted her hips needly.  I couldn’t help the soft laughter that slipped from my lips and I smothered the sound by latching on to her pussy and sucking at it greedily.

The strong heady flavor of her arousal coated my tongue as I pushed it inside her and lapped up over her clit.  She mewled, bucking her hips and grabbing my hair as she tried to push me down onto her cunt.  I focused my tongue, pushing it up under her clitoral hood and flicking it over the tiny bundle of nerves hidden under it.  As I did, I reached under me and spread my labia with my fingers for Bruce to see.

He let out a guttural groan and the bed shifted behind us.  As he moved closer the dip became less, and when his hands gripped my hips, they were the smaller calloused hands of Bruce.  He slid his cock up and down my folds and with a hard thrust, he entered me.

I moaned loudly into Wanda’s cunt, and she tugged on my hair, trying to get me to focus as Bruce began fucking me from behind.  I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment as I adjusted and returned my focus to Wanda.

I pulled her clit between my lips and flicked my tongue back and forth over it.  I could feel both Wanda and Bruce’s pleasure seeping down to me through the threads we shared and it deepened mine, making my cunt clench around Bruce’s cock and draw him in deeper to me.  Wanda flicked her fingers and a ball of energy vibrated down my spine and settled on my clit and suddenly I lost all sense of self.  My hips bucked and my legs trembled as jolts of pleasure surged through me. Every moan and gasp I made was echoed by Wanda as she felt what I felt.  I came hard, shuddering around Bruce’s cock and her orgasm followed directly on after it.

I was determined to make her feel just as good as I felt.  I thrust two fingers inside her and curled them, dragging them down the ridges of her cunt, again and again, drawing her slick from her and licking it up.  When I hit that soft spot inside her, she cried out and bucked her hips up, and squirted on me. The ball of energy intensified and spluttered out, sending me over too.  I cried out as came, squeezing around Bruce’s cock.

Wanda pulled me up toward her and I collapsed down on her stomach, my ass popped up in the air as Bruce kept fucking me.  “That’s it, Elly,” Wanda cooed.  “I’ve got you.”

Bruce groaned, and his hips began to stutter and with a loud moan, he released inside me.

As his cock stilled he slipped out and fell back on his heels and all three of us just stayed like that, breathing heavily with dopey smiles plastered on our faces.

“We made a bit of a mess,” Bruce said.

Wanda giggled.  “Blame, Elly.”

“I usually do,” Bruce chuckled, and I couldn’t help laughing.

“Okay, go get me some sheets and I’ll change them,” Wanda said, patting my back.

Bruce and I got up and hurriedly grabbed a fresh set of sheets and Wanda used her magic to change them.  We were all changed and in fresh bedding when our drunk spouses started to return, and we all cuddled up in a big pile, excited for what tomorrow was going to bring.


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