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The Tower: Happily Ever After – 39

The Tower: Happily Ever After
An Avengers Fanfic

Series Masterlist | Character Reference

Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)

Word Count: 3404

Warnings:  smut (MF vaginal sex)

Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.  When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

Chapter 39: The Battle for Asgard

The day started in such a nice way, there was no way I could have guessed how it would end up.

I got to sleep in again and woke to Steve wrapped around me snoring softly.  It was strange for a couple of reasons.  First; because I’d fallen asleep sandwiched between Tony and Wanda who were both feeling extra cuddling the night before.  The second reason was that Steve never slept in.  I think I could count the times Steve was awake after me in the past forty-odd years on one hand.  He was usually up with the sun, and even on the days that he decided to stay in bed and snuggle he was still awake doing it.

If it weren’t for the threads I would have worried he was feeling sick or that something was wrong.  I could feel how relaxed he was though.  How close to waking and how content he was in his dream.  It made that soft sleepy feeling I had waking up even nicer and I moved in closer to him, pressing my cheek against his chest.

His arms tightened around me and he curled in more, pressing his cheek against the top of my head.  I was completely engulfed by his body as he slept.  While he slowly woke beside me I checked the threads to the others.  We must have well and truly slept in.  Thor and Bucky were already in a council meeting.  The others were scattered around the place.  In the lab or having breakfast in the dining room.  Wanda and Sam were out in the garden with the little ones.  The only people that gave me anything to worry about were Rebecca who was down patrolling the border and had a slight fearful feeling sent back to me which I put down to her being over the western farmland, and Riley who was in the city and seemed only slightly worried about something.  Neither felt strong though, so I knew I was okay where I was and no one needed me.

As Steve started to wake he hummed and squeezed me a little tighter.  “Good morning, sweetheart,” he hummed, pressing his lips to my forehead.

I looked up at him with a soft smile and brushed his hair back from his forehead.  “You slept in late.”

“Mm… the twins woke up.  Teething I think,” he said.  “I was up with them for a few hours.”

“What?” I asked, pulling back from him.  “How come I didn’t notice?”

“It was one of those fateful moments,” he joked.  “I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back they were both whining.  Got them out of the bedroom before the breakdown.  Didn’t see any reason for all of us to get no sleep.”

“You sweetheart,” I hummed and leaned in and kissed him deeply.

He pushed his hands into my hair and rolled on top of me.  I spread my legs and wrapped my arms around him, welcoming his weight on me.  He rolled his hips, grinding his cock on me so I could feel him hardening against me.  He kissed down my body leaving a little trail of hickeys to my breasts.  By the time he was nipping at my nipples through my bra, I was soaking for him.  He reached behind me to take it off and I caught his hands.  “Can I leave it on?” I asked.

“Of course, honey,” he said and kissed me again.  “I pushed his pajama pants down and he wriggled out of them, kicking them away from him.  When his hips next rolled forward his cock caught on my entrance through the fabric of my panties and he pushed part of them inside me with the tip of his cock.  I gasped and arched my back in shock.

“Sorry,” he sheepishly chuckled and quickly moved to pull my panties down and off, when he moved back on top of me, I was so wet and he was so hard he just slipped inside.  We both moaned as he filled me, and I pulled him back into a deep kiss.

It was exactly what I wanted to give to him – the slow lazy lovemaking of two people who knew each other’s bodies like the backs of their hands.  The base of his cock rubbed against my clit.  A warm buzz spread through my body and seemed to run between us.  I ran my hands over Steve and his muscles rippled under them and he’d moan even louder against my lips.

As I felt him getting closer through the thread that joined us, he broke the kiss and pressed his forehead against mine.  “I love you so much,” he said as he looked into my eyes.  His eyes looked soft and blissed out.

I cradled his jaw with both my hands.  “I love you too.”

His hips sped up and I slid my hand between us and rubbed my clit to bring myself along with him.  I focused on the feeling from the thread – letting his pleasure feed mine.  As Steve’s orgasm hit and he pushed his cook as deep into me as he could go, mine toppled over with it and I mewled and arched up off the mattress. 

He rolled over, keeping me inside him, so I was lying on top of him like a blanket.  I went to slip off him and he put his hand on my ass.  “Wait,” he said.  “I want to get really sensitive.”

I smiled and let my head fall on his chest.  “Whatever you need, my love.”

I squeezed my walls around his softening cock and he let out a soft mewling sound.  I smiled and kissed his cheek.  “You’re turning me on all over again,” I whispered.

He smiled.  “Mmm… probably don’t have time for that now.  But I am really looking forward to you taking control of me.”

We stayed joined for a little longer and then got up to take a bath and get dressed.  We were both about to head down to the dining room when Wanda came in with the twins who were both fussing.  “Sorry, sorry,” she said.  “They want to breastfeed and they’re really tired, and I need to go back to the other kids.”

“Hey, it’s fine.  No problem,” I said, taking Thour from her.

Steve took Nova and kissed Wanda’s cheeks.  “We got a nice sleep in.  There’s nothing to apologize for.”

Wanda thanked us both profusely and I took a seat and Steve helped me get the twins latched.  When they were both feeding well Steve stretched and looked around.  “I’ll go get something for us to eat here.  Be back soon.”

“Thank you, honey,” I said.

Steve had barely been gone five minutes when I started feeling full of cold dread.  The babies started whining and both pulled off and started wriggling in my arms.  “Yeah,” I said, putting my breast away and getting up with them held against me.  “I don’t like the feel of that.”

There was a thud against the door and both the vulparev turned to face it with their hackles up and growling, and the babies went deadly silent.  The fear I was feeling was intense.

I was no stranger to fear.

In my childhood, my fear response was always to freeze and fawn.  I would beg my dad not to hit me.  I’d cry and plead and promise I’d never do it again.  But when you’re subjected to that for a long over-and-over things change.  The fawn died off for me over time.  And then the flee kicked in and I ran.

Since meeting my new family my fear response changed again.  It became more fight and that was what I was feeling now.  I didn’t care what came through that door, I would fight to protect my babies with my life.

I decided I’d try barricading myself in the bedroom because at least then I could put the babies in their crib safely but I’d just turned to go when the door blew in.

A man with full Asgardian armor strode in.  He was old but he still looked incredibly strong.  His black hair fell to the middle of his back and he had a mustache that was just as long.

The vulparev jumped forward and did something that I can only describe as hulking out.  They howled and as their bodies swelled and grew, the howl deepened.  When they had stopped growing their shoulders reached my chest and they had bulked out considerably.  The whole process was so fucking surreal it seemed to knock the fear right out of me because all I could think was I’d just found the animals Pokemon were based on.  Looking back on it, I think that completely ridiculous thought was what saved me.

Icy lunged forward and shot out a blast of freezing air trapping the man in a wall of ice. It quickly started cracking as he fought his way back out.  Inky turned back to me and tried to take Nova from me.  I instinctively moved him away but Nova reached out for him silently.  I’d never seen a baby look as scared as Thour and Nova looked right now.  I hoped to god they were too young for this to stick with them for long.

“Okay,” I said, holding Nova out to him.  Inky carefully grabbed the infant’s clothing and Icy did the same to Thour.  “Take them to Thor.  Do you understand?  To Thor.”

Inky slowly blinked at me and a strange black hole opened up in front of him and they both jumped through taking the babies with them.  I hoped to god that Loki was right and they would take care of them.

I turned back to the man who was rapidly breaking free from the ice, my iron suit bled out to cover me and I held my hand out as I called for Mjolnir.  “Who the hell are you?”

“How things have changed,” the man said, his voice dripping like venom.  “Does Asgard forget so easily? I am Cul Borson.  Oldest son.  God of fear and rightful ruler of Asgard.”

“If you think for one second me or my husband would let you rule this realm or any other, you have another thing coming,” I growled.

“You think a cur such as you can stop me,” he growled. “You aren’t even Asgardian.  You are no god.  The fact you are even allowed to sit on the throne is an insult to my line.  I’m glad you left that door open for me to come through.”

He smashed out of the ice and I turned a repulsor on him and blasted him back through the door.  As he pulled himself out of the rubble Mjolnir flew into my hand and I became charged with the power of Thor.

“How is it that you wield the power of a god?” Cul asked, taking the large broadsword from his back.  I felt a strong wave of fear hit me, but I shook it off, charging at him and launching myself in the air.  I struck him in the middle of the chest with Mjolnir and he flew back again, taking out another wall.

As he got to his feet again Steve, Thor, Bucky, and Sarah all appeared from different ends of the hall.  Bucky immediately recoiled and something happened to his features – they darkened and his eyes seemed to become empty.

“Uncle, who let you out?” Thor asked, holding out his hand and calling Mjolnir back into it.

“Why don’t you ask your wife?” Cul sneered and ran at him.

A battle broke out in the hall, drawing more people to it.  Bruce, Mar, and Tony showed up.  As did Riley, Rebecca, Billy, and Tommy.  Loki, Sif, and the Warriors three all joined the battle bringing with them an army of guards, and when Cul was knocked out into the front courtyard, the Valkyrie joined the fight.

I managed to take a moment to find the others via the threads.  Everyone was safe and those not in the battle were protecting the children.  Yet those in the battle were a mess.  Bruce was completely gone and for the first time since the bonding, it was just the full rage of the Hulk, his need to protect Bruce in full play but unfocused.  He was attacking anyone that came near him.  The others were all terrified too.  They were overthinking every move they made.  And Cul was strong.  Stronger than anyone we’d ever faced.  Even being directly hit with the full force of Mjolnir was just barely knocking him back.  We needed Wanda but she was with the babies and out of her mind with fear.  I could feel it permeating through the threads.

As the battle progressed Cul transformed into a giant serpent, smashing through the castle grounds.  It was only through the combined efforts of a frantic Hulk, Thor, and the Valkyrie that they were able to keep it contained.  I felt helpless.  Even with the suit, I had no idea how I was supposed to fight a snake that was multiple stories high that just radiated fear.  All I could do was try and keep it contained while the heavy hitters engaged with it.

Thor flew up landing on its head and Riley dropped down from the sky impaling her sword right into its head.  It screamed, shattering windows and making us all cover our ears.  Yet, while it screamed Thor slammed Mjolnir down on the hilt of the sword, lighting running straight through it as he hammered the blade into the serpent’s head.

Cul returned to his true form.  Despite the blow, he barely looked injured and we all regrouped.  I somehow managed to gather Thor, Tony, and Loki together amidst the battle, while Steve used his shield to keep the fight away from us.  “I knew that door being left open would come to no good,” Loki hissed at me.  “How do you mortals even manage to wipe your asses?”

“Brother, now is not the time.  I have not seen our uncle since I was a small boy and I still have nightmares about it.  We need to get him out of here,” Thor said, his hand was trembling and I could see Mjolnir was beginning to weigh him down, as the tendons in his arms pulled tight trying to lift it.

“How aren’t you scared right now, Elly?” Tony asked.

“I am,” I said.  “But I’ve been more scared and got over that.” I turned to Loki.  “Can you open a portal to the door?  If Tony and I use our suits together we could trap him, send him through it.  That should work right, honey?  Your biotech with my tech-tech?”

Tony looked around wildly.  “Yes… yep.  I think so.”

“Okay, Loki,” I said.  “We’ll catch him – you open a portal, Thor, go through first and open the door.  Tony and I will send him straight into it and hopefully, we can get back out.”

“Oh great,” Tony said.  “Another portal I have to go through without knowing if I’m coming back.”

“I’ll save you, baby,” I promised, tapping my gauntlet-covered hand on his biotech-covered shoulder.  “But what’s the plan here?  Kill him or capture him.  Odin couldn’t kill him and he was much more bloodthirsty than any of us.”

“Okay, okay.  We can do this,” Tony said.

I looked at Thor who seemed uncertain and he was straining to lift Mjolnir.  I withdrew the armor on my arm and wrapped my hand around his, easing the weight of the hammer and letting his power flow from me to him. “You can do this, Thor.  This is your home and your family and I know you’d never let anything happen to any of them.”

Mjolnir suddenly got lighter and he nodded.  “Of course.  Loki, go.”

We all moved out from behind the shield Steve had formed.  Cul was currently beating Riley, Rebecca, Sif, and Brunnhilde back.  The women were holding their ground as best they could but they were succumbing to the fear that was being pushed on them.  Tony and I rushed Cul, both hitting him hard with repulsor blasts as we flew full pelt at him.  “Synergy, we need to immobilize him.  Can you …?”

“I heard,” my AI replied.  When I got close to the fallen body of Cul nanites shot out of my suit and began binding him.  Tony moved close and did the same until he was completely encased in a metal tube that was a blend of purple, red, gold, and silver.  “Let’s go,” Tony said, grabbing hold of a handle on one side.  I grabbed the other and we blasted forward to where Loki had opened a portal, following Thor through. 

Cul struggled in his binding, but each time he broke through it, it closed around him again.  “What is this sorcery?” he cried.  “You can’t do this to the true Alfather!”

“Yeah?  How about you watch us, buddy?” I shouted.

Thor dragged the stone door open and we shot through it.  Rather than coming out in the same place like Sam did the day we discovered it, we appeared in what looked like a large cave filled with blue lights.

“Let him go on three, then back,” Tony shouted.

“No!” Cul screamed.  “You can’t do this to me!”

“One!” Tony shouted.

“I’ll have your heads!”


“You are nothing but worms to me!”


We let Cul go, retracting our nanites so he flew across the space and crashed into the wall.  We both turned quickly and shot back to the doors.  “Stop!” Cul roared, scrambling to his feet and taking chase.

Tony made it through the door first and I came through just on his heels.  “Close it, Thor!” I shouted.

Thor heaved the door closed and for a moment it stuck, Cul reaching it and struggling against it on the other side.  Tony and I wheeled around, hitting the door full force and shoving it back.

It clicked into place and there was a flash of light as it sealed itself closed again.

“You did it, my life,” Thor said as I landed back beside him.

“We did it,” I said, letting out a breath and letting my suit recede into my earrings.  Thor smiled and pulled me into a deep kiss.  As his lips moved with mine, I finally relaxed and let myself feel all the fear that I’d been holding at bay.  My legs almost gave way underneath me.

Loki cleared his throat.  “Excuse me, my queen,” he said.  “We have a bit of a Hulk problem out here.”

“Oh shit,” I said, pulling back from Thor.

Synergy reacted immediately, spilling out over me and taking off through the portal.  It wasn’t hard to find Hulk.  He was smashing the side of a building while Mar and Steve tried desperately to reason with him.  I landed beside them and withdrew my suit.  “Mom, you should get back.  He’s still caught in it,” Mar yelled.

“I know, honey,” I said, touching their arm reassuringly.  “I know where he is.”

I approached Hulk slowly wrapping my fingers around the thread that joined us.  “Hulk, honey.  I’m here now.”

Hulk turned and roared at me, but I didn’t flinch.  He huffed and backed up.  “Where is it?” he growled.

“Gone.  I’m here now.  It’s gone and I’m here to help you take care of Bruce,” I said, holding out my hand.  “He’s safe.”

He shook his head and I tugged on the thread, pulling Bruce forward.  “Honey.  You know me,” I said.  “You know what I’ve been through.  I’d never put Bruce at risk or the kids.  Look.”

Hulk looked around and seemed to notice his family for the first time.  The battle was over and everyone looking at him in concern.

The shift was sudden, shrinking down in size, and dropping to his knees.  He wrapped a large green hand around me and drew me to him.  “I haven’t felt so scared in so long,” he whispered.

I hugged him and carded my fingers through his hair.  “I know.  We’ve got you.”

The others moved in, putting their hands on him and caressing his skin.  Thor placed a hand on my shoulder and looked down at me.  “You saved us twice, my queen.”


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