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Small Gods: First Cup – 7

First Cup:  A Clint Barton Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Clint Barton x F!Reader

Rating: E

Word Count: 1203

Warnings: none

Synopsis: Clint Barton has a coffee addiction.  One day that addiction brings him to The Elysian Fields coffee shop where he meets you.  Soon Clint feels like his addiction isn’t just caffeine-based.  But things are not as they seem.  With a store that only appears under certain conditions, no customers, and a dog the size of a Dire Wolf, Clint isn’t sure there’s not more going on with you and he isn’t sure how to figure out if his feelings are real or just a side effect of his addiction.

Chapter 7

Clint was excited.

Tired – yes.  He’d gone all day without any caffeine and he’d started to get withdrawal shakes.  But mostly – he was excited.

Having clarity about how he felt about you was like having a weight taken off his shoulders.  There was still the fear and apprehension of new love and a future that he always expected to fuck up.  There was still the extra added pressure of the fact you were a god and he was just a regular mortal guy.  Yet, even with all that, he was going out to dinner with you and he knew he was in love.  He wanted to do the hard stuff because he knew he loved you and you were worth every potential struggle that could pop up.

He had dressed up, putting on a charcoal grey suit with a purple tie.  He didn’t exactly feel comfortable in it – suits weren’t his thing, but he’d booked a table at a particularly fancy restaurant because he had wanted to make this special.  The discomfort he felt in the suit only exacerbated the nerves he had, but part of him knew it would be okay – he was going to see you.

As he walked down the street he saw you step out of the shop with Hati on your heels.  You looked incredibly cozy in a calf-length black coat that tapered at your waist and then flared out like a ball gown.  You wore it over jeans and combat boots and you had a purple travel mug clutched in your hand.

Clint called out to you as you locked the shop behind you and you turned to him, your whole face lighting up.  “Clint!” you said, hurriedly locking the shop and jogging over to him.  When he reached you, he wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled into your neck.  You held him with one arm as you held your cup out away from him.

He’d missed this.  The warmth of your body and that nutty, coffee scent that clung to your skin.  You kissed his cheek and he tilted his head brushing his lips over your jaw.  You seemed to pause a moment, your eyes fluttering closed, and then you brought your lips to his.  It was like a first kiss all over again, soft and passionate and full of desire and expectation.

There was a deep growl from below and you pulled back and looked down at Hati.  “I might have had to ignore you two canoodling while I was pretending to be a dog, but don’t  think I won’t gut you both now.”

“Aww,” you said, crouching down and ruffling Hati’s fur.  “Such a big scary beastie.”

Clint didn’t know if he should be worried for you or not, but even though Hati rolled his eyes, his tongue lolled out and he raised his head so you had better access to his neck.  “Alright, off you go, fuzzy.  Go try and catch the moon.”

“Hopefully I catch it tonight and we can finally end this charade,” Hati said with another eye roll and he turned, trotting off in the opposite direction.

You stood back up and held out the coffee to him.  “For you.”

“Thank you, honey,” he said, taking it from you.  “You didn’t need to do that.”

“I know, but I can feel your caffeine withdrawals from here,” you teased and ran your hands down the lapels of his jacket.  “And look at you.  You dressed up for me.  Am I underdressed?”

Clint swallowed a mouthful of coffee and held out his hand to you.  Yours slipped inside his and you linked your fingers together.   “You look perfect,” he said.  “I’m probably overdressed.  I just wanted to make the effort.  I’m serious about us.”

“Yeah?” you asked as the two of you began walking in the direction of the restaurant.  “Even with the fact that I’m a god?”

“Well, you’re a coffee god,” Clint said.  “So it’s almost a selling point.”

“Have you thought about the long term?  I’ve never been in a long-term relationship before.  I don’t know if I can have kids.  I’ll outlive you,” you said.

“The way I’m going, most people will,” Clint joked.  “I get it if you don’t want to risk losing someone you love, but I want to try this with you.  There are other ways to have kids if you want them.  Do you?”

You smiled and nodded, your eyes dropping to the ground as you turned a little shy.  “I’ve been an observer in life for so long.  It would be nice to experience it for a change.”

“The way I see it,” Clint said, lifting your hand to his lips and kissing your fingers.  “Every couple faces all these problems.  I’ve been married before.  We tried having kids and couldn’t.  We went through a bunch of shit we never imagined could happen.  No one goes into dating someone and expects they’ll have to face losing them one day, or kids dying, or someone being kidnapped or hurt, or someone being paralyzed or comatose – or any of the terrible things that can happen in life. You just don’t.  It’s always a risk and you have to decide if a person is worth the risk and if the amount of good you can have with them will weather the bad.  I know it’s early for us – I don’t want to rush it.  I always rush it, but I think you’re worth taking the risk.”

You had stopped walking and Clint turned to look at you with a smile on his face.  You gazed up at him with a look of such love, it made Clint’s heart stutter.  “I think you’re worth the risk too,” you said.

He leaned in and kissed you.  Your arms wrapped around his shoulders and your hands threaded into his hair.  He took his time, enjoying the feel of your lips against his, soft and warm and just a little wet.  You hummed as you leaned into him more so that your bodies were pressed firmly together.  He still had the coffee cup in his hand and he pressed it against your back so that he could hold you as best he could.  Gradually, and slightly unwillingly the two of you pulled apart and Clint pressed his forehead against yours.  “Besides,” he said.   “We already know some of the things we have to worry about, so we’re already ahead of most couples.”

You laughed and gave his ass a playful spank.  He grabbed your hand and the two of you began walking again.

“You’re kind of a sap, Clint,” you teased.

“Don’t let it get out,” he said.  “I have to keep my attractive and cool persona out there.”

You laughed and bumped him with your hip.  “Your secret is safe with me.”

The two of you walked in comfortable silence for a moment, content with this being the start of something potentially really good.  When you reached the restaurant, he grabbed the door and pulled it open for you.  “Ready?” he asked.

You smiled at him and nodded. “For whatever is thrown at us.”

He laughed as he followed you in, knowing he felt the same way.

END  ~ 

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