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The Tower: Happily Ever After – 38

The Tower: Happily Ever After
An Avengers Fanfic

Series Masterlist | Character Reference

Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)

Word Count: 2691

Warnings:  smut (FFF threesome, oral sex, vaginal fingering, very brief lactation, wanda using her powers)

Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.  When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

Chapter 38: Looking for Trouble

After Thor had come to tell me about the vision he’d had that I’d save all of Asgard, I became like a dog with a bone.  I became obsessed with the idea that I was supposed to save my new homeworld, but as Thor hadn’t seen how it happened, just the celebration after the fact, I needed to know why.  Every time I went out flying, either in my suit or with Brunnhilde on the winged horses, I’d circle in over the farms on the west where that feeling of fear was still lingering.  The space that held it had neither grown nor shrunk in months and yet no source for the disturbance could be found.  While it wasn’t growing, it was intensifying.  Guards were swapped out on the half-hour now and would come away pallid and shaking.  Wanda and Billy both refused to go there anymore, and the few times Natasha and Bucky had gone, they’d slipped into dark states that took days for them to lift themselves out of.  Steve had ended up banning them from going to check it out too.

Even from the air, the fear clawed at me.  It dragged me back to my childhood when I was hiding from my dad, hoping his temper would ease back before he found me but knowing that the longer I hid the worse his temper got.  To when I ran away from home and was living in the streets and it got so cold I thought I was going to freeze right through.  To when Giulietta had taken me and was using me to get to Tony and I thought she was going to leave me disfigured as a gift to the man she was obsessed with.  To the time when I was pregnant and my family had all panicked and I thought I would lose them.

It was an unpleasant feeling and yet I kept getting drawn to it.  It was strange, maybe the threat wouldn’t even come from there, but something told me it was and I was determined to draw it out.

“Your majesty,” Brunnhilde called out, her voice almost being drowned out by the rush of air around us.  Agadis had started throwing his head around and kicking out, his nostrils flaring as the fear clawed at him too.  “As much as your fascination with this place is so entertaining for me, your husband will kill me if you’re thrown from that horse and they’re both getting very agitated.”

“Okay, okay,” I relented and nudged Agadis away from the zone of influence.  He let out a loud whinny and took off as fast as he could, his wings beating hard enough to bruise my thighs, the speed making my eyes water.  Brunnhilde shot past me on her steed and I let her lead us both back to the stables of the Valkyrior.  When we landed she dismounted and was at my side before I even had a chance to swing my leg over Agadis’ back.

“You need to let this obsession go, Elly,” she said as I climbed down.  “It will do you no good.”

“Thor had a vision,” I argued but she quickly cut me off.

“A vision of you being heralded for saving Asgard.  Not of you sniffing around that spot every day.  Whatever dark force is there – and it is so familiar I can taste it – it doesn’t want to be found.  Know who you are.  You aren’t the person who goes looking for danger.  You’re the person who protects the people you love.”

“You’re right,” I agreed.  “I just hate knowing something bad is about to happen and feeling helpless to stop it.”

“Ahh but you aren’t helpless,” Brunnhilde said.  “You are going to save us.  It has been seen.  Now go back to your family.  What are you even doing here?  Rebecca said you were finalizing outfits for the bonding ceremony.”

“You’re right, you’re right,” I said with a huff.  “Okay, I better get back.  I’m sure I’m already missed.’

“I’m sure you are,” she agreed and looked around at the other Valkyrie.  “Rosseveissa!” she shouted and whistled.  “Can you escort the queen back?”

“It’s fine,” I said, not wanting to be a bother.  “I can use the suit.”

“It’s no trouble,” Rosseveissa said, sidling over to us.  “Sarah will be there, correct?”

I laughed softly and Brunnhilde shook her head in disbelief.  “Okay, you can walk me back.“  I turned to Brunnhilde and held up my arm like I was holding out a shield.  “Thank you for going out with me.”

“Of course, your highness,” she said and bumped her forearm against mine.  “I, of course, live to serve the throne.  And Elly, we should get drinks sometime.”

“I’d love that.  Tomorrow?” I said.

“Tomorrow it is.”

I started heading back with Rosseveissa and Brunnhilde called after us.  “Stay away from that place, Elly!  And Rosseveissa, no dawdling!”

“I don’t suppose she’ll buy that the queen told you to stand guard for a while?” I asked as we made our way back to my chambers.

Rosseveissa laughed and shook her head.  “Not a chance in Hel.”

When we reached my chambers the room was in chaos.  Everyone was there including Loki.  The babies were in a pile of fabric offcuts.  Thour was pulling pieces on top of her head while Nova was playing tug of war with Inky using a piece of gold cord.  The other smaller children were all sitting in a circle with Pietro who was showing them how to sew them into soft toys.  Flynn, Zak, and Piper all had wide bone needles with dull ends and thick bits of twine that they were sewing in big messy stitches, while Ziggy and Anna were both using fine needles and their toys were looking a little more like animals than shapeless blobs.

Mar and Tony were both currently behind changing screens and everyone else was comparing fabrics and notes.  It was noisy and wonderful and I was a little annoyed that I’d gone out and missed the start of it because of my weird obsession with a threat that hadn’t happened yet.

And I wasn’t ready yet.  I smelled like horse and my hands were covered in dirt.  I needed to bathe before I even touched a sketch or a piece of fabric.  “There you are, honey,” Sam said, looking over at the two of us as Rosseveissa beelined over to Sarah.  “We were thinking about sending out a search party.”

“Sorry, sorry,” I said.  “Time got away from me.  I just need to wash up.  I’ll be here really soon.  Sorry, Billy.  Sorry, Teddy.”

“It’s fine, mom,” Billy said.  “There’s plenty of us here to get through and yours is already in the final alteration stage.”

“Okay, I’ll just be a bit,” I said.

As I left the room Natasha and Wanda gave each other a look and I was just taking off my clothes in the bathroom when they both appeared at the door.  Natasha shooed away the attendant and when she was gone, she closed the door and folded her arms as she looked at me.

“You went out there again, didn’t you?” she said.

I nodded.  “Thor said…”

“Thor said you were going to save Asgard not to hang around that place,” Natasha said.  “Did you forget what it did to me and James?”

“I remember,” I said as I slipped into the water.  “It hasn’t done that to me.”

Wanda began to undress as she approached the tub.  “It is affecting you though,” she said.

“And,” Natasha continued.  “You’ve already had a long depressive episode this year, do you really want to risk another?”

I sighed and sank under the water so just my mouth and nose were above the surface.  As I stayed there with my eyes closed, avoiding the lecture they both seemed to want to give me, I heard the water slosh loudly as they both got in with me.

Natasha’s hands moved up my thighs and ran up to my hips.  I lifted my head and looked at her.  “I forgot it was you the kids learned that pretending they can’t hear you trick from.”

“No,” I pouted.  “That was from Clint.  I also learned it from Clint.”

She laughed and moved behind me, kissing my neck. “Honey, you know we want what’s best for you.”

“I know,” I said.  “But I’m your wife, not your daughter.”

“No one is trying to treat you like a child,” Wanda said, moving up close to me so I was boxed in between both women.  “We just want to make sure nothing bad happens to our wife.  Every time you come back from there, it feels like you’ve regressed.  It’s not good for you.  If that’s what the issue is, and you’re destined to fix it, let it play out.  No matter what happens, Thor has had the vision.  It is going to happen.  I can’t – I don’t want to have to hide from you because you’re projecting so much fear.”

I let out a huff and ran my fingers along her hip gently.  “Okay.  Okay.  I won’t go there anymore.  Why did you both get in the tub with me?  Trying to bribe me into agreeing with sex?”

“No,” Natasha said.  “But it’s harder to have a conversation like this when the two ones being demanding are clothed and the one on the defensive is naked.  Besides -” she skimmed her hand under my breast, skimming it around my areola.  “You’re more receptive to criticism if you have positive physical touch.”

“Perhaps because when you grew up it was always accompanied by negative touch,” Wanda suggested.

Tears pricked my eyes.  Part of me wanted to rail back against them both for being manipulative, but the much bigger more rational side that apparently responded better to positive physical touch realized this was more a sign of how well they knew me and how they’d adapted to treat me in a kind way where I wouldn’t immediately go on the defensive.

“Oh, hey now, Elly,” Wanda said, cuddling up to me, so her breasts were pressed against mine.  “It’s alright.  We aren’t trying to manipulate you into agreeing to us.”

“Elise,” Natasha said, pulling back.  “You don’t think we would…”

“No… no, I just -” I sighed and shook my head.  “No, not really.”

“Okay good,” she said and tilted my head back to her.  “But you won’t go out there again?”

“No,” I agreed.

“And we’re good?” she asked.

“Yes,” I promised. “Very good.”

“Good,” she said and brought her lips to mine.

As we kissed, Natasha leaned me back so my tits were out of the water and Wanda latched on to one of them.  I moaned into Natasha’s lips as I felt the draw of milk down into Wanda’s mouth.  Wanda flicked her wrist and the water began to glow pink as her powers engaged.  I felt them swirl around my hips and then settle on my cunt sending a hot buzz right through me.  I moaned louder and Natasha pulled back from the kiss.

“How about we take care of Wanda as she takes care of us?” Natasha suggested.

“Mm… sounds good,” I hummed.

Wanda pulled back from me a little and Natasha moved to her, lifting her to the edge of the bath and spreading her legs.  Wanda lay back on the tiles arching her back and lifting her hips and Natasha and I moved between them, both of us running out tongues over her pussy, dancing our tongues together as we flicked them around her folds and over her clit.

As we did Wanda kept wiggling her fingers beside her, the pink of her powers dancing over them and spreading over both Natasha and me.  My eyes fell closed as every part of me buzzed thanks to Wanda.  It felt like she was using her powers to tug on my nipples and pinched my clit and at the same time, they buzzed hot against them.  My legs began to tremble as pleasure surged through me.  What Wanda did to me and Natasha created a feedback loop to her and soon her fluids were running down her cunt and smearing on the tiles.  I’m not sure if she nudged us to do it, or we just had the same idea at the same time, but Natasha and I both brought our fingers to her cunt and we each eased one inside her.  We moved them together curling them and fucking her with them.  I hit Wanda’s g-spot and Natasha pushed her finger down on top of mine.

Wanda cried out and her powers began to stutter.  We kept moving our fingers over that sweet spot as our tongues danced on her clit.  All at once, her powers died out and then flared out hard as she came, gushing on us both.  The flare of her powers knocked the breath out of me and set me over so quickly and so intensely I was pushed back into the water and I shuddered in it, mewling loudly.

I was only even vaguely aware that Natasha had come too and when I looked over when I started coming down from my orgasm high she had the same blissed outlook that I had.

“You are both terrible influences,” I giggled as I swam to the edge of the tub.  “I was supposed to have a quick bath.  Not get my mind blown.”

Natasha chuckled.  “No reason you can’t have both.”

“But you are right,” Wanda said, as she sank into the water again.  “We should hurry up and finish up.  Sam’s already thinking about coming in and checking on us.”

I giggled.  “God, we’ll never get out of here if he comes in.”


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