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Small Gods: First Cup – 5

First Cup:  A Clint Barton Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Clint Barton x F!Reader

Rating: E

Word Count:  1978

Warnings: nothing

Synopsis: Clint Barton has a coffee addiction.  One day that addiction brings him to The Elysian Fields coffee shop where he meets you.  Soon Clint feels like his addiction isn’t just caffeine-based.  But things are not as they seem.  With a store that only appears under certain conditions, no customers, and a dog the size of a Dire Wolf, Clint isn’t sure there’s not more going on with you and he isn’t sure how to figure out if his feelings are real or just a side effect of his addiction.

Chapter 5

Clint stood in the middle of The Elysian Fields coffee shop blinking between Stephen  Strange and Hati.  The huge wolf-like dog was stalking toward the Sorcerer with its hackles raised and seemingly growing larger with each step.  Strange had two glowing disks around his hands and he held them up like shields.

Clint was more confused than he had ever been.

“…why exactly are you housing a Warg?” Stange asked as Hati began to growl.

“Hati!” you shouted, stepping forward and pressing your palm on the giant dog’s head.  “What are you doing?  Stand down!”

“What do you mean warg?  He’s a dog.  We went to the dog park together,” Clint said.  “Strange calm the hell down.”

“Calm?!” Strange said.  “There’s a demonic wolf in here!”

“He’s not demonic.  Lower your spells!” you shouted.  “You came in here! He didn’t come to you!”

Natasha put her hand on Stephen’s shoulder as Clint edged his way closer to you.  “Aren’t Wargs Asgardian?  Maybe you could bring Thor here?” Natasha suggested.

“Good idea,” Stephen said, turning on the spot.  He pressed his palms together and opened his arms wide and a portal opened into the kitchen of the Avengers’ tower where Thor was making himself a large sandwich.  As Stephen opened his portal, Hati growled and tried to dart past him.  Stephen acted quickly, casting a blocking spell that knocked the wolf backward with a yelp.

“What the hell?!” Clint yelled as you ran to Hati’s side.  “Why have you come here on the attack?  I just wanted help finding my girlfriend!”

The large wolf slowly got to his feet as Thor stepped through the portal, looking around the room with an expression of pleased confusion.  “Nephew?  What is happening?  Why are you here?”

Clint felt like he’d stepped into a fever dream.  There was magic and something about Asgardian dogs and now Thor was here saying someone was his nephew but who he was talking to Clint had no idea because there was no one in the room that could possibly fit the description of Thor’s nephew.

Then Hati spoke.  “Uncle – step out of the way so I can tear out that wizard’s throat.”

The sound was strange.  Deep and gravelly and the letters were slurred – almost like he had trouble forming the shapes to make the correct sounds.   But they were words.  The dog Clint had gone to the dog park with and had slept in his house had just spoken – clear as day.

Clint’s jaw dropped open and he pointed at Hati.   He tried to form words.  To ask what the fuck was happening right now.  To ask how the fuck had he gone so long without knowing  Hati could talk.   How the hell Hati could talk in the first place.  Instead, everything went black.

Clint shook his head as he came too.  His head hurt and his bed was uncomfortably hard, but he definitely didn’t want to wake up.  Waking up sucked.  The world made no sense.  At least his dreams were meant to make no sense.

“Clint -” your voice cut through the haze of fog around his mind.  “Clint.  Honey.  Can you hear me?”  Your hands carded through his hair and cradled the back of his head.  It made his scalp tingle pleasantly and he hummed and leaned into your touch.

“Mmm… just five more minutes, honey,” he hummed.

“Clint,” you said.  “Honey, can you open your eyes?”

He grumbled in complaint and shook his head, but even still his eyes cracked open.  He immediately regretted it.  He was lying on the floor of the coffee shop and you, Natasha, Strange, Thor, Lucky, and Hati were all peering down at him.  The memory of everything that had led him to pass out flooded back and he groaned and covered his face.  He draped his arm over his eyes and sighed.  “Fuck I hate magic.”

Lucky barked happily and licked his face and you pushed the golden retriever aside and carefully helped Clint to his feet.  “Alright – everyone.  Do you think we can have a truce to work this out?  I’ll make coffee, we can have some pastries and talk it over.  Alright?”

“I think that would be a very good idea,” Natasha said, giving Strange a warning glare.

No one said anything while they took their seats around the coffee table at the fireplace.  Hati sat as far away from Thor as he could get, and kept his eyes trained on Strange, the corners of his lips were curled up, exposing his long canines.  As everyone went to the couch, you went to the espresso machine and began making coffees.

“Did you call Hati your nephew?” Clint asked Thor as he rubbed the back of his head with his palm.  He was still questioning if any of this was real – which was saying something because Clint had seen some weird shit.

“Yes – well I am his great uncle really.  My brother – he is a shapeshifter and he met another shapeshifter.  He sired some children with them.  This is the son of the wolf Fenrir.  Hati Hróðvitnisson,” Thor explained.  “I have not seen him in many years.”

“I’d like to not see you now,” Hati growled.  “Should feast on your innards.”

“You’re welcome to try,” Thor said, pulling out his hammer.  “It would be the first time I’ve had to discipline you or your father.”

Hati’s hackles went up and he started growling.  “Hati!” you scolded.  “Not in here! You promised!”

Hati grumbled and lay down slowly, like an old man with painful joints.  “Since when can he talk?” Clint asked, gesturing wildly at the wolf.

“I could always talk,” Hati growled.

Clint shook his head and groaned.  “I hate this.  What is going on?”

“I’d like the answer to that too,” Strange added.

“Okay.  I promise, I’ll answer all your questions, just – just can we relax?  Neither Hati nor I have done anything to deserve this aggression,” you said.  “Just calm down would you?”

Everyone fell silent as you finished making coffee. The only sounds in the room were the espresso machine and Lucky, who had rolled on his back and was trying to get Hati’s attention by yapping softly and licking the wolf’s mouth.

You finally brought over a tray of different kinds of coffee and cannoli in various flavors and handed them to each person. You dragged a chair over and took a seat next to where Hati was sitting.  “Okay,” you said with a sigh. “What do you want to know?”

“Who are you?” Clint asked.  “Why couldn’t I find your shop today?”

“And why is my nephew here?”  Thor added.

You took a sip of your coffee and shifted in your seat.  “I guess you might call me a god,” you said.  Clint furrowed his brow in confusion.  It felt a little like you’d been lying to him but at the same time, he couldn’t help but think it didn’t matter that you were a god or not.  What difference did it make?  He knew gods, and sorcerers, and kids that had gotten powers from irradiated spiders – what was one more god.

“A god of what?” Strange asked.

You huffed and reached down to pat Hati.  “It’s so stupid.”

“Go on, my lady,” he said.  “We are all comfortable with magic.”

“I don’t even know how to describe it.  Caffeine I guess?  But more specific.  People pray for their first cup of coffee in the morning.  That moment of relaxation that gives you the kick to get on with your day.  That’s what I do.”   You looked over at Clint with a frown.  “I think that’s the reason I couldn’t get to you today.  Or that you couldn’t find me.  I need you to really need me, and you pretty much always need me.  Did you have coffee before our date?”

Clint nodded.  The explanation scared him a little.  His relationship with you was based on addiction.  He’d never be able to separate his addiction from his feelings.  Worse still, if he ever did manage to kick his caffeine addiction, he could lose you.  “I had coffee.”

You frowned and ran your fingers back and forth over Hatis’ head.  “Yeah – so that’s why you couldn’t find me.  I’m guessing by his clothes, the wizard didn’t have coffee yet and was needing it, which was why he could find me.”

“Alright, and what about the warg?” Strange asked, using the word warg like it was a curse.

“Say Warg like that again and I’ll feast on your entrails, Wizard,” Hati growled.

“Hati, you’re not helping,” you scolded.

“Not trying to help,” he growled.  “That wizard needs to learn his place.”

“Hati comes here for the same reason as anyone else,” you explained.   “He is up all night chasing the moon.  He comes in for caffeine.”

“You let a Warg in here to drink coffee?” Strange asked.

“That’s it,” Hati snarled, jumping to his feet and lunging at Strange.  Stephen threw up a defensive barrier and Thor jumped in to grab the Warg around the neck, dragging him back as he snapped at Strange.  Furniture and coffee when flying and you stood up, quickly,  tears pricking your eyes, and put your hands on Hati’s sides.

“Please, Hati.  Not in here,” you begged.  “You promised me.”

The wolf relaxed again and looked back at you.  “I am going to track him down and kill him.”

“Whatever you think you need to do,” you said.

“Excuse me?” Stephen said, getting to his feet.  “You’re okay with that are you?”

“You came into my home and started threatening me and mine,” you said.  “You’re lucky I’m evoking our agreement that if he’s here he doesn’t cause trouble.  He has never caused trouble for me.  You immediately did.”

“But he’s a Warg!” Strange argued.

“He’s not just a Warg,” you shouted.  “He’s a god.  As am I!  You are in my place of worship and you will follow my rules or you will be thrown from here!”

Hati made a sound that almost resembled laughter but was that much more terrifying, and his tail began to wag.

“Okay!” Thor said loudly, his voice booming in the small space.  “We have our answers. This is not Avengers business or wizard business.  This is between lovers.  Let us leave them to it.”  He looked over at Hati and pointed at the wolf with his hammer.  “Behave yourself nephew or you will have to answer to me.”

“I am so scared, you hammer face buffoon,” Hati snarked.

Thor didn’t jump to the bait.  Instead, he grabbed Strange’s arm and dragged him to his feet.  “Let’s leave them to it.”

Strange opened a portal and he and the god stepped through, leaving Clint alone, with you, Natasha, Lucky, and Hati.  The room was a mess and part of Clint wanted to just forget all this had happened and start cleaning up so that he could introduce you properly to Natasha and the three of you could hang out.

The problem was there were lies to untangle and feelings to sort through.  “Why did you lie?” he asked.

“I didn’t,” you said.

“You didn’t exactly tell the truth though, did you?”

You frowned and looked down at your shoes.  “I really like you, Clint.”

“Yeah, well – I don’t know if I like you or if I just like coffee.”

You took a step toward him.  “Clint…”

He held up his hands.  “I need time, okay.  To figure out how I feel.  I’ll – I’ll call you okay?”

“Clint, please…”

“Just -” he stepped back from you.  “Just – I’ll call you.”

He whistled for Lucky and turned, hurrying out the door, with Natasha and Lucky on his heels.  As the door closed behind them, Natasha grabbed his elbow.   “You sure you want to do this?”

Clint shook his head.  The truth was, he didn’t know.


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