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The Tower: Happily Ever After – 37

The Tower: Happily Ever After
An Avengers Fanfic

Series Masterlist | Character Reference

Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)

Word Count: 2691

Warnings:  smut(mmf bisexual threesome,  oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, electrostimulation)

Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.  When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

Chapter 37: A Vision

Over the next month, the babies started crawling, which added a new level of chaos to everything.  We were getting closer to the bonding ceremony for Billy and Teddy, and anytime they showed up to do anything, at least two little terrors would be scrambling around trying to destroy everything.  Yet, despite things taking twice as long because we had to continually move things out of the reach of tiny hands, it was joyful.  Zak, Piper, and Flynn were delighted that their younger aunt and uncle were now properly on the move, and they led them around everywhere, raced them, or got on their hands and knees and crawled around with them giggling like mad.  When Ziggy and Anna were around they were little mama hens, clucking around the babies, teaching them to finger paint, use puzzles, and make things out of clay.

The cutest thing of all was on occasion the twins would wear themselves out and quite suddenly fall to sleep in a pile, either on the floor or on the couch, the vulparev curled in their little pile with them.

That’s how they were when Thor came striding into the room to find me and Bruce looking over a paper on what was being called the x-gene.

“My queen, there you are!” he said, excitedly.  The babies shifted in their pile, but neither woke.

I looked up at him confused.  He looked completely delighted, but I’d seen him at lunch and nothing had happened in that time that I could think of that would have made him so excited to seek me out.

“Don’t you have council meetings now?” I asked as he sat down beside me and pushed my hair away from my neck.  He leaned in and sucked on the spot just below my ear and I moaned softly.  “Not that I don’t like when my spouses come to find me when they’re particularly horny or anything.”

“I left Natasha and Steven to run things. I had a vision,” Thor answered, as his hand began to bunch up my skirts.

“A vision of you having your way with me while poor old Bruce just has to sit there and watch?” I asked as my hands seemed to start running up Thor’s chest all on their own accord.

“Yeah, what’s with that?” Bruce asked.  “I’m not sexy enough for your erotic vision?”

Thor roared with laughter and reached over me pulling Bruce into a heated kiss.  “Of course you are, my love,” he said as he pulled back.  “My vision was not of this.  I just had the vision and was so proud of my wife that all I wanted was to have her.  I would be even more than pleased to have you too.”

“What was the vision?” I asked, pushing Thor back from me a little.  “What’d I do?”

“You were being heralded as the savior of Asgard,” Thor said, puffing his chest out.  “You will drive back a terrible threat to us.”

“Who me?” I asked.  “You sure it wasn’t Wanda or Nat?  I mean – I know I can hold my own… but that doesn’t sound like me.”

“It was you, my life,” Thor said.  “I know the difference between my wives.”

“And so you saw me being heralded and you thought you’d reward me before it even happened?” I asked as he returned to kissing my neck.

He chuckled and shook his head.  “No.  But it filled me with pride.  You have come so far since the day when you called for me to help our family.  I remember you offered to go with … that woman… what was her name?”

“Alexa,” I said, thinking back to the very first mission I ever went on because Alexa had taken Clint, Bucky, and Wanda and she wanted me to save her life.

“That’s it,” he said.  “Everyone was so scared for you.  You should have seen them after you left.  I tried to reassure them but they kept telling me I had no idea.  That you weren’t like them.  You were innocent and you had no training.  But you did it.  And you have done so much since.  You are worthy of Mjolnir and now, my life, you will save my kingdom.  And I had to come to you when I saw because I was so filled with love and pride.”

“Wow,” Bruce said as I stared up at Thor, completely lost for words.  “You’re a big old romantic aren’t you?”  Thor blushed and turned his head as if Bruce had just given him the sweetest compliment he could have received.  “Are you sure you want me here for this though?” Bruce continued.  “Sounds like a you and El thing.”

“Oh, Banner, my beloved,” Thor said, reaching over and caressing the back of his fingers down Bruce’s cheek.  “Never doubt it.  I know I came to seek Elise out because of my vision and how it made me feel, but I felt it radiating out to all of you.  I knew you would be here with her and it made me feel all the luckier for it.”

This time it was Bruce’s turn to blush.  “What did we ever do to deserve you?” he asked.

“I could ask the same about both of you, my loves,” Thor said.  “Now, let us celebrate that.”

“Okay,” I said, pushing them both back from me.  “But let’s put those two into bed properly and go to our bed.  I don’t want any of the kids accidentally walking in on us.”

“As you wish, lover,” Thor said, standing.

He and Bruce went and lifted one of the twins each, much to the annoyance of Icy and Inky who chittered and yipped at their disturbance.  When the babies were snug in their cribs with their familiars curled back into their sides, I made my way up the stairs to our bed, shedding my clothes as I went.

Bruce and Thor did the same, Bruce shifting down so it was just him again.  “B.,” I said, taking his hand as my mind flicked back to the conversation I had with Tony.  “How come you always shift down?  Aren’t you usually more comfortable sharing with the big guy?”

“I – well – you know – it’s -” Bruce stammered, dropping his eyes as he tried to figure out what to say.  “You – you couldn’t exactly take me like that.”

“No,” I agreed, wrapping his arm around my waist.  “But if you wanted me to, I could do other things.  And you could take Thor.”

He blushed near crimson.  “I can’t,” he said, shaking his head emphatically and pulling me so I was pressed tightly against him.  “Oh god, El.  You’ve done so much for me.  I didn’t think I’d ever been able to have sex safely again until I met you.  And you don’t know how much it means to me that you would be okay with that…”

“It’s not just me,” I said quickly.  “Tony brought it up to me, and I know the others…”

“I would be completely fine with it, lover,” Thor assured him.  “It’s you.  We love you.  All of you.  Every aspect.”

Tears pricked his eyes and he shook his head.  “I can’t… I can’t believe that’s true.  I know what I am.”

“What?” I asked, pulling back from him just enough to look into his eyes.  “Our husband?  The man we love?”

“You agreed to marry this,” he said, gesturing to himself.  “You told me he wasn’t your type and that’s who I am when we’re merged.”

“Bruce,” I said, putting my hand on his chest.  I felt terrible that he’d been holding onto that all these years.  That I’d hurt him so badly so early on in our relationship that it had left such a long-lasting scar.  “I was barely twenty-six years old when I said that.  I didn’t know him at all or you fully.  Only that you were scared of him.  Haven’t I proven that I love you both?  That I desire you and accept you how you are?”

“I’m sorry,” Bruce said, pulling me back against him.  “I know.  I don’t – I shouldn’t have said that.  I just – this – I can’t.  I wouldn’t be able to relax.  I stay merged because he’s relaxed most when we are.  We’re a better person together.  But I can’t during sex.  I’d only be thinking about hurting you or how I look or not being able to give myself up the way I want. Maybe one day.  But not – I can’t.”

“It’s okay, beloved,” Thor said, running his hand down Bruce’s neck.  “We just want you to be comfortable in whatever form that takes.”

Thor leaned in and captured Bruce’s lips, kissing him passionately.  I watched them for a moment and then sank to my knees in front of them both.  I took both their cocks in my hands and began to pump them as I licked over one and then the other and back again.  They moaned and broke their kiss to look down at me.  “Our queen kneels for us,” Thor teased playfully as he tangled his hand into my hair.  “Aren’t we lucky men?”

“I feel very lucky,” Bruce agreed.

I practically preened at their praise and took Bruce fully into my mouth.  He groaned and braced his hands on Thor as I moved my head up and down on his cock and palmed his balls.  I switched to Thor, opening my throat as best I could and stretching my mouth wide to take him.  Even still, I almost had a full palms length before I felt my gag reflex being tested.  “That’s it, Elise,” he praised.  “You take me so well.”

I moved my head up and down his shaft and was about to switch back to Bruce again when they both kneeled beside me, clearly having their own ideas about how this would play out.  They both began kissing me – my lips, my neck, my collarbone – it was a blur of lips, where one left off the other took over.  Thor slipped his hand between my legs and he began to palm my cunt as he took Bruce’s cock in his other hand and began to pump it slowly.

I hummed as my body began to buzz for them, my clit throbbed aching for more attention and I pushed my hips forward, hoping for some pressure to relieve that needy feeling I had clawing at me.

Bruce mewled, his hips jerking forward like he was trying to chase Thor’s firm yet tender touch.  Both he and I reached down and wrapped our hands around Thor’s cock, jerking him off in tandem as Thor dragged out our desire and arousal.

Thor’s fingers slid between my folds and as he eased two of his digits inside me, his thumb began to run over my clit, back and forth, alternating the pressure from feather-light to firm and deliberate.

My cunt dripped from him – my fluids soaking his fingers and dripping down his hand.  Each thrust of his fingers, each curl, sent shockwaves through me, and as my climax grew, Thor’s eyes flashed blue and he set a bolt of electricity through my core.  Every muscle I had seized up simultaneously and I came hard and with almost no warning.  I cried out and when my body relaxed my legs gave out on me and I crumpled onto the mattress, breathing heavily.

Both men lay down beside me, caging me between them and they began to rut against me, Bruce’s cock, sliding up and down between my folds as Thor’s moved between my asscrack.

As I began to come down from the endorphin rush, Thor guided me and Bruce so that Bruce was lying on his back and I was straddling his waist.  I began to grind on Bruce’s cock, making him moan and grip my hips as he arched his back.  His brown eyes had blackened with lust and he stared at me intently as I moved above him.

Thor, not satisfied with the simple grinding, took hold of Bruce’s cock and guided it into my cunt.

Bruce gasped and mewled loudly, drowning out the soft moan I made as he filled me.  “Oh god, Thor,” he panted.

Thor chuckled.  “You like both of us connected with you, beloved?”

Bruce nodded and Thor grabbed the lubricant from one of the drawers at the edge of the bed.  “Let us see if we can make that more intense for you.”

I slowly moved up and down on Bruce’s cock.  I was expecting that when he said connected he was going to go with double penetration.  It would be a lot for me to take, but I’d done more.  However, when Thor moved up behind him, he pushed Bruce’s legs up so they were bent at my sides and his feet were pressed into my waist.  Thor pushed me forward a little as he lined himself up to Bruce’s ass, and slowly started to sink in.

Bruce keened, arching his back so he was forcing himself deeper into me.  He reached over his head and gripped the edge of the mattress.  His skin turned green at the edge and for the first time we’d had sex since the bonding ceremony, a green ring appeared around his eyes.

I smiled and looked down at him, cradling his jaw with both my hands.  “There you are,” I said, as my thumbs caressed over his cheeks.

Bruce flushed and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me down into a heated kiss.  I started to bounce on his cock as Thor slowly fucked him.  Thor’s hands ran down my back and he pressed a thumb against my asshole.  As it slipped into the tight hole, I mewled against Bruce’s lips.

Thor was in no hurry to pull us apart.  He was slow and deliberate and tender with each of his movements and even still, we both fell apart for him.  Bruce in particular was losing his grip on his tenuously held control.

He groaned – the sound was that perfect blend of him and the Hulk.  They weren’t blended but they were both there, sharing his body and the pleasure that was overtaking him.  His hips bucked widely, bouncing me in his lap which sometimes forced Thor’s thumb deeper into me.  He began to tremble under us as his muscles quickly tightened and released.

“Oh god,” he groaned out.  “Thor.  Thor… I’m gonna…”

Bruce never managed to finish his thought, he jerked up hard into me with a roar and released, his cock pulsing as it filled me.

“Rollover, my queen,” Thor purred, his hand running down my back.  “Stay on top of Bruce.”

I did as I was told as Thor cleaned himself off. He moved between our legs again and slid inside of me.  I moaned and clenched around him, rolling my body against Bruce.  Bruce wrapped his arms around me and began rubbing my clit as he massaged my tits.  I moaned, feeling warm and fuzzy as pleasure oozed through me like molten metal.  Thor leaned over me and we began to kiss.

My orgasm built slowly, both men bringing me to the edge slowly and tenderly and holding me there.  The kiss moved, it was Thor and me, Bruce and Thor, Bruce and me, and back again.  I started begging them to let me come as I squirmed between them.  Being kept so close and so intimately held, was a special kind of torture.

Thor’s hips picked up speed and Bruce’s fingers began to fly over my clit.  I bucked up hard, moaning loudly as my orgasm hit, shuddering through me.  Thor kept fucking me, chasing his release and with a deep groan he let go, his come mixing with Bruce’s.

We slithered into a pile, cuddling up close, panting as we came down from our orgasms.  “Mmm… I should hypothetically save Asgard in the future more often,” I hummed.

Thor chuckled and wrapped his arms around both me and Bruce, pulling us against him.  “We do not need a reason for this.  I will always be there for this.”


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