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Small Gods: Spring Thaw – 16

Spring Thaw:  A Bucky Barnes Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x F!Reader

Rating: E

Word Count:  1931

Warnings: smut (MF, oral sex, vaginal sex)

Synopsis: Bucky Barnes hates winter.  He always looks for the first signs of the ice thawing and new life growing.  When that desire for the end of winter brings to him the god of the spring thaw, he discovers a brand new reason to get through winter.

Chapter 16

The wedding reception had been the most fun Bucky could remember having since before leaving for war.  Maybe ever.  He’d booked the convention room at a hotel with views of the falls, and spent a long time working with them so that not only was it all vegan options, they were all bright and colorful and using ingredients that you wouldn’t normally see.  There was a salad of mint, peaches, and cucumber, or an Italian wedding soup to start, along with platters of colorful dips paired with warm bread, baby carrots, and crackers.  For the entrees, there was a choice between wild mushroom risotto or ratatouille.  When dessert came along slices of the wedding cake were served with house-made gelato and fresh fruit.  Each glass of champagne was served with a hibiscus flower inside that bloomed when the fizzing liquid touched it.

You had been delighted by every dish and he made sure both you and he always had different courses so that you could try everything.  Sam and Steve had both made speeches and the two of you had danced your first dance and it had been like the rest of the guests didn’t exist, it was just the two of you, eyes locked as you spun around the dance floor.

He had danced with Kobik and you had danced with both Steve and a surprisingly unreluctant RJ.

Bucky’s smile stayed in place from the moment he’d seen you coming down the aisle right through the ceremony and reception.

Even now as the two of you practically fell into the bridal suite, kissing with a desperate need that only the high of the night could have given you, he was still smiling.

You kicked the door closed and he lifted you, spinning you around, so your skirts billowed out around you.  You laughed in delight and when he put you back on the ground.

“Help me get this off,” you said, taking his hands and pushing them up your back.

“Mmm… I don’t know about that,” he said, guiding you back to the bed.  When your legs hit the back of it you sat heavily on the mattress and Bucky dropped to his knees in front of you.  He lifted your skirts and ducked his head under the layers, disappearing under it.  You started laughing, but the sound was muffled under the piles of fabric.  He’d already known you were wearing stockings with a garter because he’d taken off the bridal garter to throw at the end of the wedding.  Still, this sight of the line of the stocking and the suspenders pressed against your skin and drew his attention up to the white lace of your panties, made his dick twitch and start to harden.

He kissed the insides of your thighs, sucking on your skin hard enough to bruise.  You moaned and lay back on the bed, putting your feet on his shoulders so your heels dug into them.  The heel on his left clicked against the vibranium and slipped slightly, making him hiss when it hit flesh.

“Sorry, sorry, Bucky,” you said quickly, sitting up.

He laughed.  “It’s okay,” he said, leaning back and grabbing your ankles.  “I’ve had worse.”  He kissed the inside of your left ankle and slid your shoe off, before doing the same to your right and then placed your feet back on his shoulders and ducked back between your legs.

He kissed at the apex of your thigh as he moved your panties to the side.  You lay back again and lifted your hips like you were offering yourself to him, begging him for more.  He was only more happy to oblige.  He sucked on your folds using his lips to ruffle your labia and his tongue to lap over every crevice.  As he tasted as much of you as he could, your arousal grew and began to drip from you, coating his tongue and filling his mouth.

You began to moan and you rolled your hips against his face as if you were trying to increase the friction.  He ran his hand up the inside of your thigh and teased his fingers over your entrance.  You pushed down on him and whimpered.  “Please, Bucky.”

Bucky sunk his middle finger into your cunt and pumped it in and out as he focused his tongue on your clit.  He painted random patterns on the little bundle of nerves.  Sometimes small and tight, sometimes large and sweeping.  He could feel the twitch under his tongue when he got the pressure exactly right, and he’d repeat it again and again until you were moaning and bucking up under his mouth.

His finger sought out the spongy place inside you and he pressed hard against it, curling his digit like he was beckoning your orgasm from you.  You became louder and the sounds you made became more primal and with a loud cry, your legs trembling at his ears, you came, your fluids running down his wrist in rivulets.  He took his hand away and stood, his cock achingly hard in his pants.

“Now I’ll help you get your dress off,” he teased.

You laughed and stood up, still breathing heavily and he carefully unzipped your dress and helped you step out of it.  He hung it for you and you retreated to the bathroom to take out your hair and wash off your makeup.  As he waited for you he stripped down to his boxers and hung up his suit.

When you stepped out of the bathroom you were in your lingerie with your hair loose.  He didn’t think he’d ever see you more beautiful than when you walked down the aisle today, but as you sauntered over to him, he realized he couldn’t have been more wrong.

You climbed up onto the bed and straddled his waist and he leaned up and kissed you.  His tongue coaxed your lips apart and you tilted your head, deepening it.  As you kissed you began to roll your hips, your pussy grinding down on his erection.  He could feel the heat and wet through his boxers and his cock strained to meet you.  He groaned but let you keep control, loving the feel of your weight on top of him.

His hands slid up your back and unhooked your bra, and as soon as you tossed it aside he broke the kiss and latched on to one of your breasts.  You gasped and your hips jerked in his lap.  “Fuck, yes, Bucky,” you hummed.  “Just like that.”

As he suckled on one breast, making your nipple harden under his tongue you pushed his boxers down, and moving your panties to the side you sunk down onto his erection.  He groaned as your cunt enveloped him, squeezing around his shaft – the wet heat sending a shiver up his spine.

He switched breasts and you began to roll your hips.  He pulled his knees up, drawing you more tightly against him.

“Oh god, Bucky,” you moaned.  “You feel so good.”

“You do too,” he groaned and brought his lips to yours again.

The two of you moved together like you were one.  Each roll of your hips or thrust up into you brought you both closer and closer to the edge of your climaxes.  You broke the kiss and rested your forehead against his.  He’d never felt so connected to someone before and as he sought his release he also wanted to delay it as long as he could.

You began to move faster and you slid your hand between you both and began to rub your clit.  You threw your head back and with a cry, you came.  The clench and spasm of your cunt squeezed his cock and it was all he could take. He groaned and thrust up, releasing inside you.

The two of you collapsed back, and for a moment he stayed inside you as he softened.  “Mmm…” you hummed, nuzzling against his neck.  “That was amazing, husband.”

He smiled, liking the sound of that title on your tongue.  “You are amazing, wife.”

You leaned in and kissed him and he finally withdrew from you as he pulled you closer.  He had never really understood how people could say a wedding was the best day of their lives. He understood now.  Even though this wouldn’t change anything – you were still going to disappear in a little over a month.  He liked this role he had chosen and he was glad that even if it was for a short time each year, he was going to be spending the rest of his life with you.

The following morning the two of you ate in the restaurant with Sam, Steve, Sarah, Scott, Hope, Sharon, and the children.  The wedding gifts were going home with Sharon,  Steve would be leaving to go back to his life of anonymity, and Kobik and RJ would be spending the rest of what you and Bucky were deeming your honeymoon in Louisiana with Sam, Sarah, AJ, and Cass.  In the future any kids Bucky had with him would be coming on these trips too, but this time it was about romance and the kids had been happy to have the little holiday.

After breakfast, everyone went down to the cars to say goodbye.  Steve hugged Bucky tightly and patted his back.  “I’m so happy for you.  Not just for this but how far you’ve come since I last saw you.  I’m really proud of you, Buck.”

“Thanks, pal,” Bucky said.  “I’m happy for you too, you know?”

“I know,” he said and pulled back.  “Don’t do anything stupid until I come back.”

“How can I?  You’re taking all the stupid with you,” Bucky responded automatically.

Bucky moved to Sam and Sarah.  “Thank you for taking them,” he said, as he hugged each of his friends.

“Of course, but you know I expect the favor to be returned,” Sarah teased.

“Any time,” Bucky said.  “Seriously.  I’d love to take them for a few weeks if you want a break.”

He then moved to the kids.  “You both be good, won’t you.  I’ll be back soon enough and I expect neither of you to start a world war while I’m away.”

RJ started laughing.  “I guess,” he joked, rolling his eyes.

“Have a nice holiday,” Kobik said.  “Buy me a present!”

“Will do,” Bucky said.

Kobik hugged him and then went to hug you too.  “See you soon!” she said.

“Oh, no, honey,” you said, picking the little girl up.  “I disappear once all the flowers are here. My magic isn’t strong enough to keep me around.  But I’ll be back when the winter is over next year.”

“No!”  Kobik whined.  “I wanna play dress-up and dollies with you and to plant a garden.”

“I would love that, Kobik,” you said.  Bucky could hear the guilt in your tone.  “But I’m sure Bucky will do all that with you.”

“No, no, no,” Kobik shouted, and her eyes began to glow.  “My Buck-a-roo he loves you. You have to be here!”

“Kobik!” Bucky yelped, rushing to your side.  “Stop that.  I told you why she can’t stay.  I said I was happy to wait!”

“It’s not fair!” Kobik wailed and there was a ripple in the air and a flash of light.  She stopped complaining and her eyes returned to normal.

“Kobik,” Bucky said.  “What did you do?”

“I fixed it,” Kobik said.  “She can stay now.”

“Kobik?”  Bucky asked as you carefully put the little girl down.  “What do you mean, you fixed it?”


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