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Small Gods: Spring Thaw – 15

Spring Thaw:  A Bucky Barnes Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x F!Reader

Rating: E

Word Count:  1801

Warnings: nothing really

Synopsis: Bucky Barnes hates winter.  He always looks for the first signs of the ice thawing and new life growing.  When that desire for the end of winter brings to him the god of the spring thaw, he discovers a brand new reason to get through winter.

Chapter 15

The trip north from Springfield to Niagara Falls was quite an event.  With all the planning Bucky had done he’d never really considered that he’d end up with a convoy of people following him.

To be fair, he hadn’t expected to have needed to call in the entire guest list and some to help him call you to him this year either.  Yet, while many had dispersed to return to their normal lives with the plan of going to Niagara closer to the wedding date, Sam, Sarah, Sharon, and Steve had stuck around to help with the last few wedding preparations.

Originally, because Steve was so hard to get to anymore, Bucky planned on doing this without him.  That had hurt to think about, but ‘if you need me’ didn’t translate to good things like wedding days – at least not to Bucky.  But Steve was here now, and he’d had been adamant he stayed for it.  So now Bucky’s wedding party had three people and not two.

Bucky rented a minivan and as well as you, he, and the kids, the van was filled with suits and dresses, and decorations, and other odds and ends that would be needed for the wedding.

Sharon, Steve, Sam, and Sarah both followed along in cars of their own and by the time they arrived at their hotel, everyone was exhausted, except Kobik who had seemed to push on through exhaustion and came out the other side restless and hyperactive.

The following week was a blur of meetings with caterers, celebrants, and venue managers.  Steve had suit fittings, and you had to get the final adjustments on your dress.  Two days before the wedding Clint, Bruce, T’Challa, Joaquin, Thor, and Scott showed up and took Bucky out drinking, and the night before the wedding Sharon and Sarah took you out for champagne and facials… or at least that’s what they told Bucky.

It had been hard not spending the night before the wedding with you.  The two of you had so little time together, he hated missing even a second.  But as Sam and Steve assured him, it would make the wedding night just that little more special.

He’d spent the night watching movies with the kids in the hotel room.  They’d stayed up to watch the fireworks over the falls and despite the fact he wanted to have a slow relaxed morning the day of the wedding so that he wasn’t nervous for too long, he woke at dawn a complete bundle of nerves.

He took the kids down to the breakfast buffet when they got up, and then dropped Kobik off to get ready with you, Sarah, and Sharon.  Kobik, for what it was worth, appeared to be more excited than he was, jabbering away happily about how much of a princess you would look and how much cake she was going to eat.

RJ was subdued as he usually was, but he was also a lot less surly, and as they got ready with Sam and Steve, actual nerves started to show under his serious facade.

Now as they waited at the wall by the falls under an arch made of blue and white wildflowers, RJ trembled a little and Bucky wasn’t sure it was about the cold.

Shuri had worked on a way for him to wear a ring on his left ring finger and she was stood at the arch walking him through the process of getting it in place and adjusting the plates so they would allow you to slide the ring on and have it lock into place.  When she took her seat, Bucky turned to RJ.

“You okay, bud?”  Bucky asked.

“Yeah… there’s just a lot of people,” he said.  “What if I drop the ring?”

“You won’t,” Bucky said, rubbing his shoulder.  “And if you do, it’s not the end of the world.  You and I both know there are a lot worse things than a missing wedding ring.”

RJ huffed.  “Right…”

“I promise,” Bucky said.  “It’s all gonna work out fine.”

Bucky felt surprisingly calm – good even.  He had Sam, Steve, and RJ wear white three-piece suits with matching dress coats to counter the midnight blue in the same style that he wore.  The colors matched the frozen look of the falls and the long white carpet that ran up between the group of guests that were huddled together to keep warm.

The harpist began to play ‘A thousand years’ and Bucky’s attention snapped to the end of the aisle.

Sharon began her walk down the carpet toward them.  She wore a floor-length gown of light blue satin with a tulle overlay.  The bodice glittered with silver embroidery and little jewels that caught the light as she walked, and around her shoulders was a white faux fur shrug.  She carried a small bouquet of sweet peas, cornflowers, delphinium, cosmos, anemone, and lisianthus.

When she reached the end of the aisle she took her place on the left of the stage and Kobik began bouncing away down the aisle.  She wore a long blue velvet dress with a white sash and she threw blue flower petals above her head as she ping-ponged down the aisle.  Sometimes the petals seemed to turn into balls of pure light that winked out quickly making her approach that little more magical.

When she was about halfway down you stepped into the aisle.

Bucky’s breath caught.

You had a white cape over your ball gown dress, the hood pulled up over your head.  Blue flowers were embroidered into the hem of the dress and the bodice glittered with crystals.  You held a large bouquet of blue and white wildflowers that complimented the dress perfectly.  Every time Bucky saw you, he was struck by how beautiful you were to him.  Right now that feeling was magnified tenfold.  You were beauty and love personified.  The light at the end of the tunnel.  The warm embers in a fireplace during a cold night.  You were the first buds of green when the snow began to melt and the blossoms that defied the freeze to bring color to a white landscape.

By the time you reached him, Bucky had tears in his eyes and he wanted nothing more than to kiss you.  You gave your bouquet to Sharon and took his hands.

“Friends,” the celebrant announced.  “We are gathered here today to celebrate a momentous event, the joining of two hearts and to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words which will unite this couple in marriage.  We are to bear witness to the joining of these two lives.  Neither of these two people is ordinary.  The odds were against them from the start, and yet the extraordinary has happened.  They met, fell in love, and have decided to make a life together to the best of their abilities.  A good marriage must be built and nurtured.  It is supporting one another in good times and bad.  It’s finding things to share with each other.  It’s never being too old to hold hands or laugh at shared jokes.  It’s remembering to show your love each day you share.  It is not just being a good person, but a good partner.”

The celebrant focused her attention on you and Bucky.  “The couple will now read their vows.”

Bucky took a breath.  “I know I said I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself and do personal vows, but I think given our situation, you deserve it.  I am a better person since meeting you.  You give me space to grow while giving me the love and soft place to land.  I take you to be my wife, my partner, and my love.  I promise to wait for you, not in grief but in hope.  I promise to cherish every second we have together and make the most of every moment we’re apart so that when you return it’s to me ready to love you again and again.  I promise to love you every day, whether you’re here or not, for the rest of my life.”

This time you were the one with tears in your eyes, you smiled and your hands trembled slightly in his hands.  “That’s not fair, Bucky,” you teased.  “I only have the standard vows.”  The crowd laughed softly and you took a deep breath.  “You have given me something to look forward to every year.  You have given me a life, not just an existence.  I take you as my husband, my partner, and my love.  I promise to return to you each year with love and excitement for the time we get to share.  I promise to always be your soft place to land and to give you the comfort and support you deserve so much.  I will cherish every second we have together and I will love you every day for the rest of my life, as long as it is.”

The celebrant turned to Bucky.  “Do you take this woman to be your wife?”

“I do,” Bucky said.

“Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her, for as long you both live?”

“I do,” Bucky agreed.

She turned her attention to you.  “Do you take this man to be your husband?”

“I do,” you said.

“Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect him, for as long as you both live?”

You smiled and squeezed his hands.  “I do.”

“Can I have the rings?”  The celebrant asked.

RJ took them from his pocket with a shaky hand and gave them to the celebrant.  “Wedding rings are an unbroken circle with no beginning and no end.  They come from the earth rough and unrefined, but just like marriage with love and care they are forged into something beautiful,” she said and gave a gold band forged into a circle of flowers and leaves.

Bucky slid it onto your finger.  “With this ring, I thee wed.”

She gave you a band of black and gold vibranium.  Before you could put it on, Bucky twisted the end of his finger so the plates narrowed allowing you to put it on.  “With this ring, I thee wed,” you said, sliding it into place.  When the band was at the apex of his finger, the plates shifted back and locked it into place.

The celebrant lifted her voice for everyone to hear.  “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss each other.”

Bucky pulled you close and looked down into your eyes.  Your smile reflected the love and happiness he felt pouring out of him.  He leaned in and for the first, but not the last time, he kissed his wife.


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