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The Sometimes Friend – 8

The Sometimes Friend:  A Loki Fanfic


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Character Pairing:  Loki x OFC (Svana)

Word Count:  1811

Warnings:  smut (MF, vaginal sex)

Synopsis:  Sometimes at odds, sometimes friends, sometimes lovers, Loki and Svana share a bond that stretches millennia and few truly understand.  This is their story.

Chapter 8

Svana had foregone the clothing of Asgardian royalty when she followed Loki to the cave at the edge of the world.  She had painted her face with dye and let her hair out in wild curls.  She wore bones around her neck and furs around her shoulders, and her feet were bare.

Loki, on the other hand, was as regal as he always was.  From head to toe, he was covered in green, black, and gold.  He had no concerns about being noticed as they left the city and traveled into the Asgardian forest.

When they arrived at the cave they tethered their horses outside and gathered their things.   “It’s a distance,” Svana said.  “You don’t worry that Heimdall will notice them before they reach the palace.

Loki shook his head.  “No, I trust he will be watching the usual entry points and focused on the ceremony.  They should just be part of the noise of Asgard once they’re here.  And if not, they will still have arrived without him noticing, I can make Thor believe that it is an attack.

“Aren’t you worried Heimdall is watching us now?”  Svana asked as she followed Loki into the cave with her things.  “Surely he will know we’re up to something.”

“Undoubtedly he does,” Loki agreed.  “But I’ve been cloaking us both on and off for a while now.  He will confront me, I’ll tell him we didn’t want him to watch us copulate.  It’s been a most amusing game.”

Svana chuckled and shook her head.  “You are very talented at what you do, Loki.”

He smiled and looked back at her affectionately.  “I know,” he said.

They began setting up in the cave, placing candles around the walls, and drawing a casting circle on the ground.  At points in the circle, they placed key items.  Herbs, bones, earth, precious metal.  Each had its place and when everything was in order they stood on either side of the circle held hands and began to chant.

The magic was strong in the cave, and the air was soon crackling with it.  The very air itself began to shimmer between them adding a faint rainbow hue to the space between space.

They tightened their grip on each other as they continued to speak the ancient words.  As the ripple between them got bigger, runes began to burn themselves into the walls of the cave.   Each rune spelled out a spell of protection and concealment.  Despite the protected nature of the cave the wind picked up and the candles began to gutter.  As the spell hit its peak there was a large crack and Loki and Svana were pushed apart.  The cave went black and fell silent, and as their eyes began to adjust to the dark, the thin veil they had created between words became visible.

It shimmered in the center of the cave like a mirage, with the faintest rainbow hue.  If they looked at it from one angle they could only see the cave, but if they caught it from the side of their eyes they could see the dark stone walls and a frozen tundra all at once.

“Shall we see if it worked?”  Loki asked.

Svana nodded and Loki offered her his elbow, she hooked her arm around it and the two stepped through the shimmering tear.  One moment they were in the cave on Asgard, and the next they were standing on an icy plane on Jotunheim.  Behind them was a sheer wall of ice that rose hundreds of feet in the air protecting them from the worst of the winds.  Svana shivered and pulled her furs around her.  “This is Jotunheim?”  She asked, moving from one foot to the other to keep them off the ice.

“It is,” Loki said.  “Horrible isn’t it?”

“I don’t know,” Svana said.  “It has its own kind of beauty.”  She paused for a moment and rubbed her arms.  “Cold though.”

Loki laughed.  “What did you expect the home of the Frost Giants to be like?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted.  “Just because they are frost doest mean their world need be only ice.”  She looked at Loki as she danced on the spot.  “Aren’t you cold, you don’t look cold.”

Loki shrugged.  “I am not almost naked with bare feet,” he said, looking down at her.  He smirked and scooped her up off the ground into his arms.  “Come on, let us get you back before you turn to ice on me.”

He stopped and looked at where the tear stood, making sure it would blend into the ice wall enough that no random creatures or explorers should accidentally happen upon it, but clear enough that if he told someone specifically what to look for they’d be able to find it.  On this side, if looked at head on it just glimmered like the ice wall around it.  It wasn’t until he caught it in his periphery he could make out the dark cave beyond.

He stepped through it and placed Svana on the ground in the cave.  She shivered and rubbed her arms rapidly as she tried to warm back up.  Loki laughed.  “Look at you, you fragile little thing,” he teased, moving closer and rubbing his hands up and down her arms.

She smacked his chest, her palm clapping on the leather armor.  “You are insufferable.”

Loki laughed harder and wrapped his arms around her small frame, drawing her close.  “Have I wounded your fragile ego too?”  He teased, as his hands ran up and down her back.

“I’ll show you fragile,” she growled, pushing him back against the cave wall.

He let her push him so he was seated on one of the rock formations that stuck out from the wall of the cave.  It was far from comfortable, but it would serve its purpose for the time Loki needed it.  He grabbed her wrists and pulled her close.  “You don’t wish for me to warm you up?” he asked, pinning her hands behind his back.

“I wish for you to shut up,” she countered.

“You might just have to make me,” Loki teased.

She crashed her mouth into his, kissing him hungrily.  He pulled her into his lap as the two battled for domination of the kiss.  Their mouths moved passionately and aggressively, tongues clashing as they bit and sucked on each other’s lips.  Loki pushed the furs from her shoulders and pulled her up against him, leaning down and latching on to one of her breasts.  He sucked on the skin hard enough to mark and Svana threw her head back and mewled.  He took off his helm and cast it aside.  It clanged on the ground as it bounced away.  Loki was unphased, he knew the Uru wouldn’t dent due to mere stone.  Besides he was slightly distracted by the grind of Svana’s cunt against his cock, and the way her hands tangled into his hair.

She rocked her hips and tugged on his hair as her body buzzed under his touch.  The tingle in his scalp seemed to run down his spine, making his cock ache for her even more.  He fumbled the drawstring holding his breeches closed.  He yanked it open and managed to free his cock from its restrictive bindings.

Svana pushed herself up and he tugged her underwear aside, so when she sunk back down, she impaled herself on his cock.  They both moaned as one, but Svana took no time to adjust to his girth, she just began to ride him, hard and fast.  Her tits bounced as she moved up and down on his cock, the full length filling her every time she became seated on his lap.  She moved quickly, clenching her walls so they squeezed tight around Loki’s shaft, milking him as she rode him, and soon the chill from Jotunheim had been replaced with a sheen of sweat as heat burned out from her core and out through her body.

She gripped Loki’s hair as she moved, and he, in turn, held her hips, his fingers biting into her flesh.  They panted and moaned as they each moved closer and closer to their release.  Svana yanked Loki’s head back and looked down into the green of his eyes.  He stared back at her with lust and admiration.  Svana’s orgasm hit first and she threw her head back and wailed, her voice echoing in the dark cave as she shuddered around Loki’s cock.  Loki grabbed her ass and began to snap his hips, railing up into her as she gripped his shoulders to steady herself.  His balls tightened, and with a roar, he came, spilling his seed deep inside her.

They stayed joined for a moment as Loki’s cock pulsed and then stilled and as Svana came down from her orgasm high she climbed off Loki’s lap and pulled her furs back around her.

“Nice and warm again?”  Loki teased.

Svana shoved him and started gathering up her candles.

“What has gotten you so vexed?”  Loki asked.

“Nothing,” Svana said. “I’m just enjoying being the surly one.”

Loki laughed and followed the woman out and the two packed their saddlebags and mounted their horses.  They raced each other back to the palace and as they dismounted their horses Heimdall strode up.  “Loki, where have you been, and why have you been hiding from me?”

Loki smirked and raised an eyebrow at the seer as he glowered at them.  “I would have thought that the scent of our deeds would still be lingering.”

“Why Heimdall,” Svana teased.  “If you want to see me rut, you need only ask.  I’d be happy to open my legs for you.”

Loki laughed loudly as the expression on the always stoic Heimdall’s face turned darker still.  “I would not fornicate with you using his phallus,” Heimdall snarled.

Svana blinked at him.  “That was mean,” she said.  “What have I done to earn such vitriol?”

Heimdall ignored her and bailed Loki up against the wall.  “Do not hide from me again.”

Loki pulled himself up to his full height and puffed out his chest.  “Who do you think you are addressing?  I am a prince and you serve my family!  Do not forget your place.”

For a moment it looked like Heimdall would slap him, and Loki was prepared for it.  It would be one more piece of evidence to add to the pile that he had never been seen as the prince that he was.  That this plan was vengeance for how he’d been lied to and when he was king he’d make sure all these people who looked down on him paid for their sins against him.

Heimdall huffed and wheeled around.  “I’m keeping my eye on you, Loki.”

“When you can,” Loki growled, but if the seer heard him, he didn’t react.


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