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The Sometimes Friend -2

The Sometimes Friend:  A Loki Fanfic


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Character Pairing:  Loki x OFC (Svana)

Word Count:  1785

Warnings:  Gender Identity and body dysphoria (Mild and resolved), my use of pronouns is done to reflect Loki’s own feelings about themselves.

Synopsis:  Sometimes at odds, sometimes friends, sometimes lovers, Loki and Svana share a bond that stretches millennia and few truly understand.  This is their story.

Chapter 2

For over a hundred years the sounds of children playing in the palace of Asgard was a common one.  The life of a god is long and they age slowly, with strange jumps in development.  So while empires rose and fell on Midgard, the children of Odin played.  There were always the sounds of laughter and footfalls up and down the corridor as Thor and his friends raced and pretended to be great warriors.  No one was worried about what they were up to until there was silence.  When silence fell in the palace they knew the children were planning something.

Loki and Svana were always planning things.  They sat in the library under desks trying to work out ways to get their hands on Odin’s spear Gungnir, so that they could practice ruling.  They stole books of spells and tried to figure out the ancient words in the hopes they could open up portals to play pranks on Thor.  They sat under tables and drew elaborate maps of worlds they’d created on the walls and the floors.

It was the harmless trouble children get up to.  Nothing malicious or permanently damaging.  Less destructive than when Thor and his friends would break vases or statues when they got a little overzealous, but much more considered.

Frigga noticed the two children needed quieter more contemplative activities to keep them occupied and began training them in the mystic arts.  They both took to it readily.  Frigga was surprised by how quickly her son did.  He was a natural and she knew one day, he would be a talented warlock.  She also recognized his silver tongue, a talent not shared by Svana who would give away any time the two had cooked up some scheme together.

So the children grew and matured.  Thor and his friends chose the way of the warrior, while Loki and Svana chose the way of the scholar.  Not that the two groups did not overlap.  Thor was bright and curious and loved to learn new things, and Loki was particularly skilled with a blade and he loved riding, yet even still, the brothers were as different as night was from day.

“Have you two kissed yet?”  Thor teased as he walked in on Loki and Svana mapping out a spell circle on the floor.

“No,” Loki snarked.  “Have you and Volstagg?”

Svana bit back a laugh as Thor put Loki into a headlock and rubbed his knuckles on Loki’s head.  “I could do worse than Volstagg,” Thor laughed.  “But I have kissed Sif.  More than once.”

“Get off me, you oaf,” Loki said, pushing Thor away, though there was the ghost of a smile on his lips.  “I’m very pleased for you that you and Sif have been locking lips, but you don’t have to project that on me and Svana.”

“It was merely a question, brother,” Thor said looking down at the salt and sand.  “No need to get defensive.  What is this you’re doing?”

“We’re going to…” Svana started, but Loki cut her off with a sharp look.

“Don’t you worry about that,” Loki said.  “I’m not sure your feeble mind could even grasp it.”

“Why I…?!” Thor lunged at his brother and wrestled him to the ground, Loki fought back and the two tussled sending sand, salt, and small pebbles scattering across the ground.

“Thor!”  Svana shouted.  “You’re ruining it!”

Thor stopped wrestling Loki and sat up.  Loki scrambled away from him and pulled his knees up against him.  Thor frowned and huffed.  “I didn’t mean to.”

“Well, you did,” Svana scolded, putting her hands on her hips.  “Why are you bothering us anyway?”

“I just wanted to hang out,” Thor said, guiltily.  “I’m sorry.”

Loki got up and started cleaning up the mess they had made, knowing full well that if anyone was going to get in trouble for making it, it would be him.  “Why don’t you annoy your friends?”

“They all went home,” Thor said.  “I can do what you’re doing?”

“You ruined what we’re doing,” Svana huffed as she started helping Loki sweep up the sand and tip it out the window.

“Well, we can do something else.  What if we go riding?”  Thor suggested.

“Fine,” Loki said.  “Svana, you want to?”

Svana nodded, she was alike to Loki in many ways, but their main difference was when Loki was asked if he wanted to do something or not, he considered every angle from whether or not he enjoyed it to if he could get anything out of it, whereas Svana would happily go along with most suggestions if they hinted at something fun.

They finished cleaning up the mess and Thor led them down to the stables.  He was already as tall as he was going to get, and starting to fill out around the chest.  He wore his hair long, with small braids that linked together at the back to keep his hair from falling into his face.  Loki was shorter than his brother but had not stopped growing yet, and the boy was much leaner than his brother.

Thor went straight to the stall with his large white stallion as Loki went to help find a spare horse for Svana.  The girl rode with him regularly, but as the daughter of a cook, she didn’t have a horse of her own.  One of the stablehands pointed to a stall containing a chestnut gelding and she and Loki went straight to it.  “You don’t need to help me saddle him,” Svana said.

“I know,” Loki said.  “I just wanted to speak to you outside of earshot of my brother.”

She looked at him as she put the bridle on the horse.  “What about?”

“We’ll try the transformation spell tomorrow,” Loki said.  He said it as a statement, but really it was a question.  He wanted to make sure they didn’t just move on to the next project because this one had been messed up.

Svana nodded.  “It will be good if you can match how you feel inside.”

The two had been working at transformation spells for a while.  Loki did not always feel at home.  Not in the palace.  Not in his skin.  Sometimes it was about gender.  Often he didn’t even feel Asgardian and he wondered if he could master transformation and become something else entirely.   Svana had accepted all of that about him and the two had been working to find the spells he needed.

“Good,” Loki said and fidgeted on the spot.  “Alright, well I better go prepare my steed.”

“Loki,” Svana said as he turned to leave the stall.  Loki turned to look back at her and raised his eyebrow.  “You can if you want to, you know?”

“Can what?”  Loki asked.

“Kiss me.  Like Thor said,” Svana said simply.

Loki smirked and stepped forward.  “You wish to kiss me?”

“Well,” she said.  “I like you, and I’ve never kissed anyone before…”

Loki approached her quickly and leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers.  She closed her eyes and smiled, her lips parting just enough so that his bottom lip sat above hers.  He pulled back quickly and wrinkled his nose.  “Now don’t say I don’t do anything for you,” he teased and turned on his heel and hurried to the stable.

The following day Svana and Loki found a quiet part of the palace away from where Thor and his friends were.  They spent most of the day setting up for the spell, neither of them mentioning yesterday’s kiss.  It was completely ready by the mid-afternoon and Loki stood in the middle with a book as Svana held a duplicate copy opposite him.  “Are you sure you don’t want to get your mother for this?”  Svana asked.

“I’m sure,” Loki said with a nod.  “Are you ready?”

Svana nodded and lifted the book, and the two began to read together.  The words were ancient and powerful and as they spoke them, the air in the room began to crackle.  The light seemed to dim and take on a purple hue, and motes of light floated through the air.  The temperature dropped suddenly and the candles placed around the room spluttered and then flared, but still, they read the words.  Air began to spiral around Loki, though the ring made of sand and salt stayed in place.  As they finished the air returned to normal and the light returned to the room.

Svana closed her book and looked at Loki.  He had not changed at all.  He was still the skinny raven-haired boy she had grown up with.  “You look the same,” she said.

Loki closed his book and took a step forward.  As Loki did their whole body shimmered, transforming into that of a beautiful black-haired girl.  She was wearing the same green, black, and gold outfit that she’d been wearing, and yet, despite the change in body shape it still fit her well.  “How about now?”  She asked.

Svana jumped up and down excitedly clapping her hands, her red curls bouncing almost independent of her body.  “You did it, Loki!”  She said and pounced on her friend wrapping her arms around the other girl’s shoulders.

Loki flinched and stumbled back at the sudden embrace, but as she caught up with Svana’s enthusiasm, she closed her arms around her friend.  “Yes, yes.  It’s very exciting,” Loki deadpanned, trying not to reveal how excited she was.  “The question is, would you kiss me like this too?”

Svana pulled back and grinned, looking into the green of Loki’s eyes.  “Of course I would,” she said, and leaned in, bringing her lips to Loki’s.  The kiss lingered longer than their first, and Loki held her close, as she slowly moved her lips with Svana’s.

Slowly Loki pulled back and looked down at her friend.  The same shimmer flicked through the air again and this time Loki changed into the form of a humanoid fox.  “And now?”

Svana pulled away laughing.  “You are on your own.”

Loki laughed shifting back into his male Asgardian form.  “So there are limits to your affection,” he scolded.

“I would kiss the top of your head and pet you.  But that is all.”

“So rude,” Loki said and began cleaning up.

“Are you going to show your mother?”  Svana asked as she picked up candles and blew them out, before returning them to the basket they had brought with them.

“Not today,” Loki said.  “I want it to just be mine for a while.”

Svana nodded in understanding.  She knew Loki well and him needing a secret that was just his own was important to him.  Even more important than having her to share it with.


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