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In:  A Hawkeye Fanfic

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Character pairing:  
Clint Barton x Reader

Word Count:  1341

Warnings:  Smut (MF, shower sex, vaginal sex, hookups)

Synopsis:  After a particularly hard mission, you accidentally walk in on Clint taking a shower.  He makes you an offer that he didn’t expect you’d take him up on.

A/N:  I was reading an old Avengers comic and Echo walked in on Clint in the shower, and he made the offer in this fic.  She chose the opposite.  Bad choice, Echo.  Bad choice.  Anyway… here you go.


It had been a hard mission.  Not just physically.  Though it was that too.  You were bruised in places you didn’t even know existed and more than one teammate had come home with broken bones.  However, it was the mental exhaustion that was that hurt most.  Nothing had gone right, civilians had died, and once again the public was calling for the decommission of the Avengers.  Everyone was blaming themselves and the debrief had been a mixture of arguing and sullen silence.

You were weary right down to the core and you just wanted to take a shower, get a bottle of wine, and go to bed.

You were so caught up in your head that you didn’t notice that sound of water in the bathroom you shared with Clint, Sam, and Natasha.  When you opened the door to a face full of steam, you stopped in shock and blinked slowly your brain too sluggish to connect the steam with the shower and the large male shape behind the curtain.

“In or out,” Clint half-shouted.  You noticed his purple hearing aids sitting on the glass shelf above the sink and given he hadn’t poked his head out around the shower curtain, you assumed it was the sudden rush of cool air rather than him knowing it was you specifically that was standing there.  It was an open invitation to whoever it was that had just walked in on him and you were more than tempted to take him up on it.

You closed the door and locked it and began to strip off your clothes.  Moving smoothly so that Clint wouldn’t be as likely to detect you.  It seemed to work because when you slip into the shower behind him he’s so startled he nearly slips over.

“What the…?” He yelped, a little too loudly.  “I didn’t… You don’t…”

You put your finger to his mouth to quiet him.  You’d seen Clint naked before.  Most of the world had.  He had an uncanny knack for losing his clothes in battle.  But it was never like this.

Wet and bruised, he seemed slightly vulnerable, and up close he was even more attractive than you’d realized.

“Do you want me to leave?”  You said, speaking slowly and clearly so he could read your lips.  He shook his head slightly and his eyes traveled down your body, his pupils dilating so the pale blue was soon lost in the inky black.

You skimmed your thumb over his plump bottom lip and he opened his mouth, letting you push it inside.  As he sucked on your thumb, his eyes locked back on yours, and you ran your free hand around his shoulders and up the back of his neck until it was tightened in his wet hair.  “What do you want?”  You asked.

“Everything,” he said, letting your thumb go.

You kissed him hard.  It was a searing, passionate kiss.  You claimed him with it and he submitted to you.  Your tongue flicked over his lips, coaxing them apart and when he brought his tongue out you circled them around each other.

You pulled back and started kissing your way down his chest, your tongue flicking out to gather up the warm water as it ran down his skin.  He groaned and let his head fall back, redirecting the flow of water down his back.

You licked down the line of his Adonis’ belt, humming softly as it directed you down to his achingly hard cock.  His hand went to your hair and he slid his fingertips back and forth over your scalp, almost like he couldn’t decide if he wanted to grab a handful of your hair or just rest his hands there.

You cupped his balls in one hand and flattened your tongue, running it up his shaft.  Clint moaned loudly, the sound echoing off the bathroom walls.  You lapped over the head of his cock and sucked greedily on it.  Clint looked back down at you, and as you gazed up at him water splashed down on your face.  You dropped your head further down, taking him deeper into your mouth.  Clint’s hips jerked and his hands tightened in your hair.  You opened your mouth and looked up at him.

“Fuck…” he groaned.  “Okay, then.”

He began to thrust his hips, fucking your throat.  He went slowly at first, testing your limits, and then began to move faster.  You relaxed your throat so he could bottom out in your mouth without you gagging and as you took him, water-filled your mouth and you drank it down, making him groan loudly each time you swallowed.

You gripped his hips and he stilled his thrusts, but before you got back up, you closed your mouth around his shaft and swirled warm shower water around it.  Clint hummed and tugged on your hair and you swallowed the water and stood up.

“Didn’t expect that you’d stay,” he said and kissed you hard.  You jerked him off slowly as the two of you kissed, and Clint spun you around and pushed his cock up against your ass.  “I want to fuck you so bad,” he groaned.  “Can I?”

You turned back to him, so he could see your face.  He had such a desperate need etched on his battered features.  You nodded.  “I trust you,” you said before turning back to the wall.

He pressed his forehead against your shoulder and pulled your hips back to meet him and with a thrust, he sunk quickly into the heat of your cunt.  He moaned as your walls closed around him and you clenched, squeezing him tightly inside you.  “Fuck,” he growled.  “I have thought about this so many times.”

You wanted to question him.  You hadn’t realized he’d ever even seen you like that before.  He’d always been the class clown around you and flirted the way he did with practically everyone.  Now was not the time for that, he wouldn’t have been able to hear you properly even if he hadn’t already started fucking you hard against the cool tiled wall.

He thrust hard and quick, pushing you against the wall with every snap of his hips.  Your hands slipped against the wet tiles.  Clint wrapped an arm around your waist and pressed his hand against your cunt, holding you firmly in place as he fingered your clit with calloused fingers.  The other hand he wrapped around your throat, pulling you back against him.  You tilted your head, nosing at his cheek, breathing heavily through parted lips.

“Fuck, Clint,” you groaned, your lips grazing over his cheek.

He turned his head and captured your lips, and you started falling apart for him.  Your core clenched and your cunt fluttered.  Your legs began to tremble.  Everything began to prickle as your head became fuzzy.  All at once, your muscles seized and you came, shuddering and crying out.

Clint kept thrusting, making a low groan as he chased his own release.  As your orgasm passed through you, you began to pulse your cunt, hoping to help bring Clint over.

He pulled out suddenly and pumped his cock and with a grunt, he came, spilling over your ass.

You sighed and let yourself rest against the wall as your breathing returned to normal.  Slowly you pushed yourself up and turned to look at Clint.  He looked at you with his head tilted.  “We gonna talk about that?”  he said loudly.

‘After’ you signed and grabbed the shampoo.  You squeezed a blob onto your hand and began to work it into Clint’s hair.  He closed his eyes and made an almost purring sound.

“What’s this for?”  He asked as he opened his eyes again.

“I needed it,” you said.  “And you said you wanted everything.”

A smile crossed his face and he shook his head a little.  “I like everything.”

He closed his eyes again and relaxed under your hands.  You weren’t sure what the conversation was going to be like after, you just let go and appreciate the now.

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