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Mudita: A Vision Fanfic

Warning:  None
Word Count: 440
Pairing:  Wanda Maximoff x Vision
Summary: MUDITA {Pāli, Sanskrit}(n.) taking delight in the happiness of others, vicarious joy.

Vision was still getting used to emotions.  He had a vague memory of what it was like to be JARVIS.  But as human as Tony had made JARVIS, he was still an AI.  Any emotion he appeared to have was a product of specific programming by Tony to react to a complex mixture of pheromone output, brain activity, and tone of voice in an extremely large but limited set of ways.  It may have sounded like empathy, but any empathy displayed was programmed by Tony.

He knew exactly what happened when others felt an emotion.  He knew there were complex mixtures of dopamine, serotonin, cortisol, norepinephrine, adrenaline, melatonin and other neurochemicals moving through the transmitters of the brain.  That it was affected by things such as internal hormone output and external inputs.  But he wasn’t sure what it felt like or why when Sam took off into the sky he had a reaction where adrenaline and endorphins mixed to cause pure joy, and yet in Bucky when he was carried by Sam on the same flight, the adrenaline mixed with cortisol to cause a mix of fear and stress.

He liked learning though.  And he liked his teacher.  Wanda was so sweet and loving and patient with him.  Where others sometimes seemed to get frustrated at the fact he didn’t quite understand the appropriate responses to external stimuli, Wanda seemed to think it was cute.

He loved hearing her laugh when he stumbled over his words.  When he overthought the way the chemicals were interacting in his synthetic limbic system.

He loved seeing her when she relaxed completely.  It was rare but there were moments.  Like now, as she built the snowman with Clint and his kids.  They were all red in the face and laughing.  The snow was still falling lightly and catching in their hair and clothes.  Vision couldn’t feel the cold, but he appreciated the beauty of the snow.

There was pure joy in what they did and it almost felt like there was a pressure in his chest.  Not in a bad way though.  It was a pleasant sensation.  One accompanied by a smile he seemed unable to control.  Serotonin and dopamine flooded his brain.  Was this joy?  Is this how human’s experienced it too?

Wanda looked up at him and smiled.  It lit up her face like she held the sun inside her.  He realized then that he loved her.  That’s what this emotion was.  He loved her.  She was his person.

“Come help us, Viz.”  She called.

He nodded and floated over to her.  It did look like fun.

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