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Make Me: An Iron Man Fanfic

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Square: @iron-man-bingo – “Make Me…”
Warning:  Smut (M|F, PWP, light powerplay, rough sex, vaginal sex)
Word Count: 814
Pairing:  Tony Stark x F!Reader
Summary:  You taunt Tony into taking control, but you won’t give it up easily.

“Make me…”

The words had dripped from your tongue, as thick as honey and just as sweet.  The taunt meant to incite and entice.  Along with the sickly sweetness, there was a heat.  A sharp sting intended to give him no choice but to comply.  Not when you were being so terribly bad after all.  You would need to be shown who was in charge.

The answer to that was always you.  It didn’t matter what the game was you were playing, how completely and utterly submissive you could get, it was you that held the reins.  But, Tony did like to play along.

He turned on you and raised an eyebrow.  “What did you just say to me?”

You parted your lips just a little and ran your tongue ever so slowly over them.  His eyes seemed to follow your tongue and as they traced the curve of your mouth, his pupils became fuller and fuller, until the warm brown, that always had such a playful twinkle was almost completely blown out by their inky black.

“I said; ‘Make me…’”

Tony grabbed you and you stumbled back through the room and slammed into the wall.  Your breath was knocked from you with a soft grunt and Tony’s hand went to your throat.

“You’re a mouthy little thing, aren’t you?”  He cooed as he started palming your cunt.  “Are you really that impatient?”

You grabbed his hair in both your fists and yanked his head back.  It exposed his neck to you.  There was something about his throat that always made you want to bite him.  You ran the tip of your tongue up his neck finishing by sucking hard on his pulse point, pressing your teeth against his skin.

He groaned and tore the crotch out of your panties. You gasped and spun him, shoving him against the wall as you kissed him hard.  His hands slowly slid down your back as he submitted to your kiss.  You pushed your leg between his and ground on his thigh as his cock hardened against your leg.

He caressed his fingers over your ass and then lifted you, wrapping your legs around his waist and pushing you up against the wall.  He ground his cock against you and looked deep into your eyes.  “You’re desperate for it aren’t you?”

It was true.  You wanted his cock buried deep inside you right now more than you’d ever wanted anything.  Your pussy dripped for him.  You pulled his hair and bit at his earlobe.  “You wouldn’t dare.”

He smirked at you as he pushed his pants down just enough to free his cock.  He lined up his cock and thrust into you.  You cried out and threw your head back as he filled you.  He thrust hard and deep into you, pounding into the wall.  You pulled his hair and dug your nails into his shoulders as you felt an orgasm approaching.  Just when you felt it right there you pulled his hair hard and kicked back off the wall.

He groaned loudly and spun, leaning against the wall so you could use it to brace your feet on it and use it to kick off from.  You bounced quickly and he submitted completely.  You kept your eyes locked together as you moved up and down on his shaft.

“Fuck you’re beautiful.”  He groaned.

You smiled at him and kissed him hungrily.  You orgasm crested again and with a loud cry, you came, arching back and shuddering around Tony’s cock.

He pulled out and dropped you to your feet, spinning you and pushing you against the wall, before thrusting back into you.  “Fuck.”  You groaned as he held your face pressed into the plaster and started to fuck you hard.  Pounding into your sensitive and aching cunt.

“That’s it.  Take it.”  Tony grunted as he railed into you.

You reached behind you, tethering yourself to him.  Letting yourself completely give in to him.  He wrapped his arm around you and began to rub your clit hard.  Electricity ran through your veins and you came again squirting around his cock.

“Fuck.”  He grunted and bit down into your shoulder as he came inside you, his cock pulsing as it emptied.

He stayed pressed against you, breathing heavily for a moment.  Your heart was hammering in your chest and you panted as you came down from your endorphin high.

Tony pulled out of you and you turned to face him.  He started laughing and pulled you into a loving kiss.  You returned it eagerly, pulling yourself close to him.

“Why are you laughing?”  You asked when he pulled back.

“Because I have no idea what we were actually talking about when you started that.”  He said, smacking your ass.  “Come on.  We’ll shower and then we can grab something to eat.”

You turned at him and smirked.  “Make me…”

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