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Jinxing It: An Iron Man Fanfic

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Square: @iron-man-bingo Ironhusbands + soulmates
Warning:  None
Word Count: 287
Pairing:  James Rhodes x Tony Stark (can be read as platonic)
Summary:  Rhodey is Tony’s soulmate, but he doesn’t like using the word.

The term soulmate got thrown around a little too often these days.  Tony had noticed when people started to throw around the term, they were usually covering up for some serious cracks in their relationship.  When someone started to throw around the word soulmate, it was usually followed by a monumental break up a few weeks later.

So he’d never use it.  That’s what Rhodey was though.  He was his soulmate.  He’d known it since the moment that Tony had decided he was going to annoy him in college.  The way Rhodey had rolled with it.  How he’d shot back.  How he’d challenged everything Tony did without insulting him, envying him, or stifling him.

Tony had never met anyone like him and in those moments when Rhodey looked at him and he could see that same feeling reflecting in his deep brown eyes, Tony knew if there was a person for him it was James Rhodes.

Tony would never say it though.  You say that out loud and you doomed it and Tony was already too good at losing people.  He didn’t need to jinx it.  Part of him was already sure he’d do something that would end up driving Rhodey away anyway.  It had happened to everyone else after all.  So while he knew it in his heart, that this man who had such a completely different life trajectory to get to this same place at the same time as his was his soulmate.  He would never ever call him that.

He’d call him sour patch, and honey bear, and platypus, and dear.  He would keep annoying him and being challenged by him.  He would keep him close and possibly smother him.  He was his soulmate after all.

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