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Finding the Words: A Marvel Fanfic

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@iron-man-bingo​​ Square: Sam Wilson + Forgiveness
Warning:Post Endgame fic
Word Count: 528
Summary: Sam and Rhodey have both forgiven each other for the events that led Rhodey to become paralyzed, now they just have to forgive themselves.


Sam was sitting at the table alone eating his breakfast.  He’d gone for a run alone today.  It felt kinda weird, he’d gotten so used to doing that with Steve.  It also felt weird being back in the tower.  But since the blip and the whole… everything… all the fucking things that had happened that he was still going to therapy to deal with, having somewhere to live had been a problem and the tower had been the solution.

Being here was strange though.  It somehow made him feel guilty about the things he still thought he was right about.  He was right about the Accords.  He knew that.  He was right to have followed Steve to stop those super-soldiers.  Even if it had been a trap, the risk involved of it not being a trap hadn’t made the choice wrong.

And yet…

Being here was dredging things up.  Particularly seeing Rhodey so much.

When he’d seen him just before everything had gone down, it had been for such a short amount of time he hadn’t gotten to actually talk to him about what happened.  He hadn’t been able to apologize for it.  For the fact it was his flying that got, Rhodey hit.  For the fact that he hadn’t been able to move quickly enough to catch him.  For the fact he hadn’t told Tony, he was there to help and Tony had acted defensively.  All these things that maybe weren’t his fault but were definitely HIS FAULT that Sam wanted to try and say to his friend who was now paralyzed simply because no one could fucking communicate to each other properly back then.

Rhodey came into the room and went to the coffee maker.  “Morning, Sam.”  He said as he slowly made his way through the room thanks to the frame Tony had made.

“Morning,”  Sam replied, trying to will himself to start the conversation he’d now been avoiding since the dust had settled, so to speak.

“Did you run today?”

“Yeah,”  Sam said, internally flinching.  “Kinda weird without Cap there.  But I guess, at least he’s still around.”

Rhodey frowned and took a seat.  “Yeah.”

“Look…”  Sam started.  “I’ve been meaning to…”

Rhodey shook his head.  “Don’t.  It wasn’t your fault.”

“But if I hadn’t…”

Rhodey leaned over the table and put his hand on Sam’s.  “And if I hadn’t… and if Vision hadn’t, or Tony, or Steve, or Bucky or HYDRA.  This -”  He tapped the frame on his left leg.  “- Happened in the past and we’ve seen what happens when we dwell on it.  Tony died because of it.  Besides, I called for the shot, if you hadn’t have swerved you’d have taken the hit and you didn’t have the luxury of my armor to break your fall.  I’ve got more to apologize for than you.”

Sam went to say something, but in the end he just let out a breath.  “Alright, man.  We move on.”

Rhodey smiled and patted Sam’s hand before taking his away.  “Good.”  He said.  “You should make that lazy ass, Bucky go on your runs.”

Sam laughed. “I thought you just forgave me.  Why are you trying to punish me?”

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