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Happy Father’s Day, Tony: An Iron Man Fanfic

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@iron-man-bingo- Vision & Father’s day
Warning: None
Word Count: 400
Pairing:  Gen
Summary:  Vision wants to make Tony feel loved on Fathers Day.

Vision had been planning this for a month now.  All the advertisements on television for buying your dad the perfect gift, he’d wanted to participate in the tradition, and really, Tony was the closest thing he had to a father.

He’d asked Wanda about it because none of the gifts advertised looked like the kinds of presents Tony would actually like.  He wasn’t really a barbeque kind of guy and while he used tools, they were more the small circuitry kind than the large circular saw kind.  He’d wondered if you had to buy the kinds of things in the ads.

Her reassurance that you could do whatever you wanted for father’s day had made up his mind.  He would throw a party for Tony.  It wouldn’t be the big type he normally had.  Those were for sure and father’s day was about family.  So it was just the people he was closest with.   All the Avengers that were still around.  Vision would have loved to invite Thor and Bruce given they were kind of his fathers too.  No one had known where they’d gone since Sokovia though so it wasn’t to be.  Happy and Pepper were, of course, invited too. It wouldn’t be a family celebration without them.

He ordered all his favorites.  Cheeseburgers.  Pizza from Ray’s.  He did the research and bought the best Scotch he could find.  He set up the common room with a sign and asked Pepper if she could bring him.

Everyone gathered around, most of them looking quite bemused.  Tony followed Pepper into the shouts of surprise and Vision actually felt pretty proud of himself as Tony looked first frighted and then happy and then confused. 

“Father’s day surprise party?  Is this your way of telling me you’re pregnant, Pep?”  Tony asked.

Pepper choked.  “No.  No!  That’s not what this is.”

“Yeah, Tony,”  Rhodey teased.  “You already got a kid, remember?”

Tony looked even more confused for a moment as he looked around the room.  His eyes landed on Vision and his face broke out into a large smile.  “You did this, Viz?”

“Yes.  It was me?  Do you like it?”  Vision asked, sheepishly.

Tony came over and pulled him into a hug.  It felt good and Vision melted into it a little, wrapping his arms around his creator.  “Happy Father’s day, Tony.”

“Thanks, Viz.  You do an old man, proud.”

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