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That Kid You Knew – 3

That Kid You Knew: An Iron Man Fanfic

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@iron-man-bingo Square:  “Does Tony have a son?”

Warning:  Angsty stuff, mentions of sex, drugs, and pregnancy

Word Count:  3201

Pairing:  Tony Stark x F!Reader

Summary:  You had grown up knowing Tony Stark but as you’d gotten older you’d lost track of him.  When you see him at a party you have a drug-fueled one-night-stand with him.

10 years later he finds you again and has to come to terms with the fact he’s been a father all the time.

Chapter 3

“I want to try and make up the time with him quickly.  I know he’s got school to worry about.  But I can maybe come and get him after school a couple of days this week.  I’d like to shuffle things around and take him out on weekends too.  You’ve had him 9 years, I’d like to start getting to know him properly.”

Tony had gotten back from taking Owen out for pizza late.  While he’d been gone you had a long phone conversation with your mother about what happened.  To say she was unhappy about your lying was an understatement.  After Owen was ready for bed, Tony had gone and sat with him, chatting about things, almost like he was just telling him stories based on his time as Iron Man, until Owen fell asleep.

His parenting instinct maybe wasn’t perfect, but it was strong.  You couldn’t believe you had kept Owen from him.

When Owen was asleep, he turned his attention on you.

“Tony, I want to make this right.  You can spend as much time as you want with him.  I just – I’m not sure…”  You trailed off not sure how to tell him that you didn’t really know him very well and you’re not sure if you can trust him to be completely alone with your son.  Even letting Tony take him out tonight, despite the fact he had security with him, had filled you with anxiety.  He was a multimillionaire.  He could have taken him anywhere or done anything.  Despite the fact you’d basically grown up together, you barely knew him anymore.

“Oh my god!”  Tony groaned.  “Are you seriously about to make some excuse as to why I can’t see my son now?”  He tapped his left arm and leaned forward, looking you in the eyes.  “I am really, really trying to keep myself together today.  I think I’ve done pretty well considering.  But so help me…”

The anger and frustration dripped from his words.  It might have helped you build a case against him being alone with Owen, except you knew where he was coming from.  If you were in his shoes, you would have lost it a long time ago.

You put your hand on his.  “Tony,”  You said, quietly.  “You’re right.  I had my reasons, but I was wrong.  There is no way I can make up for what I’ve done.  I want you to spend as much time as you can with him.  I just… I don’t know you.”

Tony balled his hands into fists.  “What exactly are you accusing me of here?”

You took a deep breath to steady yourself.  “I’m trying to say, I haven’t dated anyone in ten years because I have trouble trusting strangers with my son.  And it makes me anxious thinking of him being alone with someone I barely know.”

Tony opened his mouth to say something and then closed it again, his teeth clenched, and his jaw twitching.  He tapped out a pattern on the table as he seemed to try and steady his emotions.  “You do know me.”

“I haven’t seen you for 10 years and when I last saw you, you were high.”  You counter.

“I’m Iron Man.”  He said.  “I fight to protect people.  And I’m his dad.  What the hell do you think I’m going to do to him?”

“And no father has ever hurt their child?  Please try to see this from my point of view.  Or look at it from the point of view of his dad.  Do you want me to just let him spend time alone with strange men?”  You implored.  “I’m not saying I’ll never trust you.  I just… I need time to feel like he’s safe when he’s with you.  That’s all.”

There was silence for the longest time.  Tony just sat opposite you at the table playing with his glasses.  Gradually, he relaxed and looked up at you.  “I get it.  It doesn’t have to be alone, to begin with.  You can come with us.  Or… or we can find someone to chaperone you’re happy with.  I have security people, if you have a babysitter it can be them.  I don’t know.  I can get Captain America if you like.  Do you trust Captain America?”

You let yourself relax a little and let out a soft breath.  The start of laughter but not actually laughter.  You reached over and took his hands in yours.  “Thank you for being so understanding.  I know this must be hard for you.  Honestly, you’re taking it better than my mom did.”

Tony let out a laugh and stifled it quickly as he pulled his hands away and ran them through his hair.  “I just – I can’t believe this is happening.  I don’t even know how I’m supposed to feel about all of this.  Should I be excited?  Scared?  Angry?  I feel like I’m in emotional overload and normally when that happens I shut people out but I know if I do that, I lose him before I even got him in the first place.”

You leaned back and nodded.  “I know what you mean.  I don’t know what I was expecting either.  I had always just assumed you’d tell me that it had nothing to do with you.”

Tony shook his head.  “He’s my son.”  He said.  “Which brings me to another thing.  You can’t live here.  He’s my son.  I’m going to give you back pay for child support.  We can work out the number later.  But you need to use it to move somewhere more secure.  When this gets out, this is not going to be safe for him.”

You blinked at him a few times.  “You don’t need to give me any money.”

“He’s my son,”  Tony repeated.  There was a pain in the words this time.  Like he didn’t think he was going to be enough for him.

You took his hand and nodded again.  “I know.”

Over the course of the next two months Tony seemed to devote all this time to creating a relationship with Owen and proving to you he could be trusted.  Certainly, for a man who ran a billion-dollar company and acted as a superhero, he wasn’t spending much time doing either.  He was picking him up from school three days a week and taking him out.  He was coming by both on Saturdays and Sundays and either just hanging out at your place or taking him on outings.  They did museums and zoos and movies and bands.  A couple of times he even went with you to look at houses.  Sometimes you went with them.  Sometimes it was an agreed-upon chaperone.  If they went out it was always a team of at least two security.

He and Owen just clicked too.  Owen was in so many ways, so much like his father.  He was smart and sarcastic and curious.  Tony seemed to take to the whole parenting thing pretty naturally too.  He was overcompensating for the missing time and he second-guessed himself a lot, but in those moments when they both just relaxed and talked tech or science or one of what seemed to be becoming a long list of things they were both passionate about, it was like he had always been Owen’s dad.  Tony would listen to Owen like everything he had to say was the most interesting thing in the world.

In those moments when you saw them like that you would start going over what might have been different if you had just told him.  He was so different back then.  Railing against his own father who had died before he’d ever been accepted by him.  He definitely wouldn’t have believed you.  He might even have accused you of getting pregnant on purpose for the money.  Maybe it might have been okay in the end.  Maybe you could have moved to LA and he could have been part of Owen’s life.  Maybe you could have shared custody.  He could have had him overnight and every second weekend.  You wouldn’t have had to do this alone.  You might have actually had time to have your own life and maybe even date.  Owen would have had someone else he knew would be there for him.  Tony would have had that exciting moment when he’d been called ‘dada’.

Not that everything was going smoothly and stress-free.  Dealing with lawyers even at this early stage and with neither of you particularly arguing anything wasn’t exactly easy.  You hated to think what it would be like if Tony she’d you for custody.  You hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

His friends seemed to have a mixed reaction to you.  From what Owen had said they’d all gone out of their way to make sure he felt at home there.  From what Tony had said there had been bets made about whether or not he had some secret kid he didn’t know about.  Most of them were at least polite if they ever saw you.  Rhodey had come and told you that while he wasn’t sure you should have kept the secret, he got it and maybe Tony finding out now was better.  He was ready now.  Back then he as a mess.  Clint Barton was openly hostile.  Tony said it was because he had kids.  You supposed you understood that.

That wasn’t the worst bit though.  The worst bit was the press.

It was only one outing there was speculation on the internet.  “Does Tony Stark have a son?”  They couldn’t get any actual confirmation that it was true though. Thankfully, the people who knew were smart enough to not talk to the press and Tony wasn’t actually listed on the birth certificate.  Even still they decided after two weeks of spotting the two of them together that he must be his son.   After that, it was everywhere.  Paparazzi began stalking him, yelling out to him in the street to get him to admit it.  They camped outside your house and would approach Owen.  Tony put security at your place too, but you could tell the fact you still lived there was causing him a great deal of anxiety.

At the two month mark, Tony had organized a trip for the two of you to the Natural History Museum after it had closed.  Owen was extremely excited to get what he was calling the ‘A Night at the museum tour’.  He ran through the halls of taxidermied animals, his feet echoing through the place as you and Tony strolled along behind him.

None of this stuff was particularly Tony’s expertise but you could see him sharing in the excitement whenever Owen called him over to look at something.

“We need to work out what we’re going to do from here, don’t you think?”  Tony asked as you trailed along after Owen.  “I really want him to start doing sleepovers.  I mean… I think it’s time, don’t you?  But there’s the Avengers stuff.  I keep thinking that the first time I have him over something big will happen and I’ll get called out and then what?”

You went to answer but Owen excitedly called you over to look at the family of elephants.  “Are these African or Asian?”  Tony asked.

“African.  You can tell by the ears.”  Owen answered.

He took off again and you chuckled and followed after at the slow pace you had been walking before.  “That’s a good idea.  I – the stuff before – about the chaperone.  I trust you.”

“Good. That’s good.”  He said.  “I don’t want to go through the courts for custody.  I want to just work it out with you.  This is hard enough as it is.”

“I’m not against you, Tony.  I know you don’t trust me.  You don’t have any reason to trust me.  But I promise I want to give you guys what I can.”

“I thought to begin with he could come and visit every second weekend,”  Tony said, thrusting his hands in his pockets.  “But… Okay so hear me out.  I think until you find a new place you should move into the tower.  The press are assholes.  It’ll be safer for you both there.”

“Tony, I don’t know…”  You said.

“Look, I know it’s gonna be weird us living in the same building.  But it’s not like we’d be living in the same apartment.  You’d have your own place.  There are actual apartments there.  I can have a car take you to and from work and one to take Owen to and from school.”  He said.  “Plus it would give you a chance to see what it’s like for me day-to-day.  And I’ll be able to see him a little more regularly.”

You took a deep breath and watch as Owen stopped to look at the Bison.  “Alright.  I want to keep him safe and you’re right.  But it’s not forever, Tony.  Just until I find something more suitable.”

He smiled and seemed to relax.  “Great.  Fantastic.  This will be great.”

The move into the Avengers Tower happened really quickly.  Within a week your apartment was empty and things were on their way to being unpacked in the new place.  It wasn’t as big a place as your old one but the idea was it would be temporary.  You and Owen were looking for a house, and with the money from Tony, it was going to be a lot nicer than either place.

Living in the tower brought with it a lot of benefits though.  The buildings AI was amazing.  She ordered in your regular groceries as you ran out of them.  She would turn lights on and off as you need them.  Lock and unlock doors.  She knew where Tony was all the time.  You started to wonder if you could go back to not having her around.

The building had a gym and a pool.  There was a thing called the party deck where the Avengers’ would hang out and they’d invite you and Owen up.  The longer you were there the more they settled into having you around and the resentment any of them felt for hurting their friend seemed to dissipate.  Especially as Tony slipped deeper and deeper in his role of father.

You started getting along better with Tony too.  Eventually, it got to the point that it had felt like there had been no missing time between the two of you.  He’d show up at the apartment and you’d all eat together and he’d help Owen with his homework, or they’d do some other little project together.  Then he’d tell him watered down Iron Man stories to him at bedtime.  It wasn’t every night, but it was most nights.

There was the whole ‘Avenging’ thing that would get in the way, and it was nerve-wracking.  Being this close to it you hadn’t considered out stressful it would be to have someone you were so connected to out risking their life.  You could see it was affecting Owen too.  He was always so relieved and almost clung to Tony when he got back.

Finding a place was difficult though.  Or maybe you lacked the motivation.  Whatever the case you ended up being there for months building a comfortable routine with Tony.

“What are you guys feeling for dinner?”  He asked one Friday afternoon as Owen let him in.  “You want to order in?  Or are you cooking?”

“Ordering in sounds good.  Work was a killer.”  You said, coming out of the kitchen to greet him.

“Can we get burgers?”  Owen asked.

Tony ruffled his hair and handed him his phone.  “You know the drill.”  He said before collapsing on the couch.

“You two and burgers.”  You said sitting down beside Tony.  “How much do you have them when I’m not around?”

Tony put his finger to his lips.  “Shh…”

Owen cracked up laughing.  “Hardly any, mom.”  He joked as he tapped around on Tony’s phone.  “Alright.  Ordered something for everyone, dad.”

Tony and your heads snapped up.  You looked at each other and then at him.  Tony’s jaw dropped open in shock.

Owen looked down at his shoes and furrowed his brow.  “Should I not have called you that?  I can call you Tony.  Sorry.”

Tony almost tripped he jumped up so quickly.  He pulled Owen into a tight hug.  “No.  No, no, no.”  He soothed.  “I was just surprised.  But… good.  It’s a good surprise.  You’ve never called me that before.”  He crouched down and looked Owen in the eye.  “I am your dad and I’d love if you called me that.”

Owen nodded his head.  “Okay.  ‘Cause that’s what I want to call you.”

That night after Owen was in bed, Tony came down and sat down next to you, holding a tumbler of Scotch a little too tightly.

You smiled at him and patted his leg.  “You’re a dad now.”

He returned the smile almost hesitantly at first until he was beaming at you.  “I know.”  He said, with a slight shake in his voice.  “I hoped that one day he might call me that.  I wasn’t getting my hopes too high because of how long I’ve not been part of his life.  But I hoped.  I had no idea it would feel so good and so scary when he did it though.”

You tried to hold it together as he spoke, but once again it hit you, how much you stole from them.

You burst into tears and Tony put his drink down and wrapped you in his arms.  “Hey, now.  I’m not planning on taking him from you.”  He said.

You shook your head, wiping your tears on his t-shirt.  “It’s not that.  I’m so sorry.  I’m so sorry I kept him from you.”

“We can’t keep going over that,”  Tony said.  “It happened.  You can’t keep beating yourself up over it.”

“You should have been a daddy though.  You should have got to hear him say dada when he was learning to talk.”  You sobbed.

He tilted your face up to his.  “I know.  It sucks.  It sucks that I missed that.  But he just called me dad.  This is a good day.”

You nodded a little pathetically and he wiped the tears from your cheeks with his thumbs as he cradled you jaw.  You looked up into the brown of his eyes and you saw it.  His eyes flicked to your lips.  You felt your breath hitch and your eyes flicked to his.  They were parted just a little, almost inviting you in.  You looked back into his eyes and he ran his thumb over your bottom lip.

“Have you really not been with anyone since me?”  He asked, his voice almost a soft growl.

You shook your head, not sure what exactly was happening right now.  Not sure if anything should happen right now.  It did though.  It felt like time stopped.  Your heart was beating in your ears and you couldn’t stop looking at his lips as they came closer and closer.  His breath tickled your skin and you closed your eyes.


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