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That Kid You Knew – 2

That Kid You Knew: An Iron Man Fanfic

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Warning:  Angsty stuff, mentions of sex, drugs, and pregnancy

Word Count:  2197

Pairing:  Tony Stark x F!Reader

Summary:  You had grown up knowing Tony Stark but as you’d gotten older you’d lost track of him.  When you see him at a party you have a drug-fueled one-night-stand with him.

10 years later he finds you again and has to come to terms with the fact he’s been a father all the time.

Chapter 2

You stepped through the door, your hand linked with Tony’s.  Each step that took you closer to your son, your hand tightened in Tony’s.  You were acutely aware of the pain forming in your chest.  Owen looked up at you and smiled, completely unaware that his life was about to change forever.

You’d spent the last ten years lying to everyone.  Your family, Owen, yourself.  You had told everyone that Owen’s father wasn’t interested in being a parent.  That you could do this alone.  You never once admitted to anyone that you got drugged out of your mind and fucked your childhood friend with no protection.  That the childhood friend was Tony Stark.  That you never even had the courage to tell him in case he didn’t want to be part of his son’s life.  Or worse, he did and ended up dragging his son down into the self-destructive drain that Tony had been circling back then.

Now all the things you had done thinking you were protecting Owen were about to blow up in your face.

“Owen?”  You said, your voice shaking a little.

Owen tapped his pen on the homework he was working on.  An expression of confusion crossed his face as he looked at you and Tony holding hands.  “Are we gonna work on my homework now, Mister Stark?”

You let go of Tony’s hand and went and sat down in front of Owen.  Tony stayed at the door, leaning against the frame as he watched the two of you.  You couldn’t read him at all.  His face just seems completely neutral.  “Bud,”  You said, putting your hands on Owen’s.  “We need to talk.”

“What is it, mom?”  Owen said looking up at you.  His attention switched to Tony and he frowned.  “Do you have to go, Mister Stark?”

“No.  I can stay for a while.”  Tony said.

“Oh, that’s great,”  Owen said.  “I have heaps of things I want to show you.”

“Bud,”  You said.  “This is important.”

Owen looked back at you again with his brow furrowed.  “Sorry, mom.  I’m listening.”

You took a deep breath and looked down at your hands.  “I don’t really know how to say this.”  You said.  “You know how I said I knew Tony… uh… Mister Stark?”

“Yeah, that’s really cool,”  Owen said.  “Will you be coming by more?  You think I could come and visit the Avengers Tower?”

Tony smiled and nodded.  “That would be great.  Anytime you want.”  Tony said.  The way his voice came out, deep, but soft and filled with longing, hurt a little.  Keeping him from Owen had been a mistake.  You’d always thought you had been doing the right thing, but you’d been selfish.  You should have given him the choice.

You looked back at Owen who was smiling up at Tony.  It looked like he was buzzing in his seat.  You could imagine his mind was full of all the things he was going to get to see at the Avengers Tower.  Along with all the boasting he was going to do at school.  His mom was friends with Iron Man and now he was going to get to meet the other Avengers too.

“Owen,”  You whispered.  “Tony is your dad.”

A whole slew of emotions passed over Owen’s face.  Shock.  Excitement.  Anger.  It settled on confusion.  He looked up at Tony confused and in obvious pain.  “You’re my dad?”

Tony nodded and opened his mouth to say something, but Owen interrupted him.  “Why didn’t you want me?”

Your breath hitched and you started to cry.  Silent tears slipped down your cheeks as you looked at you son trying to process this bomb you just dropped on him.

Tony straightened up and moved forward hesitantly.  “Hey, hey.  It wasn’t like that.  We… your mom and I… We weren’t together.  We weren’t even really friends back then.  I was in LA.  She was here.”  He babbled and then stopped suddenly putting his glasses back on.  “She never told me about you.”

Owen looked back at you, the confusion gone and replaced with anger.  “You said he couldn’t be my dad.  You never even told him?”

You shook your head.  “Back then he was different.  I – I thought I was doing what was best.”

“You made it so I didn’t have a dad!”  He yelled, shoving you away from him.  He got up and rushed to his room, pushing past Tony as he left.

You got up to follow after him but Tony took your hand.  “Let me,”  He said.  “I’ll explain how it was.  You won’t be the bad guy.”

“I should be the bad guy,”  You sobbed.  “I fucked this all up.  You both missed out on everything because of me.”

Tony hugged you.  Somehow that made it worse.  You’re the one that did this and it’s still Tony comforting you for your shitty decision making.  “You fucked up.  You’re still his mom.  I’ll talk to him.”

You nodded and he let you go, following Owen down to his room.

Tony made his way down to Owen’s room, checking each door for the one.  There had been a lot to process, to say the least.  He woke up fairly excited for the day.  He had no pressing Avengers work.  He got to go visit his old school and hang out with kids who he knew would be excited to see him.  He had planned to go out drinking with Rhodey tonight.

He did not, at any point, expect to find out that he had a son.  All things considered, he was holding together pretty well.  Sure he felt queasy and his pulse was racing, but he hadn’t yelled at anyone, so he was going to take that as a good thing.

He found Owen sitting at his desk in his room, working on a circuit board, a scowl on his face.  He could already see so much of himself in that boy.  He understood why you did what you did, but he was so angry about it.  It wasn’t fair that he’d missed out on being a parent.  On being up all night because Owen had colic.  The first steps.  First words.  His first day of school.  You’d stolen that from him.  From both of them.  It was hard not to be angry about it.

He took a deep breath to steady himself and counted down from ten in his head.  Right now he had to be a dad.  His son was upset.  Tony needed to reassure him.

He sat down on the bed and looked at Owen.   “Hey.  I know you’re mad.  I’m mad too.  But she thought she was protecting you.”

Owen spun in his chair and looked at Tony.  His eyes were shimmering with tears.  “I used to always wonder where my dad was.  People made fun of me for not having one.  Even kids whose parents were divorced knew who their dad was.  I’d ask because I knew I had to have one.  I know to make a baby you need sperm and an egg.  Even if you have two moms or two dads, you need a man and a woman to make the baby.  But mom would always say ‘he’s a good man, but he couldn’t be your dad’.  She lied to me.”

The stress seemed to overwhelm the young boy and he flopped down on his bed and just started openly weeping.  Tony started to rub his back in large slow circles.  He paused to think of what he could actually say.  He didn’t know this boy at all.  He didn’t know what Owen know about sex, drugs, or anything really.  He didn’t know what he could say that would make this kid understand when Tony barely understood why you didn’t at least approach him for the money.  “You know about sex right?”  He said lamely.

“Yeah.  I mean, more than most of my friends.  Mom answers questions when I have them.”  He said not looking up.

Tony let out a breath.  “The big secret adults never tell you is the reason why they do it is because it was fun.  Back the night we made you… your mom and I hadn’t seen each other for a long time.  I wasn’t really the best person.  I was kinda selfish and just wanted to have fun.  I was doing lots of stupid things and making lots of bad choices.  I saw your mom when we were both feeling a bit weak and we decided to have some fun.  When she found out about you she decided that I would be a really bad dad.  She decided that no dad is better than a bad dad.”  Tony explained, feeling quite stupid.  “She was right about that.  Trust me.  No dad is better than a bad dad.”

Owen sat up and pulled his knees up, looking into Tony’s eyes.  They were brown too.  Just like Tony’s.  “Would you have been a bad dad?”

Tony sighed and took his glasses back off.  “I don’t know.  I don’t know that I would have been as bad as she thought.  She thought I’d tell you I didn’t love you.  That’s not true.  I know I would have loved you.  But I was stupid back then.  I wouldn’t have made the time for you that you needed.  I wouldn’t have been around much at all.”  He said.  “I want to make time for you now though.  Can I be your dad, Owen?”

Owen gave a small shrug.  “I don’t even know you.  I want to have a dad but you’re just some guy.”

Tony felt a stabbing pain in his heart and numbness crawl up his left arm.  He rubbed it and pumped his fist.  “I know.  I don’t want to just be some guy.  You’re part of me.”

There was a long pause where Owen thought.  While Owen thought, Tony overthought.  Maybe you had been right to do this.  Maybe he would still fuck up Owen’s life.  Maybe he should have just offered you a big cash payment so he could have a nice house and go to a good school and let the kid grow up without the curse of being a Stark.

Before his thought process got too out of hand Owen looked up.  “What would I call you?”

“You can call me whatever you want.  Tony is fine.  I don’t mind if you want to call me dad either.  Just… go with your gut, kid.”  Tony said.

“How would we do this if you’re an Avenger?”  Owen asked.

“I’ll do my best.  We’ll work something out with your mom.  You can come spend weekends at the tower.  Or even whole weeks.  It’s a drive to your school, but that would be okay.  I might have things come up, but we can make this work.”  Tony said.  “It’s never going to be the same as having a dad who’s always around.  Maybe one day your mom will meet someone and they’ll get married and that man will be more your dad than I ever can be.  But we can still be something.  I can be there for you.”

Owen started to cry again and threw his arms around Tony, sobbing against his chest.  Tony hesitated at first before closing his arms around Owen.  “We’ll work on it, okay, bud?”  I promise.  Try not to be too mad at your mom.  She loves you.”  He said though he felt quite mad at you himself.

You had gone and poured yourself a coffee while you waited for Tony to come out of the bedroom.  You felt like the absolute worst person ever.  You couldn’t believe how much pain you’d caused everyone.  You knew it was going to get worse too.  You were going to have to figure out custody.  You were going to have to tell your family and admit you’d been lying all this time.  The press was likely going to find out.  Tony had enemies.  Big ones.  Now you had to worry about that too.  You wouldn’t be surprised if Owen didn’t spend the rest of his life resenting you for this.

When you finally decided to sit down, Tony came down from Owen’s room.  You jumped up and looked at him anxiously.

“You and I have a lot of talking to do.  There’s a bunch of stuff we have to organize.  Do you have a lawyer?”  Tony asked.

You shook your head.  “I can get one.”

“I’m going to take him out to get some pizza.  I have a lot of time to catch up on.”  He said.  “My security team will be there if you’re worried.”

“It’s fine.  Of course.”  You said.  “I’m so sorry, Tony.”

Tony took his glasses out of his pocket and put them back on as Owen came down from the bedroom dressed to go outside.  “When we get back we’ll talk about some of the stuff unofficially.  You can’t keep him from me anymore.”

You nodded and Tony put his arm around Owen’s shoulders and led him out.  As soon as the door closed you began to go through all the ways you could possibly make up for how monumentally you had fucked up.


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