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Getting Even: A War Machine Fanfic

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@iron-man-bingo – T’Challa
Warning:  None
Word Count: 634
Pairing:  Gen
Summary:  Rhodey has a prank he likes to pull on people again and again.  T’Challa thinks it’s time to get back at him.

Rhodey couldn’t say why he thought it was such a funny joke to him.  It was stupid really.  He shouldn’t mess with people who were just trying to be respectful.  He couldn’t help himself though.  Every time he was about to introduce someone to T’Challa he’d tell them they needed to bow.  And every time T’Challa would get all flustered and tell them that wasn’t how things were done and they’d get really embarrassed.  Rhodey thought it was hilarious.

Tony had been the first person he’d caught with it.  Tony being Tony didn’t do a large bow, just a small gesture that was slightly more than a nod of the head.  T’Challa had been so ready to go into a full political debate that it had thrown him completely and he’d started to stutter.  Which had made Tony think he’d done something completely disrespectful so he’d started stuttering too.

The next time was even better.  Bruce had set himself up by asking if he needed to bow and Rhodey just couldn’t help himself.  The bow Bruce had made caused T’Challa to wave his hands in complete shock.  It was all Rhodey could do not to completely lose it.

This time it was Peter’s turn.  The kid was freaking out about officially meeting with Wakandan Royalty.  Any Royalty.  Rhodey felt a little guilty about how easy of a target the kid was.  It wasn’t going to stop him though.

“So when you’re introduced don’t forget you’re meeting a king,”  Rhodey said, giving him a little verbal nudge towards what he wanted.

“I can’t forget that!”  Peter babbled.  “What if I mess up.  What do I do?  Will he shake my hand.  Should I bow?  I should bow shouldn’t I?”

“You should definitely bow.  He is a king.”  Rhodey said, hoping that his voice said ‘sage mentor’ and not ‘practical joker’.

“Right.  Of course.  Bow.  Right.”  Peter babbled.

“Sirs, the Wakandan jet has just entered our airspace,”  FRIDAY announced.

Rhodey clapped Peter on the shoulder.  “Alright, kid.  Let’s go greet them.”

“Yes, sir, Colonel Rhodey, sir,”  Peter said following after him.  Rhodey suppressed a smile.  This was going to be amazing.

Bruce was already outside when they got there and they stood, waiting near the landing pad as the jet appeared and then landed in front of them.  When the hanger doors opened they all stepped forward.  Two women from the Dora Milaje strode out first with their spears held at their sides.  Rhodey instantly recognized Ayo and Okoye.

Behind them were T’Challa and his sister Shuri.  Followed by four more members of the Dora Milaje.  As they stepped out on the tarmac Peter bowed low beside him.

“Welcome to New York, your majesty.”  He said.

“Thank you, Mr. Parker,”  T’Challa replied crossing his hands over his chest in the typical Wakandan greeting.

Rhodey was confused, but not nearly as confused as when Ayo and Okoye banged their spears on the ground.  “Colonel Rhodes, how dare you not show respect to the king!”  Okoye snapped.

“What … I … What?”  Rhodey said looking around startled.  Beside him, Bruce was bowing to T’Challa too.  “I’m so sorry.”  He said and bowed as much as he could in the metal brace he wore.

T’Challa broke first.  “Get up, friend.”  He laughed clapping Rhodey on the shoulder.

“Yeah, Rhodey, we are messing with you.”  Shuri teased, going over to Peter and giving him a hug.

“Shuri and Peter have been taking for months now.  She told him of the prank you seem to like to pull.”  T’Challa said putting his arm around Rhodey’s shoulder as they walked into the compound.  “He suggested we get you back.”

Rhodey started laughing too.  “Peter, you little shit.  I’m going to get you back for this.”

Peter laughed.  “You can try Colonel Rhodes.  You can try.”

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