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Euneirophrenia: An Iron Man Fanfic

@iron-man-bingo Square: 100 Words Fic
Warning:  None
Word Count:  100
Pairing:  Tony Stark x Pepper Potts
Summary:  Euneirophrenia (n)  the peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams.

Tony startled awake.  The full weight of his daughter slamming into him as she jumped up onto the bed.  He had been dreaming.  It was a good one.  One where he had gotten to have those things he didn’t think were meant for him.  A family that loved him.  Time to spend with them.  The whole kit and kaboodle.

“Daddy!  Time to wake up!”

He pulled her into her arms and Pepper rolled over beside him, wrapping her two favorite people in tight.

The dream had been good and it lingered still.  It was nice that they matched his life.

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