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Sam Wilson Genfic
Synopsis: Sam has had a lot of names and for each one he brings a different part of him.
Prompt:  Sam Wilson + Metamorphosis

If there was one thing that Sam Wilson was good at it was adapting.  He’d been doing it since his parents had died and he’d had to adapt to the role of parent himself to parent himself.  It hadn’t been easy.  He was so young and having to support a brother and sister while he was still going to school himself was so hard.  Not to mention he missed his mom and dad.  He missed them so much it felt like a physical ache and it was all he could do not to completely break down.  He did it though.  Things were tight but they had a home and they had food.

He had adapted to life in the air force when he’d eventually signed up.  He’d made friends.  Met his wingman.  Sent money back home to help his family.  Been the guy to beat.

When they signed him up for an experimental flight suit to work as pararescue he had adapted to that too.  He and that suit were one.  Like it was meant to be.  Flying was his happy place, even when it was ridiculously taxing on his body and in such dangerous circumstances.

When he lost Riley and they shut down the program he has adapted again.  He hadn’t thought anything he would need to endure would be as hard as when he lost his parents.  He had been so wrong.  This time he’d used his pain to adapt.  Pulled it around him like a shell and drew from it to help others deal with their own pain.

Then when smart mouth Steve Rogers had burst his way into his life he had adapted to that too.  He had pulled up beside him, panting and out of breath sure, but as an equal and helped him do what was right.

Each adaptation had changed him.  It has a name and it helped define him.  Like a caterpillar and a butterfly were the same animal but completely different.









They were all different. Yet they were all him.  He hoped there would be more changes to come.  That he would have more names that defined him.  Uncle.  Lover.  Husband.  Father.  He would adapt to those of they came.  If not.  He was still Sam Wilson and he was fine with that too.

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