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Steve Rogers Genfic
  Steve Rogers might not be good at every single weapon
Prompt:  Steve Rogers + Nunchucks

Steve didn’t tend to use typical weapons.   He could use some.  Occasionally he would grab a gun and shoot at someone.  It wasn’t his preference.  Aside from the whole, really preferring not to kill people if he could afford it, there was something poetic about using the shield.  There was an art to it.  He had to be both strong, accurate and agile.  Plus the whole using something to protect as a weapon too.  He liked the whole juxtaposition of it.  The drama.  Peggy did say he was very dramatic after all.

The thing was, that even though he didn’t like other weapons, he still thought he should learn to use them.  Generally, he was pretty good with them.  He was a decent shot.  No Clint or Bucky but he could hit the targets he aimed at more than he missed.  He could wield a sword fine.  He could throw spears and get good distance and force.

“Why are we lying in the gym?”  He asked, looking around blinking.

Bucky was reclining beside him, his arms folded behind his head.  “You knocked yourself unconscious with the nunchucks and I lied down next to you so everyone would think we’re chillin’.”

Steve shook his still aching head.  “Oh, thanks.”  He said.  Maybe he’d just stick to the shield for now.

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