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Bruce Banner x Reader
Synopsis:  Bruce Banner is a gentle man, but how long can he handle you being gentle with him (smut 18+ only)
Prompt: Bruce Banner + Gentle

He lay before you, completely exposed.  He was trying so hard to relax for you, to just enjoy what you were doing.  Each gentle skim of your hands over his body, barely even touching the hair that grew, thick and lush, and covered most of his body, made it feel like spiders were crawling on his skin.

His hands bunched in the sheets and he groaned.  It sounded almost like two voices at once.  That deep reverbing rumble that you can hear Mongolian throat singers make.

His cock jumped and leaked precome down the shaft.  “Shh… My loves.  Relax into it.  It’s me.  You both know you’re safe.”

He clenched his jaw and tilted his head back making the tendons in his neck stand out like cords.  Bruce was not naturally submissive, but he was gentle. You just wanted him to feel that gentleness too.  To have all but the most feather of touches make him fall apart.

He just needed to relax.

You continued to ghost your fingertips over him.  His muscles almost rippling as they twitched and spasmed under you.  His eyes were squeezed closed and he grabbed your hip.  He opened and closed his hand and when your fingers danced up the length of his cock he bucked up and gripped your hip so hard that you were sure you would be left with five perfect fingerprints where he has touched you.

“I can’t.  I can’t.”  He babbled as he twisted his body under you.

You looked down at him.  He was far from relaxed.  The skin around his neck was tinged with green and his cock was throbbing.  You put your palms on his chest, holding him down against the mattress and you straddled him, sinking down onto his cock.

Maybe the time to be gentle had passed.

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