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Steve Rogers Genfic
  Steve Rogers has a problem with the truth
Prompt:  Steve Rogers + Veracity

veracity n: conformity to facts; accuracy.  Habitual truthfulness.

Steve Rogers.  Captain America.  Fighter for Truth, Justice and the American Way.  Well… that was roughly true.  The American Way depended on your definition.  He believed in freedom and equity.  The helping of the poor.  Human rights being met and preferably exceeded.  He believed in a better life for people and protecting those people from people who tried to take it from them.

He believed in Justice.  Not the eye for an eye thing.  But that there was a base level of equity and peace that everyone deserved.  That when someone deprived a person of that, there should be repercussions for that.  That it should be fair.  That punishment matched crimes and things weren’t made crimes based on morals alone or to target specific demographics.

So yes, he did follow that code as he saw them, the truth part was kind of a sticking point.  He lied if he had to be honest.  Well, he wouldn’t be Captain America in the first place if he hadn’t, now would he?  That 4F led to him to lie quite a few times about who he was in an attempt that he get allowed in the Army.  He lied to his mother all the time before that.  He lied about his health and his levels of pain so she wouldn’t worry about him.  He lied in an attempt to avoid beating doled out by his father even before that.

He had tried to be more honest when he took on the mantle of Captain America.  It didn’t last long.  He lied about where he was going when he saved Bucky.  He lied about the fact that he couldn’t tell Peggy the coordinates of the plane.  He regretted that one a lot.  He had lied to Nick.  To Tony.  To just about everyone.  Usually, it was to protect them.  Or that’s what he told himself.  You see, the person he lied to most was himself.

The truth was, that the truth hurt and sometimes it felt better to believe the lie.

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