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Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Synopsis:  There is something magical about Wanda Maximoff
Prompt: Wanda Maximoff + Komorebi

Wanda always had an ethereal quality about her.  Soft and beautiful.  Dangerous and ineffable.  It wasn’t just her powers.  Though that added to it.  It was everything about her.  The way she held herself.  The way she moved for the world.  The way she spoke.  The stories she told about her childhood and the wishes she shared about the future.  The way she kissed you.  The soft caress of her lips against yours.  The way her tongue always gently coaxed your lips apart.  The feel of he hands on your bare skin.  The way your scalp prickled when her fingers ran through your hair.  The way your whole body trembled when her powers ran over your body.

She was the dust motes that caught in the sunlight that streamed through the crack in the curtains first thing in the morning.  She was the mist that clung to the surface of a lake as the temperature started to drop in the fall.

And now, as the light streamed down through the canopy of the trees in the forest and caught in her hair, making it light up like she glowed, you could see the magic that flowed through her.

You came up behind her and wrapped your arms around her waist and nuzzled into her hair, inhaling deeply.  She smelled like daisies with a slightly electric undercurrent.  Just that hint of ozone.  Like a storm was coming.

“It feels so magical,”  You whispered.

She laughed.  It was soft and pure and touched a part deep inside of you.  “Komorebi.  Have you heard that term before?”  She asked.  You shook your head. “It’s Japanese.  It means the sunlight that streams through the trees.  It was always where I thought you’d find something.  A unicorn or fairies.”

“Or a witch.”  You said.

She turned to you with a smile that said she was trying not to laugh.  “I guess so.”

“I found one.”  You whispered, leaning in and ghosting your lips over hers.

“Or did she find you?”  She replied and captured your lips with hers.

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