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Bucky Barnes x Reader
Synopsis:  With you, Bucky feels complete (Smut).
Prompt: Bucky Barnes + Moiety


His body was pressed so closely against yours that it was difficult to tell where one of you ended and the other began.  He engulfed your body with his, his hips rolling against yours as his cock penetrated you.  Heat passed between you, searing against your skin, sweat clinging to each of you and beading and running down in little droplets.  The metal of his arm the only cool respite to the heat you were both creating.

The two of you kissed deeply and passionately.  Tongues circling each other and dipping into the other’s mouth.  Your lips puffy and numb with it.  A rash forming from his beard scratching you.  You couldn’t stop.  You were joined.  There was nothing else. Just the two of you moaning and panting as you made slow, passionate love.

Two individual parts making one whole.  Two beings connected to form one.  It had been a long time since Bucky had felt as complete as he did right now bringing you pleasure as his own release crept closer and closer.  He was complete though.  Happy.  In love.  Worthy.  In completely full and wild abandon in a way he hadn’t allowed himself since before HYDRA took everything he was and crushed it.

He was one with you, and when you climaxed it was together.  A loud moan, shared between the two of you as your cunt squeezed tight and around him and he released inside you.  He was complete.

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