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Tony Stark x Reader
Synopsis:  The only thing Tony is aware of is his heartbeat and that you’re in danger.
Prompt: Tony Stark + Rubatosis



The hammer of his heart seemed to drain out every other sound.  Which must be impossible because right now there were explosions happening on all sides of him.  That had to be louder than some muscle just going about doing the job it was designed for.  He had been talking to you over comms and then there had been an explosion and then all he could hear was that incessant drumming in his chest.

Thud-thud-thud-thud-thud … thud.

Did it just skip a beat?  He was sure it skipped a beat.  That can’t be good.  Was this it?  Was losing you the thing that finally made his heart give out.  He banked left and veered down.  He had to be sure.  He had to.  If you were gone he had to see it with his own eyes.


He could feel it.  It felt like it was slamming into the inside of his rib cage with every hit.  That complete awareness of it was off-putting.  It had to be failing.  His arm did ache.  He wanted to rub it to ease the numbness traveling up from his fingertips.  He had to fly though.   There were two more explosions as he pushed the armor’s thrusters harder bursting through a wall of flame.  He was only really academically aware of them though.  All he could hear and feel was;


How could you feel something solely located to your chest in your whole body?  How was it so loud in his ears.  All around him was flame and he knew… he knew you had to be dead.  If you were alive he’d be able to head you.  It wouldn’t just be his beating heart struggling so hard to keep the blood pumping through his body.


He saw you struggling out of the rubble and it stopped.  There was nothing.  The blood stalled in his veins and the air was sucked out of the atmosphere.  He was dead.  He had to be.  You needed your heart to beat to live.  Your blood carries oxygen to your brain and if your heart stops beating that can’t happen and your brain stops working.  It was okay though.  You were alive.  As long as you were alive it was fine.  It was a good trade.

He landed beside you and his helmet retracted as he lurched forward.  You caught him and ran your hands through his hair.  “It’s okay.  I’m okay.  I lost my comms though.”  You said.  He heard the words through the vacuum around you both that was making it so he was unable to take a breath.  You leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips.

Thud… thud-thud.  Thud-thud.  Thud-thud.

Did you restart his heart?  He guessed it made sense.  You were who it beat for these days.  “Okay… come on, Avenging to be done.”  You said.  He patted your arms and nodded.

“You’re the one dawdling,”  He teased.  His helmet retracted and he double tapped his palm.  A new set of comms formed from the nanites in his suit and he handed them to you.  “Don’t lose these ones, would ya?”  You saluted and dashed back out, putting the comms back into the air.

Tony took off and the only thing he couldn’t hear was the sound of his heart.

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